Stuyvesant Town

Stuyvesant Town
Uncovered mattresses are a constant in Stuy Town, even through the city requires that all discarded mattresses must be covered in plastic. What you see is one of the worse examples. The mattress and throw-aways have been there for four hours. Below is a YouTube video of another area of the loop.

New: Feb 8, 2020

New: Feb 8, 2020
New Year, same problem. Photo taken Feb 8, 2020.

Photo Taken Dec. 14, 2019. Misty, light rain. Uncovered mattresses shown. Uncovered mattresses on the street are illegal in NYC. Nothing changes here. Where are the city authorities? Where is our Tenants Association?


Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Way We Look - All Photos Taken February 8, 2020

It may be hard to tell, but smears here are at the Oval and close to the small PS booth:

[Photo removed by me, Feb 11, because I don't want to look at dog piles any more.]

Down below. A different path, same problem. I was passing and saw a pile of unpicked dog shit. A few hours later, something (a club car?) must have driven over it, squashing it. Sorry for the dog dropping photos, but nothing changes, and there is NO Public Safety to escort non-ST or PCV residents out of here. Everyone knows that this place doesn't follow some rules, even Management's own rules. But we do have S'mores and Songs. From Management: "Who says city life can’t come with bonfires and s’mores? Make s’mores at the new fire pits for $5 with profits benefiting The Bowery Mission. A guitarist brings a sing-a-long for some 'Kumbaya moments' with complimentary hot chocolate & coffee." 

[Photo removed by me, Feb 11, because I don't want to look at dog piles any more. But these "leavings" are standard to see here in Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village. Management does nothing.]

Friday, December 27, 2019

A Law Unto Itself

Blackstone, ST Management, Beam Living, Public Safety, and the Tenants Association have all failed law-abiding residents of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. We could add a few more names, like our local politicians, newspapers/TV stations, the city's own DOB, but residents of ST and PCV are being duped or ignored by the above. Yes, there are certain things that are right here. It is not all bad for sure. But outright lies or misrepresentations are frequently said or adhered to by the very people and organizations that should help us.

I have lived here for over 30 years, and I challenge anyone of the above to prove otherwise. I have photos (lots) and my own "seeing is believing" experiences. The important attitude of these organizations is to have a happy face--and lie. Every person or organization listed above has lied to residents and to me. Many residents now realize that they are being lied to and refuse the Kool Aid being offered.

Sure, if there is some serious trouble, Public Safety will help, but not in the "small" laws that build up and up and create indifference in residents or even hatred. I cannot go to or call the above organizations or people without preparing myself for the standard BS that all of them give.

Basically, Blackstone and Management are a law unto itself. They do not enforce several city laws and their own. Laws to them are just for talk and promotion. The reality is that a lot of things are just accepted, regardless of Blackstone's own law, regardless of what New York City/State mandates.

This coming year more pressure is going to be put on the above individuals and organizations. From my part, it will be done very legally. As we know, "legal" is ignored here. The fight is to get things that are legal actually legal.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Goodbye Associated

There's been a lot of talk about this supermarket closing. Some of the comments have been pro and some negative. I shop daily there, mostly for milk, sometimes for the deli department. And I always check to see what's on sale, as some of the sale prices are indeed beckoning. Soon, though, no more. The store is becoming empty of items, though many perishables are still to be had. Signs say that the other Associated store at 8th Street and Ave C will have flyers, etc., but that's too far to walk for most. The Management at Stuy Town promised another similar store will take its place, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anyway, one less option for me and for many others. Goodbye.

Friday, November 29, 2019

We Interview the Woman Who Screams

The TA inadvertently published a recent photo of a Stuy Town resident screaming "There's no heat!" while the woman next to her (also a resident) is looking thru Stuy Town garbage for anything to eat. As we here at the STR blog are very curious about this scene, we searched for the first woman and found her walking around the Oval, as she was careful not to get run over by a speeding bicycle or scooter.

Me: Is that you?

Yes, I can't take this place anymore. And I'm a new resident that's paying $7,000 a month for a renovated one-room IKEA apartment.

Wow, that's a lot. I didn't know that rents go up that high.

Sure do, even though they say I am a rent-stabilized tenant like everyone else. And now Gracefully is charging $5 for a small cup of coffee. Necessary price increase, Gracefully says.

But you go to Associated?

Closed. I'm still going to the East River to drink water and catch a fish and wash clothes, but the East River Park will be closed soon, while they raise it 2 inches.

All of it?

Yes, all of it., but we have to fight global warming. At least that's what they say, but I'm suspicious of those planned high-rises along the East River that they're going to build.

So what are your options?

Don't tell anyone, but I am forced to do AirBnb because I can't afford the rent anymore. Luckily, our Public Safety department looks the other way on most things.

Boy, you're in a tough situation.

That's why I screamed. I hope I didn't wake you?

No, you didn't. I'm used to noise by now, living near the new subway extension on 14th Street. Human screaming is nothing compared to the jack-hammering that's going on. 

I admit that I went to Management's s'mores event and gobbled what I could. Thank God for small favors.

*     *     *

With that, the woman hustled over to the new Veteran 's Memorial, where, despite no real trees, she found many empty spaces to sit and rest.

Yes, thank God for small favors.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Leaf Blowers - The Danger and Management Doesn't Care

As long as the leaf blowers are outside and creating noise, let me address this issue, and it is quite simple. Though Stuyvesant Town prides itself on making this place have the latest technology and freedom (or close to it) from pollutants, the fact remains that leaf blowers are a danger to the health of residents. Of course, nothing is being done about them. Yesterday I even saw a bigger leaf blower "doing its thing" and thereby also scattering humans out of the way.

Yes, there are many leaves on the ground from the trees here. But getting rid of them was not like this in the past. The effort previously was quiet and done by grounds workers with things such as rakes. (Remember those?) But now, with the use of leaf blowers, Management thinks it has found a way to do things cheaper and quicker. Your health be damned.

Leaf blowers are not energy efficient, unless the energy we are talking about is human energy. Leaf blowers blow not only leaves, but dirt, feces, etc. They pollute. Period. I myself have gotten a "taste" and a "smell" from leaf blowers nearby. And face it, a lot of the grounds people with leaf blowers are here just to do a job as quickly as possible, and collect a pay check. Again, your health be damned.

If this were the days of King Solomon (remember him, from the Bible?), I would have Management stand in front of a running leaf blower and breath in all the noxious waste and get some of that waste and dirt inside their system. But these are not the days of King Solomon....

This is a good place to start on the potential danger:

Sunday, November 10, 2019

"No trees were cut down..." The TA - Peter Stuyvesant Reports!

I have another post in the near future, but I had to get this in, with photo, because not only did I see a tree being cut here and there, but I also heard the very loud noise a buzz-saw was making. The fact that the TA has assumed something different is not only telling on the TA (it's clear now that your TA does not see what goes on around here) but is indicative of the SPIN told by Stuy Town to anyone who says something different. I guess Management's way out is the tree was removed, but not really, really "cut down."

Here is the process in progress:

"Peter Stuyvesant: We asked this question and were told no trees were cut down...."

"Will ask again. Perhaps bushes/other plantings were removed. I know some benches were removed. But we were assured no trees were cut down."

UPDATE: Since Blackstone is broke, residents will have to learn how to make labels themselves and put a label on the front door.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Citi-bike Rules Playground 9

So I passed by Playground 9 (that's the playground that has those Citi-bikes), and found that the actual playground is closed for repainting, etc. But not closed is Citi-bike. Playground 9 was recently worked on, but now, in September, the playground will be closed for basketball. Makes no sense. A normal company, if work needs to be done (a big question mark), would close the playground at the winter months, but not in September!

Unless, of course, Citi-bike requires an "adjustment" at that playground, and time can't be wasted with Citi-bike and our incompetent Management. (Or maybe Management is very competent, but doesn't bother about residents in this situation.)

Regarding the rule of walking your Citi-bike. BS. Today I passed by two Citi-bikes that were not being walked in the pathway by Playground 9.

A big failure. Enjoy September.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Another Fine Mess

Can you imagine this uncovered mattress wet? Yes, a little bit of rain adds to another fine mess. Photos taken this Wednesday. The mattress has been there for hours.