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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stuyvesant Town Newsreel

In case you haven't noticed, one of the sidebars on this blog is a Stuyvesant Town Newsreel.  Today's newsreel offers us two bits of interesting info.  The first is that the Oval concert events (which may or may not be open only to "residents and their guests") is already being promoted outside of Stuyvesant Town.... Check out this post at the Brooklyn Vegan website, titled "Blitzen Trapper tour includes a free NYC show in Stuy Town." The second interesting news informs us that Adam Rose, our manager, is armed and dangerous--at least only to bad guys and not, hopefully, to tenants.  The website Algemeiner carries a brief article--"Armed and Generous: The Jewish 1% Who Are Packing Heat"--and names Adam Rose, among a few others, who are "permitted to carry a loaded weapon around New York City."  (Not that he does.)  A New York Post article, the basis for the Algemeiner article, gives more names, including actors Robert DeNiro and Harvey Keitel, and Donald Trump and two of his sons. If one day I disappear suddenly and am never heard of again, check a smoking gun.  (That's a joke, folks!)


Anonymous said...

Next thing, Management will insist that tenants (especially RS tenants, i.e. "Old Timers") have to give bathroom rights to outsiders coming to the events and veggie market and we should make them sandwiches and beverages if needs be.

Anonymous said...

>>Next thing, Management will insist that tenants (especially RS tenants, i.e. "Old Timers")...Will have to
clean up the the green market area (Front of play ground 12), They will be issued one poop scooper, a pair of rubber boots, apples to give our "Guests" & a
mandatory course on "How to behave in pedestrian traffic"

Anonymous said...

I think we should all be able to carry a "Sword of Zorrow." He, tootsie, you woke me up with your partying last night zipzipzipzip Hey pal, dont you know you are supposed to wash your recyclinging zipzipzipzip. So that's your five-day old laundry stinking up the machine? zipzipzipzip.
Imagine all these people with little Z-shaped slashes on the front of their clothes. You didn't pick up after Fido's dump. zipzipzipzip.