Stuyvesant Town

Stuyvesant Town
Uncovered mattresses are a constant in Stuy Town, even through the city requires that all discarded mattresses must be covered in plastic. What you see is one of the worse examples. The mattress and throw-aways have been there for four hours. Below is a YouTube video of another area of the loop.


Sunday, November 10, 2019

"No trees were cut down..." The TA - Peter Stuyvesant Reports!

I have another post in the near future, but I had to get this in, with photo, because not only did I see a tree being cut here and there, but I also heard the very loud noise a buzz-saw was making. The fact that the TA has assumed something different is not only telling on the TA (it's clear now that your TA does not see what goes on around here) but is indicative of the SPIN told by Stuy Town to anyone who says something different. I guess Management's way out is the tree was removed, but not really, really "cut down."

Here is the process in progress:

"Peter Stuyvesant: We asked this question and were told no trees were cut down...."

"Will ask again. Perhaps bushes/other plantings were removed. I know some benches were removed. But we were assured no trees were cut down."

UPDATE: Since Blackstone is broke, residents will have to learn how to make labels themselves and put a label on the front door.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Citi-bike Rules Playground 9

So I passed by Playground 9 (that's the playground that has those Citi-bikes), and found that the actual playground is closed for repainting, etc. But not closed is Citi-bike. Playground 9 was recently worked on, but now, in September, the playground will be closed for basketball. Makes no sense. A normal company, if work needs to be done (a big question mark), would close the playground at the winter months, but not in September!

Unless, of course, Citi-bike requires an "adjustment" at that playground, and time can't be wasted with Citi-bike and our incompetent Management. (Or maybe Management is very competent, but doesn't bother about residents in this situation.)

Regarding the rule of walking your Citi-bike. BS. Today I passed by two Citi-bikes that were not being walked in the pathway by Playground 9.

A big failure. Enjoy September.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Another Fine Mess

Can you imagine this uncovered mattress wet? Yes, a little bit of rain adds to another fine mess. Photos taken this Wednesday. The mattress has been there for hours.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Stuy Town Increases Plant and Tree Devastation of the Oval - Uncovered Mattresses Continue

Take a look. Soon all of it will be gone in that area. Our hope is that our Tenants Association still has a seat at the table with Blackstone, as they so proudly proclaim. Who knows? The fallen tree and plants may be made for a new table for them.

Update: The photos below were just taken about 15 minutes ago. The mattresses have been there for hours. Along the First Ave Loop. Entry for cars, 18 St., exit 16 St.; August 8:

From August 3rd:

Saturday, August 3, 2019

The Truth About Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village

For those of you who are new to this complex, and even if you are not, but need reminders. From the Daily News, Dec. 16, 1976:

Membership at the time of the Tenants Association was reported as only 2,000.

Another article by the Daily News from October 10, 1982 states that the figure for membership in the TA is 1,000, a droppage of 1,000 since 1976.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Wheels Start Turning...

It is time to start the wheels moving as there have been no suitable responses. There are only four or five issues that will currently be taken. One involves the Tenants Association, a group that has been responsible for several things, not necessarily to any success, while ignoring other things that are seen by residents daily. This "tenants" organization is not open about current dues-paying membership or what year had the largest membership. As reported by this organization, this information is "confidential." Meaning, no one knows who is a tenant and is not part of a small privileged group. This seems odd, as it is a "tenants organization" and should have no secrets to tenants. But it is not so. The continual promotion of this organization being the largest in the country can't be even checked because of this. This has got to change. Any tenants organization should have basic information about its organization available to tenants. Dues are asked for continually, though.

The other issues have to do with our landlord, currently Blackstone. There have been no responses from their legal department (to which Public Safety ultimately refers) about enforcement of a ban on running e-bikes, outside dogs, and uncovered mattresses on the loops. There is also the crucial question of who "owns" 20th street and whether club cars can cross it.

These issues have been brought up and questions have been asked and will continue to be asked. But the difference is that certain wheels will be turning now.

Monday, July 29, 2019

No Joke

As we head into the middle of summer, August, it is time to raise the temperature in other ways.

At the tail end of last week, I wrote a query to the Tenants Association. I had only two questions.  1) What is the dues paying membership for 2018? and 2) What year was the largest membership?

I was answered quickly. The reply:

>>Dues for the Tenants Association is $50.00 but $25.00 for tenants who are on DRIE or SCRIE.

Thank you again for contacting us,
Your Tenants Association<<
No joke. That was the response. LOL.
And.... I still have not heard from the Legal Department of Stuy Town. I asked: How many summonses were issued to e-bikes in the month of April. (I emailed on this issue starting May with at least two further requests and another e-mail address. Nothing yet.) I mentioned the running e-bikes at E-ssa Bagel, a tenant of Stuy Town/Blackstone, too. I also mentioned the club cars crossing 20th street. Illegal or not? Nothing.

I have no other recourse than to continue and press in a number of ways. All legal. Yes, the wheels move slowly, but they do move.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Message from the Boss Man

You seem to have forgotten who owns this place.

The new rent laws: We are going to fight it all the way to the Supreme Court. What did you think? We're going to turn over and play dead? Of course, we are doing it for you, the tenants, as you deserve the very best we can provide.

This controversy about Playground 9.... We can make money renting bike stations to Citibank. 1) Citibank is going to pay us and 2) we can advertise a new amenity.  So, win-win for us. Just because some of the kids here can't use the sprinklers before we think of something to placate the bitchers, so what? I'm tired of sniffling, whiny children dictating anything. Go and play in the Fountain area. That is why we let crayons and paint all over the place. Our crack Public Safety doesn't care what you do, so do anything you like!

We are also bringing in beer and wine for that Five Stuy Cafe with all the dog piss stains on the low wall. Yes, another amenity. (The beer and wine, not the dog piss.) You will not care after getting sloshed, so what is the problem? Not caring is the key to living here in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village.

Old timers.... Get out of the way. That's the best advice I can give you. Bikes, club cars, skateboards. They rule, you don't. And we are hoping e-bikes are on the way.... Oh, and when are you leaving us, if you get my drift. We can make double and triple from your apartment once it's vacated. (Memo: Donate more money to fight the new rent laws.)

Oh, yeah, we are touting sustainability and green living. LOL. You don't believe that, do you? With all the polluting club cars, lawn mowers, shit-removing zambonis, pollution is not our priority, but advertising amenities is a priority so that we constantly have a flow of new renters. (Money talks, bullshit walks.) Some of these amenities on the roof will give people who live on the top floor cancer, but so what? We all have to go sometimes, so it may as well be with a cellphone glowing in your ear.

Another thing: I am tried of being called "Dick". I am not your buddy or, if you are an old female or gay, your dream lover. From now on it's "Boss Man" or "Master Dick."

Now that we understand each other, you know who rules. It ain't you.