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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why the Chief of Security Should Be Fired

It's evident that things have not been working well, via Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village's crack security force, for quite a while. Though a portion of the blame can be laid at the feet of Tishman Speyer and their awful reign of this place (may their name forever symbolize avaricious greed and massive incompetence), it's time to get a tough attitude toward our security force--and the guy in charge of it, a hefty gentleman who ensconces himself in the Management Office for what seems all of his work day.

ST/PCV's security force doesn't have much to do, which makes their lack of will to fulfill their functions that much more annoying. They certainly are fruitless at catching anyone who actually commits a crime, as the near 100% reliance on the MCI-gift monitor center off the FDR Drive is self-defeating. As has been pointed out numerous times, you need "boots on the ground," a visible presence, to dampen the very idea of committing a crime here in this complex and, possibly, catch perpetrators in the act. But, excepting occasional vehicle tours, the occasional security presence at the Oval Booth, and the manning of PCV's 1st Avenue guard booth, you will not see a security presence much around this area.

Aside from the crime issue, there are certain rules and regs of living here, and security has proven itself to look the other way at offenses or simply not care about them. I refer to the rules and regs concerning bicycle riding and dog management. Bicycle riding is PROHIBITED in this complex, yet security does just about NOTHING to stop bicycle riders. Once in a blue moon, particularly when a Stuy Town blog notes the problem, there is a very temporary push to stop a delivery cyclist or a 6-year-old on a bike, but otherwise these two-wheelers whiz by, even in front of security, and nothing happens. WHY?

As for the dog rules, security does NOTHING nowadays, allowing dogs to piss and crap everywhere, go on the grass and gardens, go off leash or run out those stretchable leashes that extend a mile long. Furthermore, security does not say a word to thug outsiders who walk their prohibited dogs (like pit-bulls and German shepherds) through the complex.


So the security here is run abysmally. That's evident. And now it's time someone paid with their job for this incompetence and lack of carrying out basic job duties. And that someone has to be our Security Chief.