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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Keeping Cool

Tomorrow promises to be very hot, with temperatures edging close to 100 (and today and Friday will have high temperatures also), so stay-in residents without air-conditioning should keep as cool as possible in their apartments, blocking out sunlight and keeping the windows only very slightly ajar, if at all.  The Stuyvesant Town Community Center, located along the 1st Ave loop, near 15th St, should be available during the day for those residents who may find the heat particularly unbearable.  As usual, neighbors should check on fellow neighbors who are elderly and don't have air-conditioning.


Anonymous said...

Consider applying window film to the inside of your windows.

Sounds nutty but it really works if your windows get lots of direct sunlight. It can be a bear to install but it's worth the hassle. It reflects part of the light and much of the heat out and still lets you see out the window clearly. Nice augment to the A/C!

Anonymous said...

please keep an eye on those dogs who suffer greatly in the heat. leave them plenty of water if you are going to be out all day and look in on older neighbors who may not have a/c and may be too old/proud/sick to seek help. Invalids and elderly folk can pass away from unhealthily overheated conditions and a little knocking on the doors can save lives. Thank you.