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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Few Locations, A Small Number of Residents--So What's the Problem?

This week's TOWN & VILLAGE contained an article on the pipe banging that's been affecting many residents of Stuyvesant Town, with wake-up calls as early as 5AM. I already noted this "amenity" in a previous entry. Tishman Speyer's response, quoted in the paper:

"There are a few locations on the property where a small number of residents are experiencing increased pipe noise...."

I can't stand dismissive BS, and I would suppose all the tenants who are being affected would also find such a statement infuriating and condescending. Always trying to put on a brave, no-problem face, Tishman Speyer continues to insult its tenants as it tries to sell the complex to the rest of the world. Isn't it about time that TS should start firing these "spokespersons" for their company or at least give them new instructions?

Meanwhile, the Tenant Association's forums continue to be down for "maintenance," an excuse that by now is becoming its own peculiar, if not cruel, joke. A letter in TOWN & VILLAGE and commentary on the Lux Living blog indicate that a new, more proactive tenants organization may be in the works

1 comment:

AnnieMae said...

A few locations! I don't think so! I called the other day because it sounded like my pipes were going to burst from all the explozions and "hammerings" going on inside them (they were cold, of course) and was told that nobody else in my building had complained. This is their standard answer if you complain about heat or noise! I swear that if the building was hit by a meteor and you called them, they'd say the same thing!