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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Foliage in Stuyvesant Town

Though there's a different kind of "fall" awaiting this complex, it's good to enjoy whatever blessings we get--via nature. A faithful reader of this blog sent in these photos of the fall foliage at the Oval. (Thank you!)

Of course, we seem to be in the middle of winter right now, but hopefully we can enjoy the fall season for a while longer.


Anonymous said...

The beautiful fall folliage is courtesy of the old trees that Tishman Speyer hasn't cut down. Yet. The hordes of sticks that they planted two feet from each other offer nothing but danger. Let's hope that this dimwitted regime doesn't start attacking what's left of our original beautiful trees.

Anonymous said...

These pictures are gorgeous! I'm glad people still are able to appreciate beauty and happiness in Stuy Town.