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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

Our Tenants Association is, basically, null and void. Oh, it is still around, but it lacks the will power to confront much of anything. The TA will ask for your dues, however. By now, the TA is a charade.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Monday, February 10, 2014

The Real Estate Board of New York Gala of 2014 - Guess Who Attended?

True, I may have it wrong. There have to be big-shot members of residential real estate who are caring stewards of what they own, who are fair in their dealings with tenants and respectful to them. My experience, however, is quite different. My residential experience is limited to Stuyesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. I have seen our stewards--Tishman-Speyer and CWCaptial--devastate this community, use any available methods to kick rent-stabilized tenants out, pump up the rent rolls with transients, use the physical park-like attributes as a toy, evacuate the Oval of its traditional charm and many of its trees and flowers, and dance with joy when a old tenant dies because that tenant's apartment becomes available for remodeling and an increase in rent by a couple of thousand dollars.  I may have it wrong, but not here in PCVST.

With that, I consider big real estate "the enemy" because that is what I have learned these past years. I don't restrict my view just to stewards of PCVST.  Perhaps that's a misguided prejudice. I'll admit that. But I have also seen our city change and neighborhoods devastated with reversals on zoning laws and the implementation of "air rights" that allow aesthetically inappropriate slivers to be built, pleasing real estate, of course, but marring New Yorkers' sense of community and taking away the simple visual and emotional pleasure of a sky.

And so I find the following photos of a gala held by the Real Estate Board of New York troubling, disturbing. In the pit of my stomach there is the start of a retching movement when I look at them. These photos, which a STR reader alerted me to in our comment section, make me kinda ill. But, perversely, they are also amusing. It's almost laughable in how these photos tell us that we're screwed.

This is our Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito with REBNY Chairman Rob Speyer:

I know if I were in Mark-Viverito's place I would not be smiling at Robbie (still the number one individual who screwed over PCVST and middle-class affordability here), unless I was telling him that the city is preparing a case against him and Tishman-Speyer in their handling of this property.

This is Steve Spinola/REBNY President with our State Senator Catherine Young and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito:

Below: Steve Spinola and Rob Speyer with our Governor, Andrew Cuomo: How does this make you feel about the governor being unequivocally on the side of tenants?

Baby face Stringer, whom I have never instinctively trusted, was there also:

Our "commie" mayor was there, too, hobnobbing with wealthy capitalists:

On the left is Gale Brewer, our Manhattan Borough President; on the right, Michael Norton of Tishman Speyer:

The chic in the middle is RuthAnne Visnauskas, Commisioner of NYC Housing Department of Housing Preservation and Development:

A familiar face to all of us:

 He's so photogenic, that, well... Here's another photo!

And I'm sure you also recognized Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney in the above photo. In this one, she gets a photo op with Robbie:

So, how secure do you feel about "affordable middle-class housing" in PCVST?  These guys will throw you a bone. If you're lucky.

UPDATE: Robbie Speyer has his own website. The main news is this gala and its "players":

From that page: "2,300 people crowded the New York Hilton on January 16th, 2014 night for REBNY’s 118th annual banquet. Read more about the the biggest night of the year."

If you go through the link and check out the "biggest night of the year," you will read about the mocking disdain these real estate people have for Mayor de Blasio. I quote:

"2,300 people crowded the New York Hilton on Thursday night for REBNY's 118th annual banquet. We snapped 28 of its biggest stars. (Mayor de Blasio didn't event [sic] make our cut. Call it rookie hazing.)"

You see, according to the mindset, the mayor and all politicians are not the key players. They are not really A-List members, because they are in temporary positions of power and can disappear as quickly as they appear. "Who finances your re-election efforts, baby?"


Anonymous said...

Photo ops is why they want us to do rallies. Rallies give politicians photo ops next to tenants so the politicians appear to be on the side of tenants when behind the scenes the politicians are working and partying with real Estate.
We don't need rallies and photo ops for politicians.

We need laws and actions protecting tenants from precarious and proven dangerous lawbreaking real estate industry.

It is grotesque their party celebrated their booming 2013 while tenants in their buildings are collapsing into evictions.

For that I agree with everyone who has said we need to vote for new lawmakers in the 2014 election.

Anonymous said...

Watch what they do, not what they say.

Anonymous said...

Tenants should get a list of all the attendees of REBNY the past 5 years. That should be public information, yes?

Anonymous said...

The bone they are throwing is the bill to limit hours of construction. It is the construction that is wrong and the construction that should be limited in entirety if the project hurts the NY residents.

Anonymous said...

A picture of Corruption.

Anonymous said...

What a hideous bunch of assholes. Robbie gets uglier as he ages. The faces match the souls. Ugly. Cuomo, with his evil eyes and goombah voice makes me shudder with revulsion. I wouldn't expect anything good to come from any of these people.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>The bone they are throwing is the bill to limit hours of construction.<<

That's already on the books. The new legislation probably just strengthens the law. Somehow.

I will try to get the wording of this legislation and, if I do, I will post it, of course.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Tenants should get a list of all the attendees of REBNY the past 5 years. That should be public information, yes?<<

I don't know if there's an official list. But Googling each year of the gala may give one the important names. Bloomberg attended every year.

Anonymous said...

These politicians compete every year and it is considered by them to be an honor to be included on the list of invites to this party. They brag to each other about it. There is a "who made the list" competition. Those who get invited are the ones who did the biggest favors and gave the biggest perks and tax break handouts to the developers.

Anonymous said...

I bet if you add up the money developers get in tax breaks it would be bigger than the amount given to help the poor.

The largest welfare recipient in NYC is the real estate industry with resident/tenant subsidized tax breaks. These closed door deals by this group of partiers is repulsive.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Check the Update to the post.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Dan the Real Estate Man!!!!!
Dan rang in the new year partying with the Real Estate Board while PCVST started the new year with this office construction fiasco that benefits developers.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Good point.

Anonymous said...

My first thought when I saw this was "fraternizing with the enemy." Then I realized that they are ALL the enemy.

Anonymous said...

STR, this tread in your blog could be your most important one ever. It shows the true corruption of our so called “tenants advocate” politicians and the real estate industry. Particularly odious are the ones with Rob Speyer. So fucking depressing.

Anonymous said...

Was this in the TA facebook page?

Anonymous said...

10:08 so right. It doesn't matter what they "say" in their upcoming tenant meeting. We know what they are "doing".

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, what EVERYONE chiming in here seems to forgot -- or ignore -- is that the TENANTS do NOT own this property. For all practical intents and purposes, CWCapital "owns" this property.

Building a new Management office is within their legal rights. You may not like the way they've gone about it or where they're putting it, but they do have the right to do it. Time will tell if the Department of Buildings audit of the site and the plans finds that CWCap is not in compliance with all applicable rules.

Anonymous said...


Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Was this in the TA facebook page?<<

No, unless it came in the past hour. (Haven't checked.)

Anonymous said...

12:39 you are dead wrong yet you keep defending CW and the TA DG.

You don't have to own property to protect it. You don't have to own a city park to protect it. You don't have to own the ocean to protect it. You don't have to own the environment to protect it.

We residents have more of a vested interest in protecting PCVST, our home.
CW has no vested interest in protecting our homes, only in increasing profits for bondholders.

12:39 if your best argument is legally you can do this then the laws must be updated to protect residents when our homes are owned by hit n run profiteers.

You proved our point. We need new lawmakers who are not in the pockets of the real estate industry.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Unfortunately, what EVERYONE chiming in here seems to forgot -- or ignore -- is that the TENANTS do NOT own this property.<<

I think we're very much aware of this--at least I am. That's why we have to vigilant and use the laws on the books to keep things on the up and up, and insist that our politicians pass new legislation favorable to tenants and remove certain unfair advantages that real estate has been having here.

Anonymous said...

12:39 That is your ticket out? Someone already posted about the $30,000 ST Owner LP paid to the Department of Buildings for these planned constructions and you think your get out of jail free card is in your DOB audit? You talk like you already know what the audit will say.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who forgot here it is again. Who at the Department of Buildings got this money and what did they do with it? What is the the Department of Buildings supposed to give ST Owner in return for the #30,000?


317 Avenue C
New York, NY 10009
United States of America
(212) 614-5811

George Arzt Communications, Inc.
George Arzt
George Arzt Communications, Inc.
123 William Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10038
United States of America
(212) 608-0333

George Arzt

Hide Details

Target: Buildings, Department of (DOB)
Subject: Stuyvesant Town

Compensation Reimbursement
P1 $5,000.00 $0.00


Anonymous said...

STR is right.
The laws are out dated. They are written for landlords with vested interests in property.
The laws are not written for when developers and bankers like Tishman, Blackstone and Fortress Hedge Fund CW are not standard landlords with vested interests but are hit and run profiteers using massive amounts of rental properties as assets to bundle and flip.

CW and the likes will continue abusing laws as they are written until just 1, it only takes 1 courageous smart lawmaker of decency updates the damn laws to be current with today's housing market.

If they don't the housing market will crash again, American people will again be devastated. A pathetic state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

But they're getting HUGE tax breaks from us and nyc and nys.

To do so (ka ching) they have to obey the laws of rent stabilization.

w.t.f...........HOW IS THIS OK WITH ALBANY?

Anonymous said...

Those photos almost made me vomit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39 here.

"We residents have more of a vested interest in protecting PCVST, our home.
CW has no vested interest in protecting our homes, only in increasing profits for bondholders.

12:39 if your best argument is legally you can do this then the laws must be updated to protect residents when our homes are owned by hit n run profiteers."

I agree with your comments. However, the laws in place NOW are what governs what CWCapital can do, at least with respect to the new Management office.

I doubt that the TA will be able to buy this place, if/when it comes up for sale so all of you moaning about how awful the TA and Garodnick are should just relax. This place is going to the highest bidder. Period. And don't be surprised if that's CWCapital, in one form or other.

If you think things are bad now - and I agree that they're pretty awful, the worst they've ever been - just wait until CWCap or some other predatory owner comes along, scoops this place up and has their way with it. You'll wish that the TA/Garodnick/Brookfield has succeeded.

Anonymous said...

The real estate tools love these politicians and some tool said in an earlier thread these politicians hate a group of tenants fighting the construction which must have made those tenants laugh so hard they cried tears.
Boo Hoo
It is a badge of honor to be hated by these politicians in these party photos.

Anonymous said...

Tishman was NEVER a steward for the tenants' interests. They were owners and stewards for their and the bondholders' financial interests.

CWCapital is supposed to be a steward, but, again, they are NOT a steward for the tenants' interests. They are a steward for the bondholders financial interests.

Anonymous said...

6:37 exactly. no one has been a steward for tenants. that is why it makes sense that someone had to be a steward for tenants interests and that was supposed to be local electeds introducing bills and laws and regulations to protect the tenants and property while we are in the hands of overseers who are not stewards for our interests.
we have the worse electeds in the history of pcvst.

Anonymous said...

Is Rob Speyer still banging goats?

Anonymous said...

OMG We are under seige by this industry and he partied with our captors. How very very wrong.

Anonymous said...

This annual gala is a $1000 a plate fundraiser for REBNY - lobbyists for the real estate industry.

Who is REBNY?
Enjoying non-profit status, REBNY are lobbyists for the real estate industry comprised of industry’s top building owners and brokers. spending $10million annually they hold enormous sway in Albany and New York City in real estate policy.

They are the ones lobbying against rent regulation to Albany and controlling zoning, taxes, building codes and construction.

"On the lobbying front, the group has logged successes, like blocking a proposed commercial rent increase cap, and retaining provisions of the luxury and vacancy decontrol laws covering rent-regulated apartment buildings. And the group touts the guidance it provides to members in complex matters such as zoning, building codes and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac regulations.

But the nonprofit has also taken some hits, including failing to get a new 421a law enacted to spur new construction, and failing to block the state from raising the rent decontrol threshold to $2,500 from $2,000 — a blow to residential landlords. Meanwhile, residential brokers knock its Residential Listing Service."

REBNY are the very lobbyists pushing pro-landlord anti-tenant policies.

Annually they bring in around $6-7million in membership dues and $2-4 million from this Annual Gala fundraiser.

This party is a big fundraiser for REBNY That is the problem with this party.

Its not OK.

Anonymous said...

Viverito was on the fence about attending. de Blasio was a new uncertain face.

Quinn was loved by REBNY and she loved them.
"Quinn has received more than $800,000 in political donations from the real estate players – more than any other candidate — and her aids admitted that the industry wrote much of her plan."

REBNY thought they bought a sure thing with Quinn as next Mayor and Garodnick as next Speaker but NYC voters said otherwise.

So Quinn's spokesperson went to work for REBNY

Whatever you think of de Blasio, he is a thousand times better than Quinn. He has a tough road ahead of him sandwiched in between REBNY darlings Garodnick and Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

ANON at 1123PM
Yes it is true that of all the Democratic candidates for Mayor, Quinn received the most donations from the RE industry.
But do you know who got the second most money from the RE industry during the primary campaign? - BILL DEBLASIO- Yes that darling of the progressives! Mr. DeBlasio may be marginally better than Bloomberg on issues important to NYC tenants, but anyone who thinks he will materially side with tenants on major issues is a fool

Anonymous said...

Dan acts more like a lawyer for CW than a politician for people. I am really pissed off I let him get away with not fighting with us to protect the Oval.

I went to Dan and he gave us the "legal reason" CW could do it. If I wanted the legal reason I would have gone to Fred Knapp!

What I wanted was my politician to be a politician for the people and fighting with us to protect our Oval like that lady in Texas who fought for the people when the law and the Governor were doing things and using laws against the people.

Dan stop behaving like a lawyer for CW they already have Fred Knapp and he is doing a bang up job banging us up and banging up the grounds!

Don't ever again fu**in tell me the legal reason anyone can do anything against "we the people" until you are in your destiny tucked away in your cushy law firm job defending landlords.

I am mad at me I didn't keep fighting.

Anonymous said...

"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice,
but there must never be a time when we fail to protest."

― Elie Wiesel

Anonymous said...

This Really Made Me Sick, Being A 27-Yr Long Resident of ST.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that some sort of resident ownership plan wasn't put in place when ST-PCV was first developed or somewhere along the line. It is now clear that trying to protect long term renters with ill conceived and flawed rent stabilization laws that pit tenants against landlords simply doesn't work. ST-PCV and other developments of the era would have been perfect for promoting middle class ownership. There are some examples of cooperative ownership models that worked well. Not sure why this wasn't a more popular idea at the time. Now long term renters are trapped and their interests are being controlled by some of those pictured. I doubt that any tenant buyout could be feasible now, but applaud those who put in the effort to explore it. It is the only way for tenants to control their destiny.

Anonymous said...

11:23 and 9:25 are both right which sucks all around.

Anonymous said...

9:25 is right.

Everyone here voted for Deblasio and he will screw us all.

Try to pull up the amount he received from RE. ANYONE?

Anonymous said...

Here is last years election who gave, who REBNY gave it to, how they hide what they give in llc so people will never know the actual large amount they give, to push their anti-tenant pro-business agenda.

Because these assholes aren't savvy enough business minds to figure how to conduct business in a manner that doesn't cheat and rob from people. Anyone can figure out how to steal money. Rare is the business mind who knows how to turn a profit without stealing from another.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to what REBNY gets for their money.

The return on REBNY's political investment in Albany is crystal clear: New York City rent regulations remain weak, while multi-billion dollar subsidies like the 421-a and J-51, continue to grow each year. These policies collectively affect the lives of millions of New Yorkers but also impact billions of dollars of potential profits for REBNY. - See more at:

This is what they get for their money - money that everyone in these photos contributed at the party fundraiser that will now go pushing their pro-business anti-tenant agenda and to re-elections of the politicians.

That is why these photos are making us sick.

Anonymous said...

Every year the electeds get away with attending this anti-tenant fundraiser.

We voters shifted power slightly defeating Quinn who was the REBNY bloated ego's choice for Mayor. With a big grin on her face Quinn was quoted at their 2013 annual gala saying the most important real estate issue facing the City Council was "How to get more buildings built"

Here is her photo ( I deleted the adjectives I wanted to say)

Garodnick was anti-tenant REBNY's top choice for Speaker. They lost again.

Now EVERYDAY in EVERYWAY we must push and hold accountable the occupant of office of Mayor and the City Council Speaker, de Blasio and Viverito, to their "public service" for "we the people" with actions and not just words.

Until the day we have politicians of the people sadly it is on us to make sure they do their jobs. No more business as usual.

Shame on them for attending this anti-tenant fundraiser.

Thanks STR for posting.


Anonymous said...

My heart breaks. We could have protected the tenants who have already left their PCVST homes because of CW predatory practices these past years.
We could have protected the Oval and the First Ave Parks too.
If only the politicians were standing up for us, fighting along side us, instead of giving us excuses for why we shouldn't even try to fight for ourselves.
Today I decided I am not going to their meeting because I don't want anymore of their excuses telling us to shut up and take it.

Anonymous said...

There is no justification for politicians to attend a fundraiser for lobbyists with an anti-tenant agenda.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if you could help me... I have NO idea what to do. I have noisy noisy college students living above me and half the time when I call security no one comes. Of course this situation has now escalated. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I'm worried about raising my baby in this situation. We're in a 2 year lease. I have no idea what to do and Donalda Habersham doesn't even return my calls. I haven't slept more than 3 hours in a month, that is when I sleep in my apartment. PLEASE if anyone knows what to do... HELP ME!

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Call the police. 13th Precinct. Tell them what you told us.

Anonymous said...


call TA and call a lawyer STAT. Let them know in a letter that you'll be taking legal action due to the disturbance.


Anonymous said...

Definitely call the 13th precinct - (212) 477-7411.

I would also email Bill McClellan - He's the head of Public Safety in STPCV.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>I would also email Bill McClellan - He's the head of Public Safety in STPCV.<<

Absolutely. Call the Big Boss.

Anonymous said...

You definitely should get a lawyer. It's amazing what a "calming affect" a "I mean business" letter from a good lawyer can do.

Anonymous said...

Call and write Dan's office. How about a bill for excessive noise limitation INSIDE ONE'S home?

Anonymous said...

Rob Speyer and Clarabelle the goat broke up years ago. She now lives in a goat sanctuary in Vermont where she's being cared for by a loving family.

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY AGREE WITH GETTNG legal action and first a letter. Tenants here have done so. It is wrong and unfair that you cannot enjoy some peace in your own residence.

CALL now. And write to Dan Garodnick and TA (btdt)

Anonymous said...

and fwiw CR--- the notices and letters should be mailed to the lease HOLDER. Letters are dropped off to tenants who (students, ahem) throw the notice in THE garbage. Parents footing the bill should know of potential legal action.

Anonymous said...

"Call and write Dan's office. How about a bill for excessive noise limitation INSIDE ONE'S home?"

I believe that there is already a law on the books concerning the right to the quiet enjoyment of one's home.

Anonymous said...

What some are doing about the number 1 New York City quality of life complaint - Noise - from 3 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

There is a strong law against noise diminishing quality of life in NYC. What seems to lack for you is enforcement of this by Security. Going to the 13th Precinct and the top security chief are good actions to take. Mention the names of your noisy neighbors, their address other details etc.

Anonymous said...

Post names of top security chief here and who is in charge of this at our local precinct. !!!!

THIS IS total bs from guilty parties. We're not spending close to $4,000 a month any longer to be kept awake all hours of night from tenants who refuse to turn down music, take off shoes and get 100%+ carpets. The carpet rule is bs. if there are several complaints on a tenant and noise issues, deal with it CR, DEAL with the noise affecting decent tenants.

Anonymous said...

Again with the goats!

Anonymous said...

On the noise complaint.
Hiring a lawyer will only cost you hard earned money and make the lawyer a lot of money.

Notifying the person on the lease eg parents of students is wickedly great whether or not it stops the students noise it could shame the parents into doing something.

Best option is call 311 file the noise complaint, they will give you a complaint number, take that number to the 13th precinct file a report on repeated problem and ask for officers to follow up with you on their visit to the noisy apartment. Keep a record of the officers names. Then if it persists go to the 13th again and tell them the students are ignoring the police.
The police don't like it much when they are ignored.

Anonymous said...

Dan Garodnick is sitting with Mary Tighe. Mary Tighe said Dan was the highlight of her night in the "REBNY preferred 28 people we consider stars"

Rob Speyer became Chairman of REBNY in 2013. Mary Tighe was Chairman before Rob.

Mary Tighe is the most powerful player at REBNY. Quinn and Garodnick are favorites of Mary Tighe, former chairman of REBNY.

Anonymous said...

Meaning; actually go to the precinct?

??? they'll see me?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Mary Tighe is the most powerful player at REBNY. Quinn and Garodnick are favorites of Mary Tighe, former chairman of REBNY.<<

Nice linkage.

Anonymous said...

3:07 PM: gotta disagree. It doesn't cost that much to have a good lawyer write a letter and, if necessary, represent you in such a case, For the coupla hundred dollars it may cost you for a lawyer, you can be rid of this pestilence for good.

Anonymous said...

Tbh you can find many lawyers in Manhattan who will do this for free. Whoever typed it's too expensive is trying to dissuade you. Do it.Now.

Anonymous said...

It would be beneficial to know who the lease holders are of the loud obnoxious students.

Anonymous said...

Dan supporting a REBNY fundraiser to raise millions to lobby Albany against tenants, his neighbors, while pretending to be fighting for tenants is one of his worse betrayals of his tenure and the one that has been ongoing his entire tenure.

This is the biggest betrayal of the people.

Dan's campaigns running for office disguised as pro-tenant are frauds against the people.

It makes me sick how he uses PCVST in his press pretending to be pro-tenant while he drools over Upper East Side Power Player Tighe giddy at being by her side.

That photo is forever burned in his history.
I will never again vote for him for any political office.

Anonymous said...

9:56 OK. See your point. Agree with you.

I was coming from being a bit sad that people have to bear the cost of hiring a lawyer because those serving the city aren't doing their job (or in the case of the woman afraid to go to the 13th where the NYPD aren't given the chance to do their job.)
When I go to work I am expected to do my job. I don't have the luxury of being allowed to not do my job. It irks me these politicians who brag of their education but need nudging and reminding to do their jobs and reminded what their jobs are.

We have lawmakers with the job spelled out in their title "lawmaker" who have been underperforming or failing at making laws relevant to people today on purpose. NY politicians are too pro-business without a balance of pro-resident.

Never have I been more disappointed and disgusted in NY politicians. I am glad STR shined light on their true positions.

Anonymous said...

What REBNY does right is they know and practice that politicians are employees of the people.

The person who gave us the Clint Eastwood quote reminded us this.

REBNY treats politicians as employees. Business treats politicians as employees. Its time People treat politicians the same - AS EMPLOYEES.

As our employee, We The People are in the position of power. Its time we act accordingly.

If you ask / tell a politician you need something done and they don't do it - move on. That is an employee not performing. Go to the next employee and give them a chance to step up to the plate.

Those employees that rise to the occasion deserve the jobs and promotions.

Those who don't, move on, give them nothing, not your vote, not your time. And never have your photo taken with a politician. They get more out of a photo with you than you ever will of a photo with them.

Anonymous said...

It wrong the pols supported a REBNY fundraiser against tenants. This is an invitation that has to be earned by the pols. de Blasion still hasn't proven himself to them by screwing us enough so REBNY bragged about hazing him. Its wrong they earned the invitation. It is wrong during Dan's tenure with his actions he earned the level of one of REBNY's favorites. He lost my trust to the level of no return.

Anonymous said...

8:10 am
would be most helpful if you would list a few of the lawyers who would do this for free. I will happily eat my words if there is a list of a few lawyers to help pcvst tenants with student noise complaints by writing a letter for free.

otherwise am going to have to disagree with you that any lawyer would do this for free especially in manhattan.

Anonymous said...

You might try Urban Justice:

Anonymous said...

Google tenants advocate lawyers innyc and free legal aid for those who cannot afford it.

Dude, you are whining. stop.

Anonymous said...

NY has some of the most corrupt politics in the nation (check me on this - it is a well known fact).

311 does nothing. You fill out a form and it will come back as there is 'NO' problem.

get a counselor to write a letter. If you do not, you cannot be helped. Nothing else works. btdt. If I had to use my last $400 on this, i would, that's just me. I like to sleep at 3 am.

Anonymous said...

Urban Justice isn't very helpful for PCVST tenants. They will never oppose or challenge CW. They will only give you a minimal lecture on how the system works and forms you can fill out but it doesn't amount to much help at all when going against CW management and lawyers.

Anonymous said...

str and people:

you realize there is someone posting on here that is trying to dissuade you from filing complaints, contacting attorneys and challenging rents and mci.s


Anonymous said...

It doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get an attorney to write a letter on your behalf or even to go to housing court with you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know when I've seen a more revolting set of photos outside of a war zone. I understand that politicians have to rub elbows with just about everyone--and "developers" are important to the city, at least until we go full-on socialist and the government takes care of everything--but still, revolting.

As for not voting for these people again, keep in mind that the real estate money will just buy the next crop too. But as the lotto promo says, hey, you never know.

Anonymous said...


you are correct and if this person is real and serious ab out th enoise, stop complaining about the price of a lawyer.

STFU if you don't want to fix the problem. It is fixable!!!!! DAmn!

Anonymous said...

Revolting set of photos is RIGHT! Tha articles says the tone of the evening was "giddy" because they had a good year in their lobbying against tenants and getting tax break handouts from the politicians. Even giddier is Dan's smile next to the former Chairman.

Anonymous said...

Please let's remember that Carolyn Maloney, the dumbest and most opportunistic of any bottle blonde in history, came campaigning here in Stuyvesant Town for Christine Quinn! Quinn, the Bloomberg lapdog, destroyer of the People's Will to have term limits, destroyer of St. Vincent's because she was "in bed" with Holyman and Rudin. We have to remember these filthy people's history and keep it in mind when we vote.

Anonymous said...

Agree 8:07 Whatever office they run for - do not vote for any of them! We should thank the Anybody But Quinn campaigners. And continue in the same vein.