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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

Our Tenants Association is, basically, null and void. Oh, it is still around, but it lacks the will power to confront much of anything. The TA will ask for your dues, however. By now, the TA is a charade.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Monday, October 31, 2016

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hey, Rick, Wake Up!

Your ST vehicles, to include PS mopeds, are heading in the direction AGAINST NYC traffic laws and almost ran into me again! Which way do you want pedestrians to look? Both ways? And walk slowly so as not to get hit? Maybe it's best if we wear twinkling bright lights to be noticed easier by your vehicles and those bike riders?

Also the bicycle rule around the Oval is gone once the sun is down. Even when the sun is up, it is a problem You know this, and what are you going to do about it???

TA, too, what a disaster you are! Speak up and say something! Speeding bicycles, ST vehicles, dog shit are a constant problem, and you know it, too. But you say NOTHING.

Monday, October 24, 2016

What should I do?

Here it is. Not that it's different from other times. But this time it is right by the ice rink they are building, of which you can the tip. This is one more "infraction" of the rules set up by Rick. As I said it happens frequently. Not that it's different from other infractions. I should not have to call PS on this issue. None of us should. One, this shouldn't happen. But when it does, there are dozens of workers who pass it by. Should they report it? Perhaps they did, but the area took time to clean, if it's cleaned at all. Thank you, Blackstone.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

PS Not Really At the Oval

So confirmed again! PS is not really at the Oval. Try to find an officer at times is very difficult unless you take a walk to their office.

Remember when... PS had a small building at the Oval itself? A PS officer, which they were not called then in MetLife times, would always be there. It was a duty, not to be taken lightly. There was a PS officer even when that building was knocked down and another one was placed where Oval Study is now. But with the new mini-hut located at the side of the Oval, it is rare these days to find a PS officer. Once in a while a PS guy walks around and positions himself somewhere in the vicinity, but he is gone the rest of the time. Otherwise, a PS officer on a moped will come speeding by once in a while. Even when he is in the "hut," the PS officer has more interest in his cell phone than what is happening around him.

This afternoon I saw three speeding bicycles go right by the PS office at the Oval.  They (the PS officers) are turned the other way, studying the monitors, if at all.

The big question is does management care or is management clueless? Why not spend some quality time outside to monitor the place rather than sit in offices and think everything is going swell? It isn't going okay, but is management aware of this? Don't read the reports. If they tell you that things are okay, the reports are lying. People are protecting their asses. That seems to be the message here. Protect your ass at all costs.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Flex Apartments

I thought these were not allowed anymore or, rather, not being built anymore? I still see workers rushing around with their "flex" walls.


>>At Stuy Town, once the hotspot for illicit wall activity, temporary walls have in many cases become sanctioned — and now cost a premium.

One-bedroom units, ranging from 707 and 790 square feet, cost from $3,138 to $3,559 a month, according to the complex's website. Meanwhile, the same sized units, listed as a “one-bedroom flex” where an extra wall is already installed — with windows in it to bring light to the newly sectioned-off living room — are marketed as costing $3,421 to $3,942 a month.

The flex apartments likely helped the complex’s bottom line, according to a Real Deal analysis from November, which found about a third of its market-rate units were marketed as the pricier flex apartments.

Representatives from Stuy Town and the Grayson declined to comment on the convertible layouts.<<

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Why are we helping Blackstone?

It happens to you, perhaps too frequently these days. A young person is waiting near the entrance door who has "forgotten" the key card. So if you are very nice and trusting, you open the door with your key card and let the person in at the same time. Or a speeding bicycle is heading around the Oval? Or you witness dog crap either not picked up or sloppily picked up anywhere in the complex. Do you call PS? Or say "forget about it"?

The question is: Why do we care if Blackstone (and Ivanhoe) have tons of money to "do the right thing," but want residents to speak up about these infractions while at the same time turning a neglectful or wary eye toward these infractions?  At least that's the way it seems to me.

What IS it to us, if our management thinks and acts as if everything is really alright and they do not have to spend extra money or manpower to stop these things?

By now, they (management) should be aware of what it happening. Perhaps they are okay with the way things are. Perhaps our voices are a pain in the ass to them? Why do we expend the energy and the time, when management gets PAID to do the same thing!?

Friday, October 7, 2016


Not a surprise. Our man Dan is quoted, of course.

Build, build, build. Higher, higher, higher. The city is for sale thanks to the highest bidders and the REBNY and the City Council and the mayor!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

This is NOT an Ad for this Place, But....

It's in Brooklyn with much availability (at least right now and for this ad) that is lower than what Stuy Town/Peter Cooper is currently asking for. As more and more new buildings will replace older ones, in Manhattan and elsewhere, the competition will get fierce to have Stuy Town and Peter Cooper measure up, if the complex isn't there already. Yeah, I know we have a location in Manhattan, but I'm raised a Brooklyn boy, so Parkline doesn't look too bad and my "job" doesn't mandate that I stay in Manhattan. But I'm not moving--unless I win Lotto.

A Morning Trip Around the Oval - Six Dog Stains, Two Bicyles Riding

It wasn't even 10 minutes, probably about 5. A morning walking tour of the Oval. Counted: 6 dog stains still fresh and not to be walked on, and 2 resident bicycles riding freely about the Oval. No surprise, of course, just a thanks to Blackstone and Ivanhoe for maintaining the property so well. Oh, yes, workers are still at it at the Oval Fountain.

I will continue this kind of reportage periodically so we do not ever forget.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village TB to Officially Market to NYU, Bicycle Riders and Ess-a-Bagel

Dear Resident and TB Supporter,

As many of you have suspected, we, the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village Tenants Block, have had trouble generating the funds we need to keep on representing tenants in this complex. Why do you think we raised dues recently? With the future leaving of our councilman, the honorable Dan Garodsnip, we realize more than ever that we have to make changes in order to survive.

To wit, our website and our Facebook will now have a marketing strategy that will initially include NYU (perhaps the biggest renter officially and unofficially in this complex), bicycle riders (growing in number as those speeding cycles around the Oval can attest) and Ess-a-Bagel, which has returned and is already making great business.

We have spoken to and have guarantees of acceptance from all three parties. Thank you, thank you and thank you! (Dan thanks you, too.)

Yours sincerely and for more wonderful TB news--

Sue Stain
President and One Piece Bathing Fan
The Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village TB