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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

Our Tenants Association is, basically, null and void. Oh, it is still around, but it lacks the will power to confront much of anything. The TA will ask for your dues, however. By now, the TA is a charade.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The TA Presents Its "The Courts" Safety Report to CW, but Fails to Notify the Fire Department and the DOB

Well, that's nice and friendly. Perhaps the TA could have gone the extra step of informing both the Fire Department and the DOB (Department of Buildings), so a record of the infractions could be official, but no....

Management thanked the TA, but blew it off on tenant concerns about noise and just who is using the "The Courts" at Playground 11, which has been taken over by commercial enterprises for "residents and their guests."

But we are reminded: "The Tenants Association takes seriously any incursion on our traditionally open spaces...."


Anonymous said...

They have to report it to DOB and Fire Department. If anything happens the TA Board is now partially responsible as they pretended to be safety inspectors despite that they are not qualified or certified, and then sent a report to the landlord. If the landlord addresses what the TA Board reported and then disaster strikes, the TA board is accountable. The TA Board cannot act like an inspector. They must get a certified official inspector to re-do whatever they did. This is so absurd.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we expect too much from the TA. They are unpaid for what they do and are a small group of people.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should not promise to do all the things they said when they make us agree they will be the liaison for all matters with all City Agencies if they are not capable of fulfilling the job requirement.

For the record, they are capable of doing much much more for tenants if they were not so busy doing so much against tenants with their purchase plan. Its not a matter of being unpaid or time, its a matter of aligning with and for tenants. Is Riverton TA board paid? They seem to be doing a lot FOR their tenants.

Anonymous said...

If the TA does not have the time then why are they playing fake inspector and writing a Dan style letter instead of doing something that takes less time and gets better results - report the hazardous conditions to DOB and FDNY and have them officially inspect?

Low expectations of a TA Board is what got PCVST into the mess we are in. Politicians, lawyers and developers are raping and pillaging here because we do not have a adequate TA board that would have fought against them.

Their latest actions are reckless at best. Let's hope there are no disasters at the despicable tent.

Anonymous said...

Usually those in leadership positions are small groups of people. What is expected of them is actions expected of any "leadership" group. In all my years in human resources I can tell you these guys are at best middle management who do what they are told by the company leadership, in this case the politicians and lawyers. We are being run by REBNY pols and lawyers. The TA board is a middle manager who passes down leadership messages and marching orders and keeps the employees (residents) quiet against rebellion and strikes. A TA Board is supposed to tell the pols what the residents want from them -=--- and not tell the residents to do what the pols want. All we expect from the TA is they do the job of a TA.

Anonymous said...

Too much from a group that has done soo little.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe we expect too much from the TA. They are unpaid for what they do and are a small group of people."

They had enough people and the funding to do a safety report. Now they have at least a moral obligation to let the authorities know the results. Otherwise they may just find out the hard way that they may have a legal obligation too. As with most things the TA does nowadays, this was purely for show and now they could very well pay a steep price for their inaction.

Anonymous said...

yeah, true. they are unpaid volunteers. so ... let's get a new, real one.

Anonymous said...

Just noticed this afternoon all gates to the tent playground were opened and unlocked.

Management had to get caught in the cookie jar to do the right thing.


Anonymous said...

They should have reported it to DOB and Fire Department.AND They should hve (long ago) written a formal official letter to management demanding for the count on the number of chopped apartments, to be update every 3 months, with an accurate room count and accurate chopped apartment count. Then they should report that to the Fire Department to inspect and make sure all is safe. Write that letter TA.

Anonymous said...

They gave mgmt 10 days to fix the problems and mgmt apparently did. Why not check to see for yourself? You don't have to be a TA to file a complaint with FDNY.

And I'm not sure that this qualifies as an "incursion on our traditionally open spaces." It's a tent over a playground so that the playground can be used at a time of year when the weather would make it mostly unusable.

You want the TA to declare war over this but, if anything, mgmt is probably just skirting the edge of legality, not outright breaking any laws or regs. But I don't know for sure and neither do you. That would probably have to be decided in court and that costs money. Also, neither of us has any idea how popular/unpopular this tent thing is but I am guessing that the median newer young tenant probably sits on a scale somewhere between "don't care" and "it's awesome." Mgmt could give a shit what old time tenants think about anything. So while the tent may not be a winning battle for the TA to pick, it certainly provides a platform to you to blow wind from.

Anonymous said...

Cut them some slack. They're hard working volunteers. Buahahahaha!

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>They gave mgmt 10 days to fix the problems and mgmt apparently did.<<

Again, very nice and friendly for the TA to do this...for a landlord that doesn't care about tenants, doesn't administer the property properly, and who is continually erasing the affordability of this complex. This is the same landlord who wanted to raise considerably the rent on new tenants mid-lease, and whose lawyers insulted those in Sandy buildings because those tenants wanted some monetary payback for months and months of lack of certain services. The TA should read all the complaints mentioned on its own Facebook page and recognize that this isn't a landlord one should be doing favors for. Just report the findings to the Fire Department and the DOB. When is the TA going to play hardball?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic, but CR/CWC/Fortress (Peter S.) just did a massive BS PR campaign in Yelp in response to all of those one star reviews.

Anonymous said...

"When is the TA going to play hardball?"

Can you imagine "Peter Stuyvesant" playing hardball? His/her idea of hardball is to banish anybody who questions or disagrees with whatever claptrap he/she posts on the fb page!

Anonymous said...

Agree 2:42
The TA board is heavily staffed with access to support people at Paul Weiss and the PR firm that cost a lot of money. This
TA board has a PR firm. Why? How much? What does the PR firm do - write their letters? Did the PR firm put o this show? Is this part of the CW CR management effort of "we are working for you" campaign? Agree this was for show or it would have been done right - with reports to city officials.

Anonymous said...

They are afraid of CR & CWC.

Anonymous said...

Contact: HELP ME HOWARD write-call and complain. Post on Yelp. Post on Yelp. Post on Yelp.

Anonymous said...

Dan CW CR TA et al want to keep the conversation on bikinis, washing machines; to keep the complaints contained off the record, within themselves; but if we are to protect our community we must be informed, aware of the deal being negotiated and of the outside factors that are the root of the problem, REBNY, RE money laundering faux-construction-boom, government corruption (one down - more to go), Robbie and Rudin Brookfield's agreement. Middle Class PCVST is being pillaged by REBNY and all those they control.

Anonymous said...

Who were the people of ST Owner LP and who are the people of the current llc who claim they have authority over us and the property?

"In 2010, Senators Carl Levin and Tom Coburn released an investigative report suggesting that the Congress should remove the Patriot Act’s money laundering exemptions given to real estate and legal officials. So far, the real estate industry has been successful in combating such changes.

The rules that govern the shell companies these men have used to facilitate their real estate deals are set at the state level, and in most cases one can set up an LLC (limited liability corporations) without divulging his identity. This makes it nearly impossible for foreign governments and creditors to track down wealth stashed through LLCs in American real estate."

Anonymous said...

"China has built the world’s second-biggest economy and created a middle class bigger than America’s entire population, but it faces a major problem: The people who get rich there want to put their money somewhere else.

To avoid taxes or even seizure by the government, rich Chinese have exported a stunning $1.4 trillion between 2002 and today.

China leads the world in “illicit capital flows” — we call it “money laundering” — while Russia, with $800 billion hidden outside the country, is runner-up.

So much money is fleeing China — $10 billion a month — that it’s distorting the global economy, particularly in the art market and with real-estate booms in cities like New York."

Who is building and buying in NYC with Chinese money?

Anonymous said...

"Foreign buyers have long parked their fortunes in so-called "safe deposit boxes in the sky": Manhattan's condo towers."

No more safe deposit boxes in the sky Mr De Blasio!

Anonymous said...

"Management thanked the TA, but blew it off on tenant concerns about noise and just who is using the "The Courts" at Playground 11, which has been taken over by commercial enterprises for "residents and their guests."

Did the TA even address the tenant's concerns or just make up their own concerns and completely disregard the tenants yet again?

Anonymous said...

The TA is impotent and no one listens to them. When lux would write about all the garbage, boom! All the news crews were here the next day.

Anonymous said...

They also changed the trash procedure and it was resolved. What does the TA accomplish other than keeping the post card industry a float?

Anonymous said...

Not buying the conspiracy theory that you all have on the TA. GET A NEW ONE. stop the moaning and bitching about the washers. You 're sounding like a bunch of whiney 7 year olds. Form a new TA - how hard could it be?

Anonymous said...


I believe that the TA called in FDNY and the DOB over temp walls way back when. This time they got the results that they wanted without calling in FDNY. But you want the TA to play hardball each and every time. Fine. The TA doesn't. Probably because they think that staying on some kind of speaking terms with mgmt is important. Or whatever. Why don't you play reporter and ask them?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>But you want the TA to play hardball each and every time. Fine. The TA doesn't. Probably because they think that staying on some kind of speaking terms with mgmt is important. Or whatever. Why don't you play reporter and ask them?<<

The TA wants to be on "speaking terms" with management--why? The only possible reason is to curry favor for condo conversion. "Please, sir, can I have an apartment to buy?" So while tenants suffer and the property goes downhill, the TA is playing nice. Despicable.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

As for asking the TA, I've tried on another occasion, as have TA's Facebook members, and the response on "touchy subjects" is usually stubborn silence. So to hell with that.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Despicable.

Anonymous said...

11 53 it's not because the TA thinks there is a chance in hell on conversion now, you know this right? Even they know it's done. They're just too weak, too busy and ftr don't GIVE A FUCK.

Anonymous said...

"As for asking the TA, I've tried on another occasion, as have TA's Facebook members, and the response on "touchy subjects" is usually stubborn silence. So to hell with that."

You got that right, STR! People on the TA's Facebook page often ask "Peter Stuyvesant" touchy, BUT IMPORTANT, questions and get totally stonewalled. Peter Stuyvesant operates behind an impenetrable stone (or lead) wall.

Anonymous said...

STR-The TA wants to be on "speaking terms" with management--why? The only possible reason is to curry favor for condo conversion. "Please, sir, can I have an apartment to buy?" So while tenants suffer and the property goes downhill, the TA is playing nice. Despicable.

Here's a reason. Without going into details here, we had a major problem in our building caused by mgmt. A meeting was arranged by the TA between heads of the TA, people from our building, and heads of mgmt. The problem was resolved.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

So was management doing you a favor or something they were supposed to do?

Anonymous said...

@ February 14, 2015 at 1:57 PM

"it's not because the TA thinks there is a chance in hell on conversion now, you know this right? Even they know it's done."


If the Garodnick-TA-Brookfield condo scam is dead and "they know it's done," why are they still jumping through hoops propagandizing a false impression their scam is supported by tenants?

When did the TA-Brookfield partnership dedicated to disenfranchise ST-PCV tenants out of their once in a lifetime opportunity to afford owning their homes disband? Are TA advisors Moelis and Paul Weiss no longer not billing tenants for professional services and advice never rendered on behalf of tenants?

Why did Garodnick’s recent letter to ST-PCV tenants state, “what the Tenants Association is calling for, and what I support, has not changed,” if their scam to deliver Fannie/Freddie billions exclusively set aside for tenants, 100% ST/PCV ownership, 100% ST-PCV control, 100% ST-PCV residential apartments, 100% ST-PCV commercial/retail, 100% ST-PCV unused development rights, lucrative ST-PCV management contract, etc. - LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY 100% OF EVERYTHING - to Brookfield in exchange for a few empty promises to do nothing that will cost Brookfield nothing, is dead?

Why did Garodnick’s letter call for continuing tenant turnout at public events to support affordability that he will later claim demonstrate tenant support for his scam to deliver multiple billion dollar windfalls to Brookfield under the guise of a predatory conversion plan targeting the highest earning 15% RS paying MR demographic buying an expensive Brookfield condo for a “fair” price that he says will now be less fair?

On the day his affordable NYC housing plan was released last week, Mayor de Blasio inferred ST-PCV affordability is a lost cause. Why? What does that mean? Despite ST-PCV tenants holding exclusive access to Fannie/Freddie billions and a real, but currently unoccupied seat at the table, we are kept ignorant, misinformed and dis-informed about ongoing secret negotiations impacting our homes, lives and futures. We will be the last party informed about the outcome without knowing anything about how it was determined. Wall Street and REBNY will decide who gets what and how much. The ovverwhelmiong majority of ST-PCV tenants will get nothing they don’t already have – eroding RS protections. Just enough highest earning, highest rent paying tenants will be coerced into buying an expensive condo. Fortress or Brookfield will get billions. Moelis and Paul Weiss will get tens of millions. What will Garodonick and the TA get for betraying their neighbors and constituents?

Anonymous said...

I wish the TA would take on this scumbag landlord about the way they are depriving us of heat this winter. So many people have to resort to space heaters and putting the oven on. This is a terrible fire and carbon monoxide risk. If a tragedy happens, this filthy slumlord will be to blame and I do not want to hear about calling 311 because the operators at 311 have said that they are inundated with complaints from this ST/PCV slum and the LL just pretty much gives them the finger.

Anonymous said...

Management was doing what it was supposed to do, just not very well.

Anonymous said...

Check out the TA website. All changed. No more big touting of the Brookfield deal. That change has to be the result of some clear deliberations of the board. So Garodnick & the Brookfield deal still seem to be out there, but for some reason the TA has put itself more in the wings.

At the STR site now, someone has started commenting fairly consistently on behalf of the TA. The nature of the comments is generally angry. Like...the TA took realistic positive steps whereas you detractors aren't capable of doing anything.

If I put the two together, it sounds as if someone from the TA is bitter about the changes made by the TA and to some extent is blaming the commentary at the STR site for contributing to those changes.

The angry comments from the TA-Brookfield supporter(s) are not helping to win the TA anything here. Just the opposite. Whoever you are, just look at the multiple angry counter-comments you're getting.

It remains to be seen if the TA starts some initiatives that would be welcomed by everybody. Like fighting the MCIs, pressuring Kavanagh and Hoylman to work for changing RS laws to limit how much landlords can gain from student rentals. Or just showing us the TA can be a strong force to organize us to fight, to demonstrate and to vote for affordability.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the TA/Brookfield "A Partnership for our Homes" website? It doesn't seem to exist anymore. Can anyone find it?
I'm sure the TA would announce it if they were taking it down.....wouldn't they?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

That website was the work of someone who is not around for the TA anymore.

Anonymous said...

The TA conversion website might still be out there but the links are gone now. If you happen to have the address you might still get to it or might be able to find it with a google search. Otherwise...if it has been totally wiped, I'd find that quite interesting.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Not that interesting since there is no conversion. Please stop posting this over and over. Even the delayed and half Ass TA knows this.

Anonymous said...

The old TA conversion website was at: It is gone. The unity pledge is still out there but just as an unused page.

On the TA home page, at top there is an article about conversion principles. No mention of Brookfield.

Seems like there must have been some bitter split within the board about this. Would like to see the direction the TA takes now. Dropping the Brookfield deal could potentially bring me back.

Anonymous said...

Foreign Money
HSBC and Brookfield long standing, deep relationship

Canary Wharf financial district in UK
The war for the Wharf....while Brookfield brought HSBC on board.

Bloombergs plan to evict New Yorkers and fill NYC with the world's billionaires

Brookfield and HSBC....

December 04, 2014, 3:53 PM ET) -- Qatar Investment Authority has made a $1.8 billion investment in Brookfield Property Partners LP as the two make a final cash offer of more than $4 billion to acquire the majority owner of London’s Canary Wharf office and retail complex, the companies announced Thursday. ....and HSBC is advising Brookfield on the joint venture.

Brookfield and HSBC and their international clientele should not get their grubby hands on this community. Shame on NYC administration for selling out NYC and New Yorkers for dirty money.

Anonymous said...

post all this crap they do on yelp. do yourselves a favor. and report to cbs, nbc, abc.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt HSBC

Brookfield Board of Directors

Youssef A. Nasr
Independent Director
Member of the Risk Management Committee

Youssef Nasr has served as a director of Brookfield since November 2010. A resident of Beirut, Lebanon. Mr. Nasr is a former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Middle East Ltd., a global financial institution. Before that, he was President of HSBC Bank Brazil, and a President and Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Strategic Investments Inc., HSBC USA Inc., HSBC Bank USA and HSBC Bank Canada.

Anonymous said...

NYC needs to grow a pair of balls and say no to foreign corrupt money buying our real estate and Albany would be well served to follow the Tory's lead:

The Conservative party needs to break its dependence on millionaires, the former Tory chancellor Ken Clarke has told the Observer, amid a growing furore over the tax affairs of the party’s donors.

After a week of some of the most intense fighting between the parties in recent years, Clarke said the Conservatives would be strengthened by loosening the hold of rich men on their financial survival.

He called on David Cameron to cap political donations and increase state funding of political parties to put an end to damaging scandals and rows. The Conservatives have been rocked in the past week by a potentially toxic combination of allegations of tax evasion by clients of the HSBC bank, whose chairman, Lord Green, became a Tory minister; tax avoidance by party donors; and leaked details of the secretive black and white fundraising ball.

On Saturday, Green stepped down from a financial services lobby group, TheCityUK’s advisory council, in order to avoid “damaging the effectiveness” of its efforts “in promoting good governance”.

We know the pols with overly developed love of money and would do anything for it - we know who they are - we need them out of office.

Anonymous said...

Galas and Balls to Buy Politicians

In the UK we have the Black and White Ball just like the REBNY Liar's Ball - for wealthy to show off and buy pols, filling their coffers. It rivals the Mayor's best and brightest one percenters.

The super-rich helping to plan a glamorous Tory fundraiser - Zoë Law (née Purvis), makeup artist to the rich, leads financiers’ and magnates’ spouses on organising committee of Black and White Ball to boost election coffers

For a party that is sometimes accused of receiving disproportionate funding from hedge funds and the super-rich, the Conservatives’ choice of chief organiser for their winter Black and White Ball is, perhaps, unfortunate.

The chairwoman of the glamorous and lucrative event’s organising committee is Zoë Law (nee Purvis), wife of Andrew Law, one of the hedge fund industry’s most successful money managers. Described by the Financial Times as an “unassuming master of the universe”, Law is the chairman and chief executive of Caxton Associates, a giant in the industry registered in the US tax-haven state of Delaware. The company’s highest paid partner took home £97.1m in 2013.

Conservative party officials hope that the glitzy evening at Grosvenor House will be a major fundraiser ahead of May’s general election. Last year’s Black and White Ball attracted 570 guests worth £22bn, as well as David Cameron and at least 18 other ministers.

It has been reported that prominent backers are being asked this year to “double up” on past contributions as the Tories seek at least £26m to fund their campaign leading to the general election in May. The ball has attracted controversy in the past because it has been an opportunity for the rich and powerful to have dinner with secretaries of state without having to disclose it to the public. The guest list is kept secret, as is the table plan.

Anonymous said...

You can't make this stuff up...

"In a federal complaint last month, US Attorney Preet Bharara charged that Silver accepted $700,000 in kickbacks from the tax firm Goldberg & Iryami.

The firm represented the two Grand Street buildings managed by Heshy Jacob in city tax appeals.

That would put Marvin Jacob in a position of reviewing an ethics case against Silver that potentially implicates Marvin’s brother. Marvin did not return a call."

Anonymous said...

Page 10
october 3, 2014
The Takeaway
“Distressed New York City CMBS loans have recovered quickly from the recession in most cases,” said Joe McBride, research analyst at Trepp.

“Delinquency was well below the national average during the downturn and remains slightly lower now that the rest of the country has "recovered" fairly well.

Other than StuyTown and the Riverton, which have been stuck in default for years, most distressed assets in the city
are resolved fairly quickly. This month, the $30.2 million Flushing Landmark office loan in Queens was paid off along with about $10 million in multifamily loans curing back to current. NYC delinquency stands at 5.41 percent compared to a national level of 6.03 percent. Without
Stuytown though, NYC delinquency is less than 1 percent, well below the national average.”
Balance 3,000,000,000

Property Peter Cooper Village &
Stuyvesant Town Pool

City New York

Prop Type MF

Delinquency Status REO

FCL Start Date 20140603

REO Date 20140603

Origination Date 20061117

Maturity Date 20161208

Anonymous said...

Woke up with NO HEAT again!

Anonymous said...

We, all New Yorkers, are counting on you, Mr Preet Bharara, DIG DEEPER.

Skelos, widely regarded as an uninspiring leader, is also feeling the heat from US Attorney Preet Bharara’s ongoing investigation of Albany corruption amid reports that the hard-driving prosecutor is closely examining the senator’s ties to Ruskin, Moscou Faltischek, the Long Island law firm that has been paying him as much as $250,000 a year.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association incorporated? Since when? Why? Who is listed in the corporation?

"Stuyvesant Town – Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association Inc"

According to Met council there is no need to incorporate so why is the STPCVTA incorporated? Where is information on this and can we now follow their secretive money and spending?

Anonymous said...

In 2010 the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant Association paid lobbyist Malkin & Ross $24,000.

In 2011 the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant Association pays $18,035

Same day January 2015 two staffers from the NY Attorney General's office change jobs - going to Malkin Ross and Berlin Rosen

The DN’s Ken Lovett reported this morning that Andrew Friedman, who has served as Schneiderman’s deputy communications director for less than two years, is departing to take a job at the influential political consulting firm BerlinRosen. Friedman started his new job today at the New York City-based firm, which has strong ties to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Shortly after noon, the Albany-based lobbying and law firm Malkin & Ross announced that another Schneiderman staffer, Justin Berhaupt, has jumped ship to join its ranks. Berhaupt, an Albany Law School grad and Delmar resident, had served as the AG’s legislative advisor.

Anonymous said...

Steve Sanders is a lobbyist at firm Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant Association pays.

To those who want to bring him back - he never left. He is on the $ receiving end.

Don't we have a right to know to whom we are paying and lobbying and the results of those large sums of money?

Anonymous said...

From Classic Follow The Money

Steven Sander's client is Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant's Association Inc

Anonymous said...

Shelly Silver Syndrome Still

“It’s a culture of special access,” said Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause New York. “A partner will say to a client: ‘Well, we have X senator who is of counsel, why don’t we discuss this with him? Maybe he can make a suggestion.’ That’s the reason why someone like that is hired.”

Anonymous said...

FREEZING in my apt! Wearing 2 layers of sweat pants and sitting with my down jacket on. Now this is Luxury Living!! WHAT A JOKE! LET ME REPEAT, WHAT A JOKE!!!

Anonymous said...

This was posted about "The Courts" on the TA's Facebook page:

"Going directly to CW with our safety concerns expedited the process of addressing and correcting these concerns. If we had gone to the city agencies first, they would have prioritized our request based on their understanding of the issues and their assessment of the dangers. They would have assigned either a high priority or a lesser priority and responded accordingly—meaning it could have been a few weeks before they sent an inspector out.

In 2001 we approached the DOB when MetLife shut down four lobbies in PCV, leaving those buildings with only one means of egress, a serious safety hazard (two are required). It took two weeks and a call from our Assemblyman to get an inspector to PCV. The DOB shut down the work in all four buildings and ordered an immediate 24-hour fire watch until MetLife restored the second means of egress.

In the case of the tent, our concerns were addressed immediately. We gave management detailed descriptions of the observed safety issues along with photographs. We also told management that we would go to the appropriate city agencies if our concerns were not addressed. All of our issues were corrected immediately."

Anonymous said...

The TA finally answered one question posted by posters on its fb page, but totally ignored another - the one pertaining to chopped up apartments.

It is the chopped up apartments that pose the greatest risk for safety (especially fire safety) and put the biggest strains on the infrastructure.

Anonymous said...

In 2011 the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant's Association incorporated claiming "3 employees" and annual revenue of $94,593.00 to set itself up as a property buyer partnering with Tishman Speyer investor Brookfield.

It is highly unlikely the STPCVTA met the requirements of a valid tenant association.

Around 2011 is when PCVST TA stopped advocating for quality of life and tenant rights. Tenants struggled and fought to save our homes and the property with no help from the so-called tenant association and from councilman Garodnick.
The STPCVTA should have never been allowed to fake a negotiation on the mci charges. A real tenant advocacy group should have been allowed to participate in the mci negotiations or been allowed to fight the illegal mci charges with an honest, ethical lawyer who was advocating for tenants and not against tenants/for purchasers who are squeezing money out of tenants to increase the rent roll.
This incorporated purchasing group has an ethical conflict as their goal is to increase the rent roll.
Tenants got screwed and robbed on everything from Robert ruling to rent overcharges to illegal apartment inspections to having honest representation in NYC city council.

Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Assn Inc
New York, NY 10009 - View Map
Phone: (917) 226-2439

Business Information
Location Type Single Location

State of Incorporation New York

Year Established 2011

Annual Revenue Estimate $94593.00

Employees 3

SIC Code 8641, Civic, Social, and Fraternal Associations

NAICS Code 813990, Other Similar Organizations (except Business, Professional, Labor, and Political Organizations)

Business Categories Tenant Association in New York, NY
Tenant association
Civic/Social Association

917-226-2439 Peter Doukas 8522, New York, NY 10150
Peter Doukas Associate 620 E 20th Street New York, NY United States 10009
Accountants Information and Referral Services
Employees: 4
Year Established: 2000

Do they meet the requirements for a valid tenant association? This whole mess wreaks of fraud in every corner and crevice.

Anonymous said...

The tent should be inspected by a trained, official inspector no matter how long the city process is. The TA board is neither trained or qualified and if they do not follow through with an official city inspection after what they already noted then they are not doing due diligence. They are not a substitute for trained inspectors and the things they noted are pretty bad violations.

Anonymous said...

Given there were safety issues with the tent, there could be more. For the sake of the kids, get it officially inspected ASAP.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell what the TA has morphed into. Even when there was a so-called tenant led bid the first time around, I don't recall having the impression of a wheeler-dealer TA. But since then...since 2011 I guess...the TA seems much different. Very political. And now we find out they've incorporated. Why? When? What's that all about? I don't recall our councilman attending TA meetings years ago...during Miriam Friedlander's time. I do recall Steve Sanders attending from time to time. Always thought he was very careful to keep his distance...not get overly close with the TA...but definitely helped when he was called upon. Feels as if Garodnick might have been involved in morphing the TA to advance the Brookfield plan...only guessing. Does anyone know the inside?

Anonymous said...

Get your POSTCARDS! We need to organize, not agonize!!! Who's with me?!?!

Anonymous said...

Where does the TA get its $94+k income from? It can't be from the handful of $35 annual dues it gets.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>The TA finally answered one question posted by posters on its fb page, but totally ignored another - the one pertaining to chopped up apartments<<

Not really on the first question, which was about having the safety issues left standing for a week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, boys and girls, the PCVST Tenants Association is surely the locus of huge money changing hands. NOT! You people are just too silly. Why don't you focus on the real issues? $100,000 in income for an association does not make it a huge player. Why not focus on the debt currently attached to the property?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Don't we have a right to know to whom we are paying and lobbying and the results of those large sums of money?<<


Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>And now we find out they've incorporated. Why? When? What's that all about?<<

Probably it's all about being an official incorporated entity to buy ST/PCV. But do the members of the TA agree that's where the money should be spent?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

There should be a clear, open accounting of just what the TA is doing with its funds, the results of those expenditures, as well as an admission of just how many tenants are members of the TA.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. We were already incorporated as a nonprofit. What is this new entity and who are the three and are they for profit?

Business Lookup

stuyvesant town - peter cooper village tenants association, inc.
po box 1202
new york new york 0a%0a

NYS Entity Status ACTIVE

NYS Filing Date SEPTEMBER 08, 1993

NYS DOS ID#1755189


Jurisdiction NEW YORK

Registered Agent NONE



Anonymous said...

According to this 2012 filing by TAboard there is no income.

What is going on with this TAboard?

990 - Required to file Form 990-N - Income less than $25,000 per year

No 990-PF return
1: Corporation
1: Contributions are deductible
3: Independent
L: Housing, Shelter
L50: Housing Owners, Renters Organizations
15: Organization which receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or the general public 170(b)(1)(A)(vi)
1: Unconditional Exemption

stpcv tenants association foundation inc
new york, New York
EIN: 27-4554330
Housing, Shelter

Anonymous said...

2013 is had charitable organization tax exemption

What is this income of $90,000 and money spent lobbying and lobbying whom? What is going on?

Anonymous said...

STPCV TENANTS ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION, INC. is a DOMESTIC NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION in New York and its company number is 4042179. STPCV TENANTS ASSOCIATION FOUNDATION, INC. was registered on JANUARY 13, 2011. The company's address is listed as LAW OFFICES OF KEVIN J. FARRELLY, 270 MADISON AVE., STE. 1500, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, 10016.

Company Number 4042179
Register Date JANUARY 13, 2011
Jurisdiction NEW YORK
Agent n/a

Telephone n/a

Anonymous said...

Agree the tent courts need to be inspected by a professionally trained inspector. It sounds dangerous for kids and adults too. This letter writing between Dan, TABoard, and landlord is sketchy and this seems like more of the same. The payments to lobbyists is deeply troubling. We need to know who the shareholders are, the names of the people, because they are the only ones who will make a fortune in a conversion and they are pulling the strings and staging the fake shows.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Yes, boys and girls, the PCVST Tenants Association is surely the locus of huge money changing hands. NOT! You people are just too silly. Why don't you focus on the real issues? $100,000 in income for an association does not make it a huge player. Why not focus on the debt currently attached to the property?<<

Do you think that tenants have a right to know how the money is being spent?

Anonymous said...

STR is right. When the TA decided to incorporate there should have been an email or a posting to the tenants or members back then explaining what the board wanted to do and why.

I think the TA defender who comes here probably knows the 'why'. So if we're dealing with an open and unpatronizing TA Board, please tell us now.

Why did the Board decide that it needed to incorporate in 2011 when it had operated for decades unincorporated (to no apparent disadvantage).

Anonymous said...

A non-profit? A for-profit? No income? $100,000 annual income? An incorporated private company with 3 employees or a tax-exempt Foundation? What is going on?

Anonymous said...

We have a right to focus on whatever we chose.

We have a right to know how the money is being spent.

We have a right to be silly or serious.

The debt on the property is not ours to burden. Unfortunately the TA is. We need to know what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

“Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”

Anonymous said...

So it seems like there are 2 TA entities out there related to ST/PCV.



Can't remember what was going on in '93 that would motivate incorporation.
Of course in 2011, conversion was the hot topic.
So can there be 2 instances of incorporation representing the same entity? Definitely feels like a lawyer's move to either deal with something anticipated or get around something.

Anonymous said...

One source of income, two entities, two disparate claims of income, two different addresses, 3 employees, big payments to lobbyists and a board of directors and officers.

I don't recall payments to lobbyists ever listed on the things the TA board said they would use our annual dues for.

This does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

We have a stake in what happens here and deserve answers and information ongoing. This "leave us a message" wizard of oz behind the curtain communication is stupid and arrogant. Perhaps we cut out the middleman TA and go straight to .... who the heck know? Who is running the show and why do they think we will sit on or thumbs waiting to be told what they determined as our fate? They are making a mess of everything and this tent inspection with a timely reply from "management along with fixes" is laughable. But now they have confirmed what we all knew all along that Dan, the TA and Andrew Macarthur time their letter writing and replies to look like great results are achieved. HA!

Anonymous said...

Stuyvesant Town - Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association, Inc. (Not-For-Profit formed 1993)

"Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Assn Inc" (Civic/Social Association formed 2011)

"STPCV Tenants Association Foundation, Inc." (Not-For-Profit formed 2011)

Any more shells lying around to locate and look under trying to figure out:

Who, if anyone, actually represents ST-PCV tenants?

Who cashes tenants' $35 annual dues checks every year and what are they doing with that money?

Who executed a partnership agreement with Brookfield:
-- REBNY predator investing $25 million with Speyer's idiot son supporting and cheerleading his doomed-at-inception business plan to boot the middle class out of ST-PCV
-- Major Cuomo/Garodnick financial benefactor
-- "shares values" with Garodnick and the TA

Who retained lobbyists to launch coordinated troll attacks and smear campaigns against anyone opposing the Garodnick-TA "tenant led purchase" scam delivering Fannie/Freddie billions and 100% ST-PCV ownership/control to Brookfield in exchange for a few empty promises to do nothing that will cost Brookfield nothing?

Who retained Moelis and Paul Weiss, then bends over backwards maintaining a false impression they represent ST-PCV tenants?

Who convinced Mayor de Blasio ST-PCV affordability for all legitimate (not transient) tenants currently residing here is a hopeless lost cause?

There's lots of worms slithering under those shells.

Hey Preet! We need help!

Anonymous said...

Regarding some of the above comments.

State-recognized nonprofits can get private and public grants, low-cost postage rates and exemptions from income and sales taxes.

It clearly says on the TA membership page that they're a "Not-For-Profit" [501(c)4] organization.

501(c)(3)'s are for charitable, religious, etc orgs. [501(c)4]'s are for politically active nonprofits. [501(c)4]'s can promote social welfare, such as tenants' issues, they can inform the public on controversial subjects and attempt to influence relevant legislation. However, actively participating in political campaigns can be dicey and advocating for a particular candidate is taxable.

Anonymous said...

" However, actively participating in political campaigns can be dicey and advocating for a particular candidate is taxable."

Then the TA should be taxed.

Anonymous said...

And Marsh advocating for de Blasio in exchange for de Blasio rewarding Marsh with HONORARY INAUGURAL COMMITTEE? OK? Not OK?

Anonymous said...

For what? No lines have been crossed. Any individuals, as individuals, can support any candidate they want, but the non-profit organization can't. Bet you guys will like this, seems like it's up your alley:

Anonymous said...

Everyone, as many people as possible need to report this to 311 and request the City send someone from both DOB (albeit corrupt and dishonest) and FDNY (albeit REBNY party buddies). This needs to officially be inspected for anything and everything including the things the TAboard wrote about. The TA board should be investigated and removed and if deemed punished for pretending to be inspectors and taking on a responsibility they are not qualified to do, putting our lives at risk. Who in their right mind, what TA would do this in a way that usurps the city's moral and legal obligation to keep its citizens safe?
Unbelievable. Wow. Just wow.

Anonymous said...

Report what exactly?

The TA's stated intention was to get safety problems they saw fixed ASAP and as far as they're concerned it got fixed. Nobody's stopping you or anybody else from calling 311 or the FDNY but first you're gonna have to have a violation to report and that means going over there and investigating. I for one anxiously await your report.

Anonymous said...

12:17am Puh-lease
This community is not stupid. The T&V coverage of de Blasio holding his Tenant Pac endorsement in PCVST with careful crafted caveat on-purpose cover up wording in the press about Marsh being a member of the TenantsPac and how the PCVST Tenant Association as a non-profit is not allowed to endorse a candidate was a joke. The strong implicit message by holding it in PCVST and having Marsh be there diminished and insulted Mike McKee and this community giving a strong appearance of Stuyvesant Town supporting de Blasio as if we trusted him to stop the destruction of this community over Lhota. The press event was a deceitful trick.

Add to it having Hochul hosted by the TABoard and not equal time with community press in TV to other candidates as Teachout Wu was an endorsement of Cuomo / Hochul by the PCVST TAboard. As if we trust our middle class community in the hands of Cuomo / Hochul.

The TABoard are exploiting this community for their personal agenda.


Anonymous said...

Puh-lease Too bad your boy Llhota got creamed.

Anonymous said...

Is the TA qualified to inspect the corrections to know if they were done properly when the culprit who did the corrections also did the infractions? NO.
Inspectors have to pass qualification tests to do what they do. There are no qualified inspectors on the TA board. Their actions are all around bad and negligent at best.

Anonymous said...

The TA did what they thought they had to do to get results ASAP. If you don't like it, for the love of mike go take a look at the freaking tent yourself and make the 311 complaints yourself if you find something.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>The TA did what they thought they had to do to get results ASAP. If you don't like it, for the love of mike go take a look at the freaking tent yourself and make the 311 complaints yourself if you find something.<<

I think the point being made is that only a qualified professionals should be checking these things and not tenants, which is what the TA is made up of.

Anonymous said...

I know what the point is. My point is that if you or anyone else thinks "qualified professionals should be checking these things," then call 311 yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Started taking it down today.

Wonder if it will be back.

I couldn't care one way or the other.