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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

Our Tenants Association is, basically, null and void. Oh, it is still around, but it lacks the will power to confront much of anything. The TA will ask for your dues, however. By now, the TA is a charade.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Good Ole Days: Our Neighborhood and Environs in the 1930s

420-422 23rd Street:

Irving Place, East 15 Street:

Third Ave, between 12 and 13 Streets:

110 East 14th Street:

Madison Square Park:

Ave D & East 10 Street:

20 Street, between 1st & 2nd Ave:

And then Garodnick came and had to screw it all up!

Added 2/3/16:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A message from Rick Hayduk, General Manager

The snow continues to fall at this hour and it is reported we are to receive even more snow before it tapers off around midnight.

The PCVST team has been at work since midnight to stay on top of the snow removal. Right now, we are focused on clearing the drivable roads ensuring access for emergency vehicles along with terrace level entry and exit points. In addition, we are clearing the perimeter sidewalks but struggling to keep them clear due to drifting snow off of 1st Avenue and 20th street. Know that over 50 of our team are out in the storm operating machinery and shovels to keep the roads and pathways safe.

Inasmuch as Mayor De Blasio has asked everyone to stay inside, for those who venture outside, be warned that there is significant black ice (under the snow pack and covering cleared areas) and snow drifting. Conditions are dangerous and we also encourage everyone to stay inside.

With the expected termination of the snow around midnight, the team will continue to work into the early morning to clear roads and paths in preparation for the morning’s activity. Our equipment will continue to make noise and as such, we ask for your forgiveness.

PCVST’s Sunday services operation will be limited as we return the complex to normalcy. As always, the resident services representatives are on the phone to take any emergency calls. We ask that any non-emergency calls be held until Monday simply because we are not sure how many associates can make it to PCVST tomorrow. Trash pick-up today was extremely limited and it is expected that tomorrow’s pick up will be as well solely due to the sanitation team assisting with snow removal. As for all other services and activities (Oval Services, ICE, Oval CafĂ©, etc.), it is a fair assumption that they will not operate tomorrow but will return to normal operating hours on Monday.

We are grateful for your patience and want you to know that the dedicated associates of PCVST are tirelessly working to get us back to normal as quickly as possible.

Please reach out to me or anyone on our team if there’s any way we can assist you.

Please reach out to me or anyone on our team if there’s any way we can assist you at the Resident Services number of 212-420-5000.


Rick Hayduk
CEO|General Manager
StuyTown | 276 1St Avenue Loop | New York, NY 10009
Phone: 212.614-5848 | Cell: 239-340-1405

Please, Dear Lord, No!

As if things couldn't get any worse.....

Friday, January 22, 2016

Another (major) NYC Landmark to Change and a Loss to NYC's Average Joe and Jane

"It’s fade to black for Midtown’s iconic movie palace the Ziegfeld movie theater — but the iconic venue at 141 W. 54th St. will be reborn as a spectacular high-end event space, The Post has learned. The new Ziegfeld Ballroom will be a mecca for society galas and corporate events, to open in fall 2017 after a two-year renovation of the space."

Hmm, perfect for REBNY galas and events. Maybe even a future Dan Garodnick event.

Thursday, January 21, 2016


A very busy two weeks for me, but I will be writing a major post on why our councilman Dan Garodnick, the darling of the REBNY, should not win any future public office. Reading some of the pro-Garodnick comments on the TA Facebook, particularly from the TA itself, just astounds one. Unbelievable!

Here's the article that started it:

Wake up, people! Garodnick is relying on you being uniformed. As for the TA, it by now has become almost completely irrelevant. The TA's hooking up with Dan has caused this community much.

BTW, there's a protest today at 6pm at the REBNY banquet:

Dan will be there--on the inside.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hockey Noise and Thrown Away Christmas Trees

That sound is magnified about 100 times when you are there in person, and though I don't live around the Ice Rink, it sounds shattering to those that do. (Hat tip to a blog reader for the video.)

You know those Christmas trees that are being thrown away around the property? Particularly the Christmas tree "hill" at the 20 St. Loop?  I just don't understand how some dog owners lack the awareness or courtesy to NOT let their dogs piss on those trees. I see dog owners even head there on purpose to let their fidos do their thing. Some worker is going to have to pick up those urine-dripping and smelling trees, but that doesn't matter to these dog owners. Yes, most dog owners are responsible, but others lack something between their ears.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy Days Are Here Again?

 The crowd starts to gather.

Saturday's "Meet and Greet" with our new property manager Rick Hayduk was attended by about 100 or so tenants (more kept streaming in after the event started). The crowd was comprised chiefly of older tenants. Not a student in sight, of course.

 Introduction by Blackstone/Ivanhoe.

Hayduk's presentation was impressive in that he made a commitment to be accessible to tenants and responsive to their problems. He asked for patience, as he has just recently taken over, but set a goal of improving the quality of life here by 1% each day. He stressed that those in a work capacity for tenants would be made aware of their importance in serving the community. He stated that about 30% of residents responded to the surveys that had been sent out at the end of 2015, a figure that, according to general marketing stats, was impressive. Hayduk made it clear that he is very aware of what the problems are, mentioning noisy neighbors, slow response time on plumbing issues, non-registered dogs, the filth along the walkways, etc.

 Property Manager Rick Hayduck addresses the assembled crowd of tenants.

Though I was uplifted by his presentation and apparent sincerity and vision, when I left "the tent" I almost instantly came across dog urine and crap stains and the horrible cracked condition of the walkway. Rick Hayduk has taken on an impossible job, I thought, particularly as the financial aspect of owning this complex will surely be at odds with the attention Hayduk can give to making positive changes for a community of families and senior citizens, the real tenants of ST/PCV. If I'm getting him right, he wants to see this community infused with positive energy about this complex and its management, and, perhaps, increased in number. Realistically, however, my impression is that Blackstone and Ivanhoe will need to be channeling students as renters for monetary reasons and to expedite apartment turnover, which guarantees a 20% increase in a unit's "base" rent.

Now, let's go out DANCING and SINGING!!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Main Suggestion To Our New Property Manager

Mr. Hayduk, please regularly read the following:

This blog:

The TA Facebook page:

The non-TA Facebook page for tenants:

This Yelp page of opinions that were moved to a different area:

This Yelp page on PCV/ST, though a number of opinions there have come from people who are seduced by a rewards program started by CW/CompassRock and, therefore, highly suspect. You'll be able to tell which ones:

Please do NOT take seriously "yes" men/women or people who are still working in administrative capacities, as they will spin everything to advantage. But if you regularly check the above links, you will become quickly aware of what tenants truly feel about this place, how it is being run, and where the problems exist.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: CompassRock Out, New Property Management to Take Over

Rick Hayduk, the new property manager of ST/PCV.

Of importance: Rick Hayduk, the new property manager, will live in the complex with his family. He will also hold several "Meet and Greets" with residents, starting this Saturday.


You're Invited to Join Blackstone and Meet PCVST's New General Manager!

PCVST tenants are invited to enjoy refreshments at a "Meet-And-Greet" event on January 9th!

Blackstone is hosting a "Meet-and-Greet" event on Saturday, January 9th at the tented basketball courts at Stuyvesant Town at 10am to introduce Rick Hayduk as PCVST's new General Manager. We hope you can join.

Additional "Meet-and-Greets" with Rick will be held on:
• Tuesday, January 12th, 2pm at the Community Center
(RSVP required: register by calling 212.598.5297 or emailing
• Tuesday, January 12th, 3pm at the Community Center
(RSVP required: register by calling 212.598.5297 or emailing
• Thursday, January 14th, 6:30pm at the tented basketball courts at Stuyvesant Town

A Week Has Gone By in 2016

And, so far, I see no change. Piles of dog crap here and there, over-sized and/or banned dogs being paraded around, workers hurrying with partition walls to remodeled apartments so that new renters (ie, students) can be packed in, walkways cracked or with significant gash-like holes (there are some in Peter Cooper that can actually be dangerous for unwary walkers, particularly senior citizens).... You may have your own status-quo experiences, like loud staccato hockey noise coming from the Ice Rink on Saturday mornings or frustrating laundry room incidents or parcels being stolen from the mail box area.

Seems like nothing has changed at all.

And that's not a surprise, as CompassRock is still the property manager!*

Yeah, it's only a week, but I bet when I report back on this at the end of the month, matters will not have improved. Anyone want to bet against me?


* See Breaking News post above. The power of the STR blog. The cyber ink wasn't dry yet on this post when Blackstone removed CompassRock. (I'm joking, of course.)

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You Takes Your Chances

Give Back Extell "Poor Door" Campaign Donations Petition

 Here's the petition:

Unfortunately only Cuomo and de Blasio are included. Some other politicians we know should have been included, like our REBNY friendly councilman Dan Garodnick, who has received Extell donations in the past (of course!).

BTW, I came across this article about how big donors get around the city's campaign donation limits. Disgusting:

"Woloz also raised $33,850 from many of the same sources for Manhattan City Councilman Daniel Garodnick who at the time was viewed as a strong contender to become the next speaker of the council...."

Stringer is mentioned in this article, too.

Friday, January 1, 2016

In Case You Didn't Get the Letter (Happy New Year)

Click on letter to make it bigger.

This is the interesting sentence:
Click on cut out to make it bigger.