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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rent Laws Expiring June 15

New York's rent laws are set to expire June 15. While I would be shocked to see no renewal (a real revolution would follow if so), I do think it is important to keep pressure on our legislators and press for more tenant protections and a reversal of some of the perks landlords get, like MCIs in perpituity.

To this end I do support the TA's request to send letters to Governor Cuomo, Speaker Heastie and Assemblyman Kavanagh, which can be printed at this link. Better yet, you can write your own letters to these gentlemen, both snail mail and email.

There is also this petition to Governor Cuomo and NY State legislators, set up by Kavanagh, which just needs 500 signatures but is only about half way there.

I know many residents are jaded in these kind of endeavors (as I am), but we need to keep up the fight, even if we don't feel politicians are responding to us, aside from their expected platitudes.


Anonymous said...

No more fucking permanent MCI's!
Total bullshit law.

Anonymous said...

It is a disappointment in the current roster of people holding office that they need their bosses, us, to keep on top of them to force them to do their jobs, serve the people. If I had to keep on top of the people who work for me to get them to "minimally" do their jobs they would be FIRED! What irks me most is we all, working people, are expected to show up for work, do our jobs, deliver results. These guys are making us beg and plead for them to do their jobs on top of every day doing our own jobs. It is twice the work for us, twice the burden put on the working people to get government to do what they are supposed to do, work for the people. It makes me angry.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, 12:18 PM. These people currently holding office are not working for us, they are working against us and we know it. We need campaign finance reform and a total purging of all incumbents. I hope that the arm of Mr. Bharara reaches further and further into the dealings of this filth we have who call themselves our "representatives."

Anonymous said...

We need campaign finance reform and a total purging of all incumbents