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Friday, April 24, 2009

Stuy Town Security Can't Handle ... Security

Stuyvesant Town residents have been seeing more and more the presence of cops on horses in the complex, with the expected huge deposits from these horses leaving a trail that Stuy Town workers then clean up. What is the reason for this police presence? As reported in this week's Town & Village by Andrew Park, "the mounted units were called in to patrol an area including Stuyvesant Town due to an increase in violence along the 14th Street corridor." But, as we see, these mounted units do not just patrol 14th Street. They have been seen as far up as 20th Street. And within the heart of the complex.

This raises one immediate and overwhelming question: Why is Stuyvesant Town Security, the Security that is publicized in Tishman Speyer promos as 24-hour protection for residents, not taking care of the security in the complex instead of the NYPD?

The answers are pretty obvious--even if depressing and revelatory as to landlord Tishman Speyer's "concern" for its tenants. The security staff of Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village has been cut back from previous highs, and the remaining troops have now been placed chiefly inside the cozy security office at Ave C., near the FDR drive, to watch a score of monitors that do not reveal much of what is going on in the complex. If the monitors do reveal something, whatever criminal activity is occurring is certain to be over by the time the ST/PCV squad cars are sent out to investigate. In other words, THERE ARE NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND to monitor 24/7 what's happening in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village.

With the economy heading south as it is, crime will get worse in the surrounding areas of ST/PCV, and inside this complex itself. As reported by Town & Village, there was a recent mugging on or near Stuy Town property at 14th St and Ave. B, and an open-air heroin drug transaction within Stuy Town. Several weeks ago a female ST resident was mugged at night near 20th St. and Ave. C.--nearby the Security office!!! I guess those monitors aren't working that well or Security is falling asleep on the job (or taking their squad cars to pick up some take-out food).

The last time our Security was present in full force and "boots on the ground" was for a real-estate broker party held last year at Oval Lounge. Security was all over the place and was actually stopping bicycles from riding around, insisting the riders walk their bikes according to the rules. The object was to show these brokers that Stuy Town has all this security protection, so that the impressed brokers would relate this back to their clients. It was a calculated, cynical exhibition staged by Tishman Speyer, a company that has always been far more concerned with selling apartments than being decent stewards of ST/PCV. Even with the maximum presence of Security, a fight ensued among the brokers!

It is obvious that the landlord, Tishman Speyer, is neglecting the safety of this complex for budgetary reasons--and has been doing so for a while now. TS is relying on security cameras to somehow "patrol" the complex. This is not acceptable. Frequently I can walk from one end of the complex to the other without ever seeing a Security car or a patrolman. Criminals can also notice this--and can make good use of it, too.

And now, isn't it embarrassing for the Security here, and Tishman Speyer, their overlords, that the NYPD have to be called in like this? And that NYPD horses take dumps all over Stuy Town? Is the message here that the men have to be called in because the boys can't do the job?


Anonymous said...

It's Amazing how pepople blame owners of complex's for the wrong doing of our NYPD. To me it looks the NYPD likes to take Joy rides through the complex, Like a Dunkin Donuts stop!! I think the Sty Town oval has never looked better lanscaping wise and i see security patrolling while i walk around.

PC Resident

Stuy Town Reporter said...

You nearly leave me speechless, Anon. If you think the Oval has "never looked better landscaping wise," you must 1) be a fairly new resident of ST/PCV or 2) you must rarely get out much to Stuy Town from Peter Cooper. (The possibility also exists that you are in the employ of Tishman Speyer or American Leisure and are just planting misinformation.) The Oval is an abomination now, as many photos, posted on this blog and elsewhere, have proven. The same holds true for your comment about security patrolling the complex. It just isn't happening to any noticeable extent. This is a fact.

Regarding the NYPD, I am nearly positive that it needed Tishman Speyer's okay to have a mounted squad presence around here. The Town & Village article mentions that the NYPD was "called in to patrol" this area, so....

Anonymous said...

OMG. That first comment doesn't even deserve a response. NYPD joy rides? Outrageous! There is no sign of security or landscaping.

Anonymous said...

Fact: Surveillance cameras don't deter crime
Fact: There are less security guards
Fact: Crime is increasing
Fact: Tenants can file for a rent reduction due to the diminuation of services in security guards.
Fact: Tenants are at risk

Anonymous said...

PC Resident: I think I see you around admiring the landscaping - you're the guy with the white stick and dark glasses.

Anonymous said...

I think that Security do the best they can with what they've got. Tishman Shyster has cut them down to a skeleten staff and they can only do as much as they can do under the circumstances. I agree that it is a reduction in services. There have been many cuts in services and Tishman Shyster advertisements are barefaced lies. As for the horses, please let's not get all bent out of shape about their droppings. Horse manure is relatively innocuous - to the extent feces can be innocuous - because the horses are herbivors (I think that's the word) and what comes out of them is good for the soil. I, personally, am much more offended and totally grossed out by the dog crap and - even worse - all the filthy two-legged animals who spit and gob on the sidewalks and paths all the time. That really gives me the heaves. I'll take horse crap any time over that!