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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peter Cooper Village's Planting Graveyard

Or--you can run, but you can't hide....

Alerted by a comment responding to my previous entry (thank you!), I headed over to Peter Cooper Village to check out its own "planting graveyard." It was late, so the photos are nighttime ones, but you will still be able to see that Tishman Speyer's wasteful non-use of trees and plants continues. Many of the plantings are still alive, but some are clearly already dead, while others are on their way to meet the Gardener in the Sky. In the daylight, all this must look really impressive, in a depressing sort of way.

I wonder what the excuse from management will be now? Perhaps it would be best if they just go with "no comment." After all, what needs to be said?


Anonymous said...

I gave you the lead on the PCV graveyard. Thanks for posting photos.

Anonymous said...

I noticed today that the PC graveyard has been cleared.
Probably clearing room for the next batch of trees and plants that will die there

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I'm pretty sure the removal was due to the T & V letter (bad press for TS), with perhaps some help from the notice/photos on this blog.