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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fine Dining for Amenity Members: Water & a Lemon

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse for Oval Amenity members, it has. Today, even "Sunday Spotlight" (the el cheapo replacement for Sunday Brunch) was canceled, with the only offering for Oval members at Oval Lounge being water flavored by lemons. The cancellation was ostensibly due to Martin Luther King Day, which falls, of course, tomorrow and not today. Every store that is traditionally open on Sunday was open today, including the catering stores in the neighborhood, so the Martin Luther King Day excuse was feeble, if not laughable. It was certainly insulting to those Oval Amenity members who have been relying on the Amenity Sunday meal as justification for their dues. At least in their monthly expenditure ledger, Rose Associates and American Leisure (responsible for the Amenity programs), can chalk this up to a good day for them. Otherwise, for everyone else, it just another valid reason to realize that they, the members, are being played for fools and that they should drop membership in this rip-off program.


Anonymous said...

American Leisure is banking on members being lazy and not canceling their memberships. A recent article in T&V mentioned that there are around 2,500 Oval amenity members, which is a lot, but you never see anything close to that number using the amenity spaces. Now that American Leisure has done away with Sunday Brunch, you will see the Oval Lounge on Sunday as empty as it usually is during the week. The Lounge and Oval Film are a waste of space at this point.

Anonymous said...

Your post is too generous. It's a only a slice of a lemon!

Anonymous said...

This week it's a slice, next week it will be just the zest!

Anonymous said...

And the following week they'll just say the words lemon water as you walk through the door!