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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stuyvesant Town Report Exclusive! The Rob Speyer Magical Mystery Tour

Above: Exclusive photo of The Rob Speyer Magical Mystery Tour taken by one of our photographers, who apologizes for its poor quality. Speyer (pictured in the tan suit to the left of center) is the President and Co-CEO of Tishman Speyer and without doubt one of the visionaries of what's been happening in the Stuy Town complex and what will happen.


As reported by a member of Stuyvesant Town message board, Tishman Speyer President and Co-CEO Rob Speyer and a group of about nine suits (minus one suit due to an arm in a sling) descended Tuesday morning upon Stuyvesant Town for a tour of the complex. The member accosted the group as they passed him by, telling them what a horrible job they were doing, to which Rob Speyer answered, "Thank you." According to another resident, the group headed around the Oval and into the eastern area of Stuy Town in an examination of what appeared to be, generally, problematic front spaces at some Stuy Town buildings. Notations were being taken down by a nice young man onto large sheets of building diagrams.

It is hoped that whatever improvements will be made as a result of the tour will actually make the place look better rather than worse. It is hoped these improvements will not cost tenants further rent increases. It is hoped that while examining certain problematic areas in Stuyvesant Town, the general chaos and shabbiness of the entire complex was noted. Dare we hope, dare we dream?

The tour should have included the inside of buildings, too. A check of the carriage room, a look into the elevators, the hallways, the laundry rooms, the stairs, an examination of the residents' doors and the paint that so easily chips away. Perhaps next time.

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David said...

Found a link to this site over on Lux Living....So can PCVST sustain not one but TWO sites critical of management? Absolutely. There is so much material to mine here that it could fill ten sites. So thanks for putting this one out there.