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Friday, June 18, 2010

Mexican Gang Tags Stuy Town

With so many Mexican workers in and around Stuy Town, you knew it would come to this. At the seat of one of the benches around the Oval (near the Security Booth of all places!), we found this "La Raza Loca" tagging.

Viva Mexico!


Anonymous said...

The only Mexicans I see in and around Stuyvesant Town are the delivery guys from Associated and they don't look a bit like the guys in that photograph. I think STR is being alarmist and racist.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

You don't get around much, do you?

Mexicans are working all around and in Stuy Town, not just Associated. And that gang tag IS there on the bench. And I ended my post with "Viva Mexico!"

So you are being the racist by raising race when there is no racism, but reporting.

Anonymous said...

These days if you use the word "Mexican" in a sentence that doesn't read "All Mexicans, including illegal Mexicans who have committed violent felonies, are welcome in the U.S. and deserve free health care, education etc from the government", you are a racist.
At least that is the view of all too many of our super liberal neighbors

Anonymous said...

"With so many Mexican workers in and around Stuy Town, you knew it would come to this."
This is not reporting.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

No, but the tagging of that bench is.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Bloomberg welcomes illegal immigrants, so who are we to complain? We all know that Lord Mayor for Life is infallible on all issues. He's even more infallible than the Pope, who's only infallible on matters of doctrine. If Lord Mayor for Life Bloomberg says it's so, who are we mere mortals to argue with Him?