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Thursday, April 27, 2017

No Carpets Stuy

Yeah, it's in the lease. 80% at least. But so what?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Photos -- Is any comment really necessary?

Saturday, about 11:30 am, April 22nd. Photos do not lie. Please click on photos to make them bigger.


Update, over 4 hours later:

Still not picked up or called in by ST workers or anyone else. 4+ hours later. No one cares. And apologies to those that think it is gross.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


I'm sure to become a major pain even more. And all I want is the rules to be obeyed. Ideally, I am working for Blackstone (but not getting a salary). I doubt that they look upon it that way, or at least their representatives here.

It is amazing to me that no one from Blackstone, unless they do not want to read the Facebooks or sites that mention their name frequently, is ignorant of what goes on here, in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village.

But that is the word. "We haven't heard anything," or "Our PS department is aware and checking up on those who disobey the rules. Don't worry. Aren't the flowers nice?"

They (Blackstone and/or their reps here) wish any issues to go away, and for us, the troublemakers (so they think about us) to disappear.

But photos will prove that something is happening. And the city does have its rules. The push may take some time and some of it will not be successful. We, the tenants who care, are the David here and not the Goliath.

For your enjoyment (?) here are a couple of photos I took yesterday and today....

Update an hour or less later:

This came up for me, not only today, but the other day. Yeah, it's algorithm stuff, but still... What is being sold to me?

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

NEW: The "rules" have NOT changed. Management made a mistake. Back to the old rules. PS still gives up.

4/6/2017. Take only an interest in the "new" signs which were posted. Now, back to the old rules.

Posted the other day:

So, as of today, the new signs say that the Oval is be enjoyed. Apparently the lanyard rule (you know the one that says without a Stuy Town lanyard dog owners will be walked off the property) is still causing Public Safety some discomfort, as they never enforce it, BUT... the "no bicycles" riding around the Oval, which PS didn't enforce, is gone, though the old signs are still up. Yes, now you are allowed to ride your bicycle as long as it is at slow, safe speeds, a rule that is so nebulous as to be laughable.

So you may as well take things in your own hand--or rather management can take things in their own hand. They own this place!

So bike riding is permitted. I suppose dog shit and streams of urine are permitted too, as there is a lax attempt at enforcement. And watch out for those club cars! Speeding, laughing, the workers inside are having a good time getting from here to there, even if it is to the leasing office. Pedestrians (what's that?) beware! Outta the way! Blackstone is here!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Next Battle: Associated on 14th St.

I admit that a part of this is self-serving: I go to Associated almost daily. I go to buy the things I need to exist. I also go to Gracefully, and aside from their lunch (high-priced but still good), I don't buy their other food stuffs, which I find particularly high-priced. Nor do I have the credit card to take out and have this food stuff part of a bill I don't see until next month. And I see a lot of credit cards in Gracefully. A lot.

People in Stuy Town and vicinity are, generally, like me regarding Associated. It is not perfect, and the aisles can get very tight, and some of their fruits are high-priced, but you can't keep away the people who buy at the store. (See the threat of a winter storm and witness the stacks on the shelves quickly disappear.)

Associated is heading to be closed because the store can't afford the higher rent that is asked of it by Blackstone. The store is willing to pay more, but too much they can't afford. And, on purpose it seems, Blackstone is asking too much. Blackstone wants a higher priced store in there, one that will cater to their new demographic: young, wealthy, upscale. Associated doesn't fit that picture.

The loss of Associated is just one more step in the disappearance of the "mom-and-pop" store in Manhattan. Just in the past months I have seen these mom-and-pop stores close near me, even more than they did before. It is at a point where desperation seems to set in. Perhaps desperation is part of the plan. If you can't afford New York, what are you doing here?

But you're chosen the wrong person to play with. Something like this makes me more committed, not less.

I will not be banished. I will buy at a higher price what I had paid less for, but my money supply for other items is dwindling, as I'm sure yours is, too, unless you are wealthy.

The loss of Associated is one more step in the loss of New York.

Read this please:

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Morning, March 25, 2017

I'm very tired of hearing how wonderful this place is and how the grounds are well-kept and how we, as tenants, should be thankful to Blackstone and Company. Being pissed off right now, I won't mention names. But I will show some photos I took this morning.

This is just a small sample, and covers just the walk I take in the morning/lunch time. The Oval Fountain area is a mess, with non-removable graffiti on the bench and beyond it, though the rest should come off with the rain. I saw a bicyclist riding around the Oval, too, and took a photo. There actually was a PS officer in the small booth this time, but did he say anything? No.The dog shit and reside dog shit stains are there to seen. And the urine streams. Remember, this is what I witness almost every day. Now you see it, too.

Friday, March 24, 2017

"Ruled Out" About A Year Ago

If you are like me, you have greeted another set of rules, called "courtesies," just like I have. I read the first rule, and then my eyes glazed and I went about my own business.

Once again, Blackstone and our dear Rick have decided to add more rules to Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. It would be laughable if it weren't so tragic by now. Of course, the rules that are posted already are basically ignored. Just in the last day or two, I have seen the bicycle rule of no riding around the Oval continually broken, the lanyard rule never enforced, and non-PCV dog owners walking past the occupied large booth in PCV while the PS officer inside ignores the dog owner, who goes out and past 1st Avenue to his home. Well, at least there is a PS officer in that booth, because in the small one at the Oval a PS officer is generally not around at all. And if he is, he is looking at his cellphone.

Aside from malcontents on the TA Facebook, the organization itself has done nothing.

And so it goes on and on.

I am ruled out. And not just now.

Friday, March 10, 2017

New Afforable Housing in Stuvesant Town

In case you didn't know it, we have a Lottery for "affordable" housing in this community that is ending March 10th, that's today!

Like our local paper, Town & Village, I am just reporting the news. Let the facts speak for themselves.

The promo is all over the internet, but also here at:

Now if you and/or your family make a minimum of $84,150, you may be in luck! Your "affordable" Stuy Town apartment may be a reality, just check the details. And it helps if you have more money and maybe more occupants, but that's another story. (Quotes are not meant for editorial purposes, but just to highlight the advantages.)

Some of the work, I will do for you, being a nice guy.

First look at the promo. Then examine the promo:

Again, it's at:

Now what is interesting is that your lease demands 80% floor covering with a carpet. Don't forget, I am just reporting the facts:

The Five Stuy Cafe is lovely, but just be aware of the dog piss on the stone barrier, seen here, and the piss and refuse in the walkway.

Yes, it appears you can have wallpapering, just be sure to okay it with the landlord! Remember, when you move out, you have to take down this wallpaper and revert your apartment to its original state. There is cost involved, but, hey, you've got the money as someone who can afford an affordable apartment in Stuy Town.

Now a lot of what we see is taken by a drone. Oh, oh... This is what I read:

Remember the attention our community (troublemakers) has with a drone? Well, Stuy Town must have gotten a special dispensation because they are advertising, quite openly, "Stuy Town Drone Video" on their website. Way to go, Blackstone!

Anyway, hurry, hurry! You may have an affordable apartment in Stuy Town soon!