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Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Just Know That Oval Strippers Are Coming Next

It keeps getting better. Lady Maya is really inspired these days.

That Oval Lounge is fairly small. If the frat boys crowd in, this could really get interesting. Admit it, this is not your grandma's Stuy Town anymore.


Crazy Eddie said...

I going there big time with my Al Bundy stringed dollar bill!

Richard Swett said...

Princess Jasmine and her brood of naughty gal pals welcome you to a night of Oval Lap Dances. They'll treat you to magic carpet rides all night long! Don't worry, she'll be gentle... but not on your wallet.

Members only, (wink wink).

Anonymous said...

Rose better hire extra porters with industrial strength squeegees for the morning after. The frat guys are going to make a mess of the windows!

Anonymous said...

Lady Maya is hot! Is she the hostess?

Anonymous said...

Oval Sluts!

The Bat said...

Oval Devadasi

Tired of your children sitting around the house not earning their keep? Sign them up for Oval Devadasi and Lady Maya will put them to work as uderaged prostitutes for the Hindu Goddess Yellamma!

Anonymous said...

What IS this event? Does Princess Jasmine put on an erotic performance or does she teach Oval Seniors how to slut around the lounge?

Someone needs to take Lady Maya's Bad Idea Bible - AKA Time Out New York - away from her.