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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The High Rise of Dan Garodnick

These people are so transparent.

I stopped trusting our councilman, Dan Garodnick, when he eased himself into a third term as councilman after voting against extending term-limits. It was a blatant hypocritical maneuver that is typical of politicians and why people are so disenchanted with them. Of course, we had clues as to Dan's steadfastness when he presented a coherent argument against the commercialization of the Oval (at the time, Stuy Town's greenmarket) before disengaging from his stance by agreeing to the commercialization as long as it was meant "for residents and their guests," a stipulation that became almost immediately laughable given the lack of a landlord's enforcement. Even the tenant fight for "affordable housing" became something of a joke, and a cruel one, when the only option given was a buy-out of the property with the involvement of Big Real Estate that would have meant the steady evaporation of true affordable housing in this community. Then there are Dan's yearly dinner dates with the REBNY, one of the strongest organizations in the city whose goal is the elimination of rent stabilization and the pursuit of building taller and taller at the expense of livability, the working class who can still afford to live in Manhattan, and just the simple charm of living in a city and not in a mega-towered landscape bottomed with chain drug stores, Starbucks, and banks.

Now that Bloomberg is gone, Dan has assumed a position of more influence and attention, as the above article indicates. Dan's "high rise" is no doubt propelled by a vision of becoming mayor of the city one day. His other vision is the more immediate one: changing Manhattan, specifically the East Side, midtown.

Dan is a smart man, though, and, as a lawyer and politician (why are the two always so joined at the hip?), he knows how to say the right thing to whomever he is addressing. One could say that he plays both sides, something both politicians and lawyers become so adept at. Aside from his skills at defining positions with succinct "reasonableness," Dan is also an attractive candidate on a physical level. The ladies, both young and old, must like him. (But a warning: He should stop eating cannoli, as I've been noticing a slight girth advancing along his waist in recent photos. More of this and he'll start looking like Scott Stringer, another hopeful candidate for the position of mayor of New York City.)

Dan's position on the rezoning of east midtown is typical of his "reasonable" stances on other issues. On one hand, he is all for extra zoning privileges for Big Real Estate (the current curse of what's happening with the build-up of sliver high-rises in Manhattan), while on the other hand, he wants to upgrade transportation venues and give people mini-parks with waterfalls. Playing both sides.

So while New York is still turning into Bloomberg's vision of Dubai on the Hudson, the humanitarian perks are meant to assuage the peons and give politicians nice photo-ops, a win-win situation on the surface.

Unfortunately, I still see Big Real Estate winning, Big Time.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Here they come!

Dan's turf, btw.

Perhaps coming to Stuy Town/Peter Cooper in the future.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The TA Presents Its "The Courts" Safety Report to CW, but Fails to Notify the Fire Department and the DOB

Well, that's nice and friendly. Perhaps the TA could have gone the extra step of informing both the Fire Department and the DOB (Department of Buildings), so a record of the infractions could be official, but no....

Management thanked the TA, but blew it off on tenant concerns about noise and just who is using the "The Courts" at Playground 11, which has been taken over by commercial enterprises for "residents and their guests."

But we are reminded: "The Tenants Association takes seriously any incursion on our traditionally open spaces...."

Sorry, Bill, the Democratic National Convention will be held in Philly


Another loss for the Mayor. And Robbie Speyer.

"I was surprised they let all five of us live in my place."


I may have posted this before.... If I did, it still shocks me, so worth a repeat.

As we know by now an apartment with more than three unrelated tenants is a legal no-no in the city.

From the above "I was surprised...." statement it appears that the leasing office/management is aware of such situations. And our TA certainly is.

And so....?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Caught! But I'm sure there's more--much more!

Nearly 50 city building inspectors and construction contractors — some with alleged mob ties —turned themselves in Tuesday as part of scheme in which builders paid off city employees to fast-track projects. Inspectors also routinely took cash to overlook building code violations, authorities said.

More at the above link.

So, what's the betting that some of this isn't going on in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village?

Fumigate, fumigate, fumigate!!!

(Hat tip to Edmund's post at the TA Facebook page.)

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Tenants Association Finally Acts!

Finally!  Some action from our TA! The TA will hold a free raffle for free tickets to see Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Xtreeme at the Barclays Center, Brooklyn.

More info at the TA Facebook's pinned post

Let's fiddle while Rome burns.