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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

Our Tenants Association is, basically, null and void. Oh, it is still around, but it lacks the will power to confront much of anything. The TA will ask for your dues, however. By now, the TA is a charade.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Protesters Arrested Outside Cuomo's Office

A very good summary of what's happening:

Another place to watch:


Anonymous said...

Infuriating. Can you imagine Spinola or Banks ever having to protest or beg? They pick up the phone, call whichever politician they need and tell the politician here is what the laws will be and the politicians say "you got it == anything you want"
No third term for Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

Fortress owner and NYU board member Mike Novogratz who has destroyed Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town throws bi-annual Gansett Games. The Novoshire Gansett Games are this June 25 -27 at his house in Amagansett on Town Lane.

Some fun and party photos

The PCVST students would be a great addition to the party!

Here is the schedule

Thursday 6/25

6:30 PM White Wedding
Beach TBD, Amagansett, NY

Attire: Festive White

Friday 6/26

9:00AM Fishing – Yacht Club

9:00AM Golfing – East Hampton Golf

9:00AM Adventure Race

11:00AM Kids Party – 3 Oceanview Lane

7:00PM Medieval Night –
161 Town Lane, Amagansett, NY

Attire: Costume Required

Saturday 6/27

9:00AM Sports Day – 3 Ocean Lane

Attire: Team Gear

7:00PM Closing Party –
3 Oceanview Lane, Amagansett, NY

Attire: Festive Attire

Should be fun for all who come!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Jumaane and Corey!

Anonymous said...

It is no coincidence Mike Novogratz sits on the Board of Directors of NYU Langone Medical Center and he is developing PCVST as the open space / dorms for students.

By the by, DeBlasio promised if he was elected he would build a hospital to replace St Vincents..

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should send post cards to Mike Novogratz'

110 Hudson Unit 8A Tribeca NY 10013

Anonymous said...

Langone too.

Langone owns Cantor.
Cantor works at Moelis, the firm Marsh and Garodnick hired to clear out the middle class and move in the students to increase the profits. Marsh and Garodnick owe past and present tenants a lot of explanations on decisions and actions.

threats to the doctors at NYU?

Anonymous said...

And Langone's best friend Larry Fink, head of BlackRock, king of bailing out Wall Street after the crash with taxpayer $, screwing the taxpayers and who also oversees Fannie and Freddie. Larry Fink and Ken Langone are pulling all the strings while the politicians they own are the front men, the face, that make it look like the government is working for the people when it is really fronting the work done by Wall Street.
Larry Fink controls Fannie and Freddie including Schumer's arrangement with Fannie Freddie last summer for his brother's firm, Paul Weiss.
His giant BlackRock money-management firm controls or monitors more than $12 trillion worldwide—including the balance sheets of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the toxic A.I.G. and Bear Stearns assets taken over by the U.S. government last year.

Garodnick is the low man on the totem pole, the cog in the wheel who is supposed to keep his constituents, the People, in the dark and quiet while Wall Street and REBNY steal this middle class community as orchestrated by Larry Fink at BlackRock and Ken Langone at NYULangone.

Anonymous said...

And yes, Larry Fink is on the board of NYU too with Ken Langone, Mike Novogratz

These three are orchestrating the massive scandalous vulgar Sexton real estate grabs.

Anonymous said...

Larry Fink, Ken Langone, Mike Novogratz are laughing, telling Cuomo to take it on the chin with these protests because that is what they pay him to do while they lurk in the background controlling the outcome of the rent laws they and REBNY already decided; doing just enough of a tiny bit for the People to quiet the crowds while doing massive benefit for the Larry Finks, the Ken Langones, the Mike Novogratz. PCVST is the elbow in NYU's illegal land grab stealing middle class housing for thier luxury "world class" Ken Langone dream.

Larry Fink, Ken Langone, Mike Novogratz are the American middle class nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Not renewing next month - fed up with the shit, the noise, the large increases, the charges for 12 months of a/c. They can keep it - assholes.

Anonymous said...

It all comes full circle to that infamous Novogratz tantrum someone posted a few years back on this blog

...the one-percenter’s Friars Club. Each year, the group’s dinner features comedy skits, musical acts in drag, and off-color jokes, and its group’s privacy mantra is “What happens at the St. Regis stays at the St. Regis.”

... I picked up an event program and saw that there were other boldface names on the Kappa Beta Phi membership roll — among them, then-Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink, Home Depot billionaire Ken Langone, Morgan Stanley bigwig Greg Fleming, and JPMorgan Chase vice chairman Jimmy Lee... Bill Mulrow, a top executive at the Blackstone Group (who was later appointed chairman of the New York State Housing Finance Agency),

Mike Novogratz's infamous raging tantrum of being outed as an big as*hole

“Who the hell are you?” Novogratz demanded.

I felt my pulse spike. I was tempted to make a run for it, but – due to the ethics code of the New York Times, my then-employer – I had no choice but to out myself.

“I’m a reporter,” I said.

Novogratz stood up from the table.

"You’re not allowed to be here," he said.

I, too, stood, and tried to excuse myself, but he grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go.

“Give me that or I’ll fucking break it!” Novogratz yelled, grabbing for my phone, which was filled with damning evidence.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his neck veins were bulging. The song onstage was now over, and a number of prominent Kappas had rushed over to our table. Before the situation could escalate dangerously, a bond investor and former Grand Swipe named Alexandra Lebenthal stepped in between us. Wilbur Ross quickly followed, and the two of them led me out into the lobby, past a throng of Wall Street tycoons, some of whom seemed to be hyperventilating."

(thanks to the earlier commentator who first shared this article with PCVST'ers)

Anonymous said...

'Once we made it to the lobby, Ross and Lebenthal reassured me that what I’d just seen wasn’t really a group of wealthy and powerful financiers making homophobic jokes, making light of the financial crisis, and bragging about their business conquests at Main Street’s expense. No, it was just a group of friends who came together to roast each other in a benign and self-deprecating manner. Nothing to see here.

But the extent of their worry wasn’t made clear until Ross offered himself up as a source for future stories in exchange for my cooperation.

“I’ll pick up the phone anytime, get you any help you need,” he said.

“Yeah, the people in this group could be very helpful,” Lebenthal chimed in. “If you could just keep their privacy in mind.”

"a group of wealthy and powerful financiers making homophobic jokes, making light of the financial crisis, and bragging about their business conquests at Main Street’s expense."

Anonymous said...

"I wasn’t going to be bribed off my story, but I understood their panic. Here, after all, was a group that included many of the executives whose firms had collectively wrecked the global economy in 2008 and 2009. And they were laughing off the entire disaster in private, as if it were a long-forgotten lark. (Or worse, sing about it — one of the last skits of the night was a self-congratulatory parody of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen,” called “Bailout King.”) These were activities that amounted to a gigantic middle finger to Main Street"

This reporter has more integrity then all the politicians combined who are so easily bribed to screw over Main Street for these clowns.

Anonymous said...

No one in the current city, state, fed administration has the balls to tell these dicks they cannot steal this working middle class community. Nothing more than a bunch of as*holes.

"The first and most obvious conclusion was that the upper ranks of finance are composed of people who have completely divorced themselves from reality. No self-aware and socially conscious Wall Street executive would have agreed to be part of a group whose tacit mission is to make light of the financial sector’s foibles. Not when those foibles had resulted in real harm to millions of people in the form of foreclosures, wrecked 401(k)s, and a devastating unemployment crisis.

The second thing I realized was that Kappa Beta Phi was, in large part, a fear-based organization. Here were executives who had strong ideas about politics, society, and the work of their colleagues, but who would never have the courage to voice those opinions in a public setting. Their cowardice had reduced them to sniping at their perceived enemies in the form of satirical songs and sketches, among only those people who had been handpicked to share their view of the world. And the idea of a reporter making those views public had caused them to throw a mass temper tantrum."

Anonymous said...

7:10 it is illegal for CompassRock to leave the shit on the sidewalks. They are required by law to clean it within 4 hours. Inundate 311 with reports every time you come across crap on the sidewalks for non-compliance. It takes two minutes to file a report to DOB and can be done anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we get it, so let's stop with posting all the endless links that no one can (or will) even click on. We get it, there's a big conspiracy it's all interconnected, its REBNY, its the Tri-Lateral commission and the Illuminati. Now what action does this information lead us to? What change is gong to happen now that the wheels are falling off of every last rent regulation on earth?

We had our elections. No matter who we voted for, we lost. We voted in Cuomo and Gadodnick and De Blasio. Do you think it would have been any better Castimatides (another billionaire) or Joe Lhota won the mayors race? Or if Pataki or Spitzer (who is also making billions on his family real estate) was back in office? of course not!

The problem is not the real estate lobby or any other individual entity. The problem is the system itself. It rewards the rich and punishes the poor and squeezes the middle class out.. Now it's being run by billionaires. Bloomberg's best line ever was tat he was so rich that no one could influence him. That was the whole problem! He was accountable to no one. He rigged the system even more to benefit the Russian Billionaires he claimed NYC needed to fund everything. But then everyone says what a great mayor he was even as they pack their boxes and move to Bushwick.

Now we are losing another third to half of all the rent stabilized housing. Where will people go when all the affordable housinggone? The only thing we know for sure is that the system has won. If you can't beat the system, maybe it's time to either stop waging a losing battle, or else maybe it's time to join it?

Anonymous said...

If Bharara and Schneiderman continue with their successes maybe we can get the last of the three-headed monster out of Albany to get some real rent and ethics reforms.

Anonymous said...

De Blasio loves the poor because he can be their hero, loves the rich because they finance his career, and hates, hates, hates, hates, hates the educated middle class because we see he is doing nothing for us and everything against us.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Cuomo's days spent doing selfies with his girlfriend????

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Ok, we get it, so let's stop with posting all the endless links that no one can (or will) even click on.<<

COMPLETELY DISAGREE. I appreciate these "endless links" and the information presented. Why are you trying to dissuade and bully commentators to focus on what YOU think is important?

Anonymous said...

I like the links too. We don't need to do the two options you give when there is a third option, you said either stop waging the war or join the system, or door number three, Preet, who is changing the system. I like door number three. Make a new system.

Anonymous said...

The links are good. Thank you guys for gathering them.

They help stop us wasting time on futile endeavors as post cards, bus rides, rallies, when deals are done behind closed doors long before June 15 deadline. In an impressive power play BDB went in to change the done deal.
Protest noise made now better get louder and relentless and take on new forms after Albany announces their insufficient done deal.

We didn't vote Garodnick, BDB, Cuomo. We couldn't in good conscience so no one voted in our family, along with the country who disapproves of the job bought-and-paid-for politicians are doing. We boycotted Home Depot too as did all our friends and family in the burbs.

Every election we will see who Larry Fink, Ken Langone and Mike Novagratz are supporting and be sure to not vote for that candidate as an homage to our lost PCVST. Easy to do when Langone backs Chris Christie.

Anonymous said...

Of course he loves the poor. Just look at his family.

Anonymous said...

I always click on the links! If you don't like posts that contain links, nobody's making you open them! Some of them have to be copied and pasted. So a little smidge of effort is required to do that, but it's worth it.

Anonymous said...

The links make me think twice next time I am at a city hall rally behind a politician saying he wielded his power for the people and got Fannie / Freddie to agree to only use money to help us tenants with affordable housing. That is not exactly what happened, is it?.

I will be at every rally if the politicians will be straightforward with us. I don't think they could get away with telling Mr Fink, Mr Langone, Mr Novogratz the tall tales they tell us. More likely they wouldn't dare try.

Mr Schneiderman said a good quote recently. The People should be a politician's only client.

Amen Mr Schneiderman.

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg's best line ever was tat he was so rich that no one could influence him."

It is true that he was so rich that no one could influence him. Unfortunately, it was also true that because he was so rich he could BUY everybody who he needed to get things done his way and he did just that. He was probably one of the most corrupt mayors this city has ever been cursed with. He buys people, buys policy, bought his third term, bought the pols who went along with his purchase of his third term. I think Bloomberg is one of the most despicable and corrupt persons on the face of this planet.

Anonymous said...

STR at 10:24 AM -- I agree with the comment about the "links" person. It's difficult to impossible to follow threads when people post comments that are all over the map, that jump from one unrelated subject to the next. But, as you say, the links are often helpful.

So here's a suggestion. How about regularly posting Open Threads for people to comment about whatever's on their minds, links included? And then comments on posts you put up on a particular subject can stick to the subject.

My two cents.

To your post. This protest and the arrests seem like sort of a big deal. The "Governor of Glenwood" is going to stick to Cuomo in a very bad way, & he deserves it. Renewing rent regs isn't sexy, but this year activists, Preet B, and some city politicians are making it sexier and the press is paying attention. Zephyr T too. It helps that they're getting a handle on social media too. So does blog coverage. What other downtown blogs picked this up? None that I know of, so thanks STR, it's all needed. Cuomo's a formidable enemy.

Anonymous said...

NYU leased 14 faculty dorms in 2007 and hundreds of student dorms. Thousands since then.
Is that legal for a university to lease rent stabilized housing?

Is it legal for New York University to then remove those apartments from the affordable housing stock in a renovation scheme to bring them up thousands of dollars?

Can an organization lease multiple rent stabilized apartments legally? Can a person?

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, Compass R will pick up all dog shit , MCI, BAM BAM. Who is going to pay for that extra service ? Take a wild guess.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>I agree with the comment about the "links" person. It's difficult to impossible to follow threads when people post comments that are all over the map, that jump from one unrelated subject to the next. But, as you say, the links are often helpful.

So here's a suggestion. How about regularly posting Open Threads for people to comment about whatever's on their minds, links included? And then comments on posts you put up on a particular subject can stick to the subject.<<

Several problems with that. I'd have to let comments that are of use not pass because they don't specifically fit a post on the main page. I can't place them myself into an "Open Thread," so they would never be seen. I can also see these "Open Threads" being dramatically all over place and really messy. My time is also VERY LIMITED, and it's much easier passing comments through swiftly the way it's done now.

Anonymous said...

Keep doing what you are doing, STR. ANYBODY who thinks they can do better - go for it! Otherwise, SHUT UP!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the quite relevant links.
The articles lay out the business deal.

BlackRock's Larry Fink, Tishman Speyer's Robbie Speyer, their investors including Brookfield, CalPERS, etc had a ten year business plan to get richer by annihilating Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Working Middle Class Community, stealing financial assets and homes, to grab land for Ken Langone who gave $200 million to NYU to put his name on NYU Medical Center.

Absent business acumen to make a fortune without destroying, cheating and stealing, Rob Speyer and Larry Fink deliberately stopped paying a mortgage they could afford to move onto other get rich quick scams when Larry Fink had a nano second of humanity realizing a latent victim was his own grandmother who gets her retirement from CalPERS.

Still not caring about grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, sons, fathers, grandfathers in Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town, Larry Fink, Rob Speyer, Ken Langone, shifted plan to annihilate PCVST residents onto investor Brookfield, Ken Langone, Mike Novogratz to continue the plan but now even better, middle class residents will pay back investors with the help from politicians.

Two things happened with Hurricane Sandy
1 Ken Langone and Brookfield used the tragedy to skirt payments to residents for loss by claiming "act of God" while getting huge payments from insurance company (and sued for more) and got residents to pay for DASNY requirements for new campus security etc.

2. Ken Langone exposed his control over politicians getting huge payments from FEMA by threatening politicians across the country banishment from fundraising in rich NY.

For its part, CalPERS realized the evilness of Larry Fink and Rob Speyers's plan and for redemption is changing investment strategies. Brookfield's inability to see it's own evil entered into scheme to carry out Langone's NYU health corridor plan with Mike Novogratz CW CompassRock. Ken, continued misusing politicians who are in a position to appear as doing work for The People while they do his dirty work.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System, otherwise known as Calpers, is raising eyebrows for its investment in real estate developments across the country making the transition from rent-stabilization to market-rate, according to the Wall Street Journal.

While Calpers took a major hit on its investment with the Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartment complex, experts say the organization, which handles approximately $200 billion in California state retiree funds, has profited off of numerous similar developments, like the Riverton Houses.

Calpers, for its part, says it’s taking a critical eye to its investment trend. “These historical investments were made under previous investment leaders,” Brad Pacheco, a Calpers spokesperson, said. “Nevertheless, our current investment staff has the issue under study.”

- See more at:

Anonymous said...

The problem is not as simple as vacancy decontrol.

The problem that needs to be solved investigated, indicted, incarcerated is as CalPERS realized, the Larry Fink Blackrock's and Rob Speyer Tishman Speyers get rich quick ten year plan investment strategies and schemes.

With the Ken Langone's using their money to easily control and misuse our politicians, and Senator Schumer replacing Harry Reid as Top Dem in Senate, the entire country of working middle class is at risk of what happened to Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town and Riverton residents.

Anonymous said...

As long as politicians engage in Larry Fink BlackRock / Rob Speyer Tishman Speyer / Ken Langone business strategies to steal from middle class, there will be inequality in America.

All the rhetoric, photo ops, and programs to clean up the messes by the Larry Finks won't solve the problem while the politicians are enabling the messes for the Ken Langones and Rob Speyers.

Thank you Kevin Roose for your invaluable reporting. Kevin Roose is a champion for bravely entering into the dark to expose the offending creeps.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need vacancy decontrol to clean up the mess and we need NY AG Schneiderman's good and hard work on zombie homes to clean up the mess etc.

Even more, we need lawmakers to stop being complicit in the messes by allowing and empowering the likes of the Speyers, Finks, Langones, Novogratzes from making the mess in the first place.

Cleaning up the messes that you helped to make, does not a hero make.

Halting the messes in the first place - that is a hero and one doing the work of the People.

Senator Schumer, show us you deserve the Top Dem spot in the United States Senate by stopping puppetmaster Langone from robbing us working middle class to steal Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town for NYU Langone health corridor.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the use of renovations are a wrong but politically blessed legal way of increasing rents, but they are without a doubt illegal in their charges. PCVST needs the renovation work thoroughly audited. We are way overcharged.

Anonymous said...

Schneiderman is on the right track!

No more fake photo ops pretending to deliver policies that solve the problem that actually fail to deliver any real results for The People.

Anonymous said...

June 5, 2015 at 8:14 AM it is not a conspiracy. It is a common, typical, lazy man's business strategy pursuing the most vulnerable, easiest to steal from to maximize profits with the help of some politicians and policies they put in motion.

Then politicians put Fink in control of covering up / cleaning up their own Wall Street mess so Fink could again hit taxpayers to bailout Wall Street after they hit their own vein during the crisis. Wall Street, Pataki and even Cuomo during HUD years made middle class housing the low hanging fruit next victim for round three by Blackrock etc who have been hoarding foreclosed homes, again causing the next wipe out in a similar hybrid scam they pulled here, turning millions of once middle class owned homes into massive blocks of rentals across the country.

The split second of humanity was when Fink again hit his own bloodline, when he and the former personnel at CalPERS invested in the sadistic strategy, failed to deliver ROI, then saw he had hit and failed his own grandmother (who may have unknowingly participated).

CalPERS has since reformed, becoming more ethical in its investment strategies.

To them, it is not a conspiracy; it is not personal; it is just everyday business.

To stop the bleeding in PCVST we should have years ago started a Rent Strike for the duration under a servicer as CW CompassRock, so should every renter under a "deliberate foreclosure" scam as Fink Speyer and Brookfield pulled here.

With the number of potential losses on the prior STR blog across the five boroughs, all of NYC should hold a Rent Strike if either BDB or Cuomo's options or any variation of those two, prevail. Both are bad plans for the tenants.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the above poster/s for laying out the evil deal for us to understand. A lot of research and intelligence went into that. I hope that Preet Bharara and Eric Schneiderman read this blog. Anything they don't understand already is right there in plain English.

Speyer, Fink, Langone, et al are the Essence of Evil. However, I don't believe that Dan Garodnick had anything to do with any of this evil plan. At the time of the disastrous TS/Blackrock deal he was just a grunt at Paul Weiss and hadn't yet entered politics. I think he gets demonized rather a lot on this blog.

Anonymous said...

MCI charges in perpetuity, vacancy decontrol, these are tools they used in their scam which have almost outlived their usefulness having completed their job. It is easy for Cuomo to weaken or eliminate these tools at this point in time. The scam is almost completed with affordable housing severely depleted city-wide and PCVST nearly emptied of rent stabilized tenants replaced by market rate "new stabilizers" (oxymoron).

It does not address the problems in PCVST.

Anonymous said...

I'm just shocked and impressed that CWC gets to keep raising the rents astronomically while simultaneously continuing to take a major tax break.

Wondering what the other landlords Of nyc think of this. Bet they all want that break for no reason at all. Cool and peace out to the fair game of NYC

Anonymous said...

Yes the NYU board of billionaires was inappropriate and most professors and doctors are in violent opposition of the way the board treats faculty, staff, and the community.

Anonymous said...

Senator Schumer the decent thing to do would be to return the "donations" from those NYU workers and please think twice next time you get $1,130,000,000 from FEMA for the public good, to use it for The People, many who are still struggling, were underpaid the value of their homes, and are fighting policy after policy FEMA uses to block people from putting their lives back together.

"public servants working so hard for the public good"

Anonymous said...

With many suffering still from Hurricane Sandy how could Schumer do this.. NYU Board is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Raising 1 billion for Langone NYU would be easy. Instead Langone threatened politicians to give FEMA funds to his business needs.
This is why government doesn't like to provide funds after natural disasters strike -- they know the money won't go to the people but instead will go to the politician's favorite billionaire who will return the favor filling his/her coffer. This gives New York a bad name to the rest of the country. The money didn't even go to the people.

Anonymous said...

Prospective tenants need to know and to check the leases before signing. ASK ALL PERSONNEL at the leasing office for the TWO NUMBERS. Two numbers. The lower rent is not the rent you will pay (or anywhere NEAR) at renewal. The higher number is the one the poor slobs renting here need to know about. HOW CAN I GET THIS OUT TO THOSE WHO DONT KNOW?

Anonymous said...

Senator Charles Schumer and New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio,

Follow CalPERS lead. Investigate the real estate bribery in the scheme to destabilize and rob the working middle class and stop this fraud against the PCVST Middle Class community. Vacancy decontrol and endless MCI fees are city-wide cause of loss of affordable housing but they are not the cause of the loss of 30,000 working middle class homes in Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town. Everyone knows it.

Larry Fink, Rob Speyer, and the bullies of the group Ken Langone, Mike Novogratz are causing Inequality in Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town, in New York City, in California, all across America.

Don't let them destroy the Middle Class in PCVST.
Don't let them destroy the Middle Class nationwide.
Don't let them control The People's government.
Don't be a part of their scheme.

Anonymous said...

The question the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town community needs to ask is:

Did our local City and State electeds ever inform the community of the Larry Fink BlackRock Rob Speyer Tishman Speyer Ken Langone NYU Langone Medical investment scheme to entirely wipe out rent stabilization bringing every apartment higher than market rate? Which, if any local electeds laid out a plan to fight the investment scheme and take action, any actions since 2007 against it or did they divert focus to a city-wide issue of bad rent laws to avert attention from the unique situation in your community?

A scheme Mr Fink is taking nationwide.

Anonymous said...

The CW financial tool so-called "special servicer" scam

Wall Street firms make money by forcing and creating foreclosures

“For somebody like Fortress who owns real estate-related assets, owning a special servicer is a good thing,” said Malay Bansal of the Midtown firm NewOak Capital. “When the markets go down, the value of assets goes down. [But] the value of special servicers in some ways goes up because more loans will go into default and they will collect more fees.”

Of CW’s $144 billion of loans, for instance, about $18 billion are currently in distress, according to Bansal. CW, he said, collects about 2.5 percent, or 25 basis points, on every loan that requires servicing. That means the company is probably earning about $45 million in fees on the $18 billion. In addition, they receive 1 percent of all loan resolutions.

But the fees are only one advantage to owning or investing in a special servicer. Perhaps even more appealing is that companies can also provide an edge to those looking to snap up distressed debt and assets, several observers said.

They make money only when economies and housing markets are destroyed so they intentionally do things like walk away from mortgage obligations.

Anonymous said...

Two firms were bidding to own CW financial in the quest for Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village before Fortress swooped in - one of those firms was Apollo Global Management. Apollo Global Management is a client of Paul Weiss Law Firm.

"Private-equity firms Apollo Global Management and Centerbridge Capital Partners seek to acquire special servicer that holds troubled Stuyvesant Town loans."

Apollo Global Management is at the center of CalPERS scandal.
"According to the later of two criminal indictments, Villalobos conspired with CalPERS Chief Executive Federico Buenrostro Jr. to create phony documents sought by Apollo Global Management to finalize an investment contract between Apollo and CalPERS. Villalobos received $14 million in fees from Apollo for the deals.

In turn, the government said, Villalobos personally delivered $250,000 to Buenrostro and gave him gifts, travel and even an all-expenses-paid wedding at Villalobos' Lake Tahoe mansion.

Buenrostro, who pleaded guilty to one charge of conspiracy last month, has agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors in its investigation of Villalobos' role in the CalPERS scandal."

Key figure in scandal found dead

Anonymous said...

Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town open your eyes. Your problems are bigger and more than Pataki/Cuomo rent laws against tenants.

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with all the noise complaints at this property? Not talking about student parties. What is wrong with people who refuse to carpet are they this ass backward hillbilly? And what is wrong with the floors & walls here? Read yelp.

Anonymous said...

We recently spoke to management about problems with tenants and noise and were told to bang on walls, blast our own music and jump up and down as they do. I find the level of class here mind boggling and disgusting.

Anonymous said...

WOW They buy our government to steal our homes

Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Poster Child For The Real Cause Of INEQUALITY - Illegal And "Legalized" CORRUPTION

Anonymous said...

A long list of Paul Weiss client Apollo Global Management who was bidding on CW Servicer for the inside track on acquiring PCVST
approx 200 -300 subsidiaries


Exhibit 21.1


The following are subsidiaries of Apollo Global Management, LLC as of March 21, 2011 and the jurisdictions in which they are organized.

Anonymous said...

To add injury to insult to all the people with houses in disrepair since Sandy

NYU Langone who bullied their way to $1.13billion from FEMA is spending billions on real estate pushing NYU Langone's debt to the near peak levels so they can build more and more while people can't even get funds to put their houses back together and are getting scammed and the runaround from FEMA and insurance companies.

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Funny Money Funneling and Overflowing Upward

Pages 11, 12, 13 are a must read

Including current First Deputy of New York who's former boss Ken Langone gave a huge raise to before he went to work for de Blasio

Anthony Shorris, Vice Dean, Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff at
NYU Langone, saw his salary jump from $491,088 (he had been hired in the middle of 2012) to $1,039,998

an increase of $548,910, or 112%.
(Mr. Shorris left NYU Langone to serve as First Deputy Mayor of New York
City. On his departure, Ken Langone replaced him with Joe Lhota, Republican
mayoral candidate in 2013.)

There is no difference between de Blasio (who puts Shorris as First Deputy Mayor) and Lhota. Lhota and de Blasio are the exact same except Lhota would without a care, openly admit his intentions and policies. What was Tony Shorris paid for in advance?

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'We recently spoke to management about problems with tenants and noise and were told to bang on walls, blast our own music and jump up and down as they do. I find the level of class here mind boggling and disgusting."

Sorry, this is bogus, CR Management is evil but they are not stupid, never forget that. D. Habersham, PS, nor any of the property managers would never say such a thing, they are too well scripted by Legal.

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8:08 is absolutely wrong as well as naive.

Anonymous said...

I have read all the links. The Ken Langone links are all connected to the NYU Health Corridor and what they are doing to Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village. It is all relevant to PCVST residents.

Anonymous said...

"8:08 is absolutely wrong as well as naive."

Ok, I know you CAN’T name names but what department did you hear this from? A CR Manager? CR PS? CR Legal? Did you forward on this “solution” via email to senior CR Management to be on the record? I have dealt directly with Management several times regarding these dorm/family from hell noise issues and I never heard this "solution". What I hear from them is that we take these issues seriously which is a lie and other boiler plate crap but they stay on script. And I still think your post is bogus.

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5 42 am is spot on. I have also heard similar answers to this never ending problem of noise pollution in our homes.

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I think that PS and staff from st p cv are fed up with noise complaints so they are now telling residents to just deal with it and blast music louder, bang away. I have heard this from others.