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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Skateboarding Ban

No, skateboarding is not banned yet in Stuy Town. But it should be.

Two reasons:

1) The cracking, slamming noise is probably the most obnoxious noise in Stuy Town and sure to disturb everyone's peace.

2) Skateboarding ruins steps and the sidewalks, or anything else a skateboarder may wish to play on.

Now, some would add a third reason: The safety of the skateboarders themselves. I've no such concerns, however. If you want to fracture one of your bones, go right ahead, just don't wake me up while you are doing it.


Anonymous said...

Lets see, No Bike riding, No dogs, No skateboarding, no sunning one's self on the grass. You might as well turn this place into a nursing home for the nearly dead.

Anonymous said...

Skateboarders wake you up? lol
Way too funny.

Anonymous said...

So how do we eliminate this problem ?

Parents aren't concerned that their kids disturb the neighbors, and the kids haven't been taught to respect the peace and quiet of everyone else. We know that you can't turn a playground into a skate park that closes at night because the insurance cost is prohibitive.

What we're talking about is one of those issues that Met Life dealt with successfully, but I doubt that we'll ever see that level of compliance again.

This generation is only interested in looking inward. They don't care about anyone else.

IMHO, it's over. Either accept it, or move on. Do you really think things will get better if they co-op the place ? 25,000 cooks and only 1 bottle washer ?
I think it will be a difficult task to say the least, and unless Security is working for US, and their mandate is clear, it just isn't going to happen.

Anonymous said...

The skateboarding noise can get pretty bad on the 1st Ave loop and alongside Playground 9.

And Playground 9 is a whole 'nother problem...

Anonymous said...

These guys on skateboards look so stupid, especially those over the age of 13. Do they ever realize how idiotic they look? You never see girls on skateboards, probably because they have more sense.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. Totally! These guys on skateboards look so stupid. I like real grown men who wear tights and play football, or ride bikes wearing spandex, or wear basketball jerseys. Real men try to shoot balls in holes or wack them around. That's how talented smart guys stay active. I agree, us girls are way too smart to bother learning how to ride a stupid skateboard. Besides, skateboards break the sidewalk. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a sidewalk all broken up from skateboarding! And all that racket! Geez. If if wasn't for all these skaters actually using the streets, maybe I could hear the cars and trucks more clearly. I wish they'd all just go home and check their facebook or something productive. Really.