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Monday, October 13, 2008

Oval Kids Not Kid Safe!

I took a tour of all the Oval Essentials today. While there is much to write about, I want to focus on this issue tonight. It concerns a safety problem in Oval Kids.

There are various shelf doors, kid-level, about the place and all of them have metal handles with sharp right-angle ledges. Any child that accidentally hits one of these handles with his or her head may suffer a cut, if not a serious injury (let's say to the eye). I'm going to report this to the Essentials staff (American Leisure), but I would also urge others to do likewise. These handles must be changed!

Otherwise, the area seems safe, though I don't know how secure the glass walls are if a kid goes running or tripping into them. So, aside from those handles, Oval Kids appears safe, but is very noisy. It's really a kid madhouse, with poor acoustics to dampen the noise. I don't think an adult can last longer than half an hour in there, if that.

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