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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Truth

First off, let me state that I don't know if I'll be coming back on a regular basis to this blog. Right now events have dictated that I hunker down on matters that are of personal importance to me, which does include work that should get done and that will take some time to accomplish.

As to the purpose of this blog--well, I'm repeating and repeating myself I find. While we have seen some improvement with the new management (having the head honcho actually live here with his family is a significant improvement), there is much that, almost half a year on, is predictable and the same old/same old...with a nicer face. The wall partitions are continually being given to new refurbished apartments, the dog situation may have gotten worse (by now we may as well give up on management clamping down on dog infractions despite their desires), garbage is still a problem, etc. Just last Sunday I saw two dogs inside the Oval grass area being "hidden" from the Public Safety officer who showed up once in three hours during peak time, spending the rest of the time indoors at the Public Safety office. This, again, is just last Sunday. The new management has been around for months.

And now we learn there are going to be authorized smoking areas for residents.

Basically, make sure your rent-stabilization is secure and live the best life you can in the city. I hate to see the new high-rises go up (thank you City Council and Dan Garodnick), but such is our fate at this moment in time and probably until the shit hits the fan. I have a feeling that for most of us it won't get better and that the squeeze will continue, slowly but surely.

It's not bad living here, however. Let's at least try to find the good, even when we find the bad.

... And thank you City Council and specifically Dan Garodnick, who campaigns the REBNY way, for giving us more CVSs, Duane Reades, etc, at the closure of more and more Mom & Pop stores....

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Taking Break

Don't know when I'll be back, but a break is certainly necessary. No passage of comments, either.

Keep up the good fight and enjoy the weather!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Having computer problems. Will get back soon.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Affordable Housing Program

Tenants should be receiving information about this under their front door.

I'll be putting up the info it contains and evaluating, but work may intrude.

Right now, for further info and to apply, you should go to: 

There's already a steady discussion of this program at the TA Facebook: 

I'm swamped with work, so I can't evaluate anything now.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

General Manager Rick Hayduk Responds About the Dog Issue

Barry Shapiro, a resident of this complex, stepped up to the plate and contacted our General Manager, Rick Hayduk, about the ST/PCV dog policy. Mr. Hayduk responded. Below is Mr. Shapiro's letter; then the extensive response. The posts are at the independent Facebook:

Subject: Dog Policy


Pardon the delayed response; it's one of the pitfalls in trying to respond to resident inquiries on my own.

We'll be introducing a new process to identify registered dogs (see the attached photo) thus enabling Public Safety Officers to clearly approach offending dog owners. The registration will hang from the leash handle; clearly identifying the dog as registered.

If the dog is not registered by May 1; a summons will be issued at the point of contact. If we learn the dog owner is not a resident, they will be escorted off the property.

Yes, enforcement has been lax but in defense of our team, they would have had to stop every dog owner because the registration tag could not be seen. The new process will allow the rules to be enforced.

Please don't hesitate to reach out with any other observations that will make our community better.


Very encouraging hearing from you. But to be honest, so far very little has been fleshed out. During our meeting with you, you mentioned the possibility of the new tags back then, so it seems as if in the past 5-6 weeks, nothing else has been developed.

I have several questions.

1. At the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Tenants facebook site (not the TA site), there was a report of a child knocked down by an excited dog on extendable leash. The law across both public and private property requires a 6 foot leash, but the extendable leashes are ubiquitous. What if anything can be done about this?

2. Someone also reported that her dog's eye was ripped out during an attack by another dog. Tishman-Speyer very publicly published a list of certain breeds that would not be allowed. But everyone knows that these breeds are here, owned by residents. What will be the policy about these breeds moving forward, what done about those already here?

3. To be absolutely clear...there is no NYC law requiring clean up. The applicable law is actually New York State Public Health Law 1310 requiring clean up in any city with a population over 400,000. I think any policy statement management makes should reflect this. So what will you do about people who might be caught not cleaning up after their dogs?

4. Again, to be clear and transparent, NYC health code 161.03 which has been quoted at the STPCV site does not apply here. It doesn't involve clean-up. In place since 1978, it involves curbing dogs, not cleaning up after. Under this provision, dog owners are not allowed to let their dogs defecate on public sidewalks. But since STPVC is on private land, code 161.03 does not enforce curbing here. So if dogs are allowed to defecate on sidewalks within STPCV, it should be clear that this is due to a policy set by STPCV management, has nothing to do with city ordinances per se.

5. Tishman-Speyer published indecipherable maps showing where dogs were allowed to defecate. Needless to say, dog owners paid no attention. To be clear, are there designated areas for dogs to go or is anywhere fair game? Not talking about just the sidewalks now. Currently, owners lift their dogs over the fences to go in the grassy areas. Sometimes they walk their dogs openly within the fenced-off areas. Again, what is policy? Not every grassy area is posted 'no dogs allowed'.

6. With respect to enforcement, what is the impact of a summons? I assume these aren't NYC tickets. Since STPCV is private property, if the tickets are privately issued, these might be enforceable as owners are allowed to set a lot of policies on their own land . I assume there would be fines; you can't evict someone for not cleaning up after a dog. Not sure if these fines could be challenged if not stated in leases.

7. T & V reported there are 1200 dogs registered. Is there a limit on the number of dogs you will license? If there is, how will management address if and when it discovers unregistered dogs once the limit has been reached?

8. If you go to the STR site, the tenant site at facebook and the TA site on facebook, you will see ample complaints about the responsiveness of Public Safety. I would say that with respect to prior dog policy, lax is not an accurate description. Non-existent might be closer, but that's not even accurate. When I pointed out an 'illegal' breed dog (German Shepherd) around the Oval to one PS sergeant, he just made a snide remark to me and kept walking. So it seems to me that it is more accurate to say that PS has regarded enforcement of management dog policy in the recent past as something of a joke. What can you do about that?

A lot to be addressed. And I imagine on the other side of it you have your management pressing for measures that won't discourage dog-loving renters. And PS folks stating their problems asking exactly what you expect them to do under difficult circumstances.

Nonetheless, I hope that in the weeks to come you're able to release policy measures that will put these issues to rest.

Many thanks again, Barry

Garodnick Will Now Make More Money Than His Districts' Median Household Income

It's good to be a NYC councilperson these days. 

"City Council members Dan Garodnick and Ben Kallos will likely make more than the people they serve this year, thanks to a council-wide 32 percent pay raise. Both councilmen voted in favor of the pay raise that was approved on Feb. 5, making their annual salary $148,000, effective immediately."


"Garodnick, who represents District 4 — spanning from Stuyvesant Town up to the west of Second Avenue and west of Lexington Avenue above East 79th Street — will make 1.34 times what his constituents make.

"His district's median household income is $110,826."

While Kallos responded to, Garodnick was a no comment.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blackstone's New Stuy Town - Peter Cooper Promo Video

My initial reaction is disappointment. One of the first things mentioned is that ST/PCV is "pet friendly." If you thought there was going to be a lessening of the dog population in the future, you were wrong. This is a major selling point being used.

"Organized community amenities" is next on the list of major selling points. Blackstone has already shown the value it places in amenities when it introduced itself to us in their literature. (This stress on amenities clearly outed Blackstone as being unaware of the value of this complex placed by most tenants.)

A "fun environment" is also mentioned. When I think of Stuy Town, that's the first thing that comes to mind: FUN!

While most of the rooms shown have some carpeting, there appears to be none at the 51 second mark. I'm always bewildered as to how ST/PCV can show in its promotions either a lack of carpeting or minimal carpeting that does not meet the lease requirements of a tenant.

"A seasonal ice-rink" is part of this promo, of course. So even if the rink loses money, which seems to be the case, it's a selling point and will stay.

There's more being promoted, including the Oval Cafe where you can buy lukewarm coffee and tea and Oval Study where you have your own "corner office" (!) and "library resources" (!). Sorry, but having the daily NY Times and shelves filled with random uncatalogued books that were bought at 10 cents per book, or donated, do not constitute legitimate library resources.

So this is just the same cliched bs that we hear from every landlord. Sad.