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Saturday, September 24, 2011

NYU Sugar Babies and Stuyvesant Town

So what are NYU students like? If you go to the NYU blog, NYULOCAL, you'll see an interview with Brandon Wade, head of company for sugar daddies and sugar babies. (NYU has more "sugar babies" than any other college in the United States.):

NYU and Sugar Babies

Other points of interest:

The hopes of getting an island for NYU's expansion. (Doesn't NYU already have most of Manhattan?) NYU and Governors Island

And the joys of mixed drinks, of course: NYU and Drinking

What would an NYU blog be without a mention of Stuyvesant Town:

NYU and Stuy Town .... And here's the important paragraph with some surprising money figures:

"In my search, I’ve found that the more bedrooms (and therefore, roommates) you have, the better deal you’ll get. For example, 1-bedroom flex units (meaning the units either have or are equipped for pressurized walls that cut into the living space with additional bedrooms) in the apartment community Stuyvesant Town will very comfortably house two people for around $7,000 per semester. However, a 2-bedroom flex unit in Stuyvesant Town, which will house three people comfortably, rents for around $6,000 a semester each. Stuyvesant Town also includes all utilities in the price of rent, so the only additional fees you need to worry about are cable and internet."


Anonymous said...

Are the Sugar Babies going to host events in the oval as well?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

They'd get more of a crowd, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

"Okay, so I moved off campus to get away from noisy NYU students, but now I live next to a crying baby. What do I do?
It happens, and you can’t win them all, but might I suggest some noise-cancelling headphones?"

The above is a quote from the NYU website you reference. THEY have the nerve to worry about a crying baby when they move here to get away from their own kind! I can't believe the gall of these people. I would rather have a dozen crying babies living around me than one dorm apartment with noisy NYU students!

Anonymous said...

It's perverted old men paying for NYU kids to live here? I'm embarrassed to live here.

Anonymous said...

So they're exactly what they look like.

Anonymous said...

They can call themselves sugar babies, but they are what they are.

Anonymous said...

They're giving junk food a bad name and that's just not right!

Anonymous said...

This place is a joke!

Anonymous said...

Sugar Babies? More like AIDS Babies!

Anonymous said...

This vid has been posted at the EV Grieve. It says it all about the future here. NSFW.
HiLa tHe KiLLa - White Girl Wasted.

BTW, she went to NYU.