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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Meanwhile: Freedom of Information:

Saturday, February 6, 2016

City Council Votes to Give Themselves a 32% Pay Raise

"Less than 24 hours after two police officers who'd gotten 1% raises from the city were shot in a Bronx housing project, the City Council voted overwhelmingly Friday to grant themselves a 32% pay hike.

"The move will raise their salaries from a robust $112,500 a year base to a whopping $148,500.

"Forty members voted for the raises, and just seven — including the three sole Republicans in the Council — voted against the huge hikes.

"City Council Minority Leader Steven Matteo, in a statement, said the Republicans didn't support it because it went above the recommendations of the pay raise commission Mayor de Blasio convened. That commission called for raises that would bring their salaries $138,315."

More at the above link.


Anonymous said...

This is despicable. DeB is no progressive. He is a corrupt, manipulative panderer. I despise him and the rest of the scum on the City Council. If any of them ever needs a cop, firefighter or EMT to assist them in an emergency, I hope they die of sheer embarrassment and shame at what those real heros make. The CC is made up of a bunch of opportunistic freeloaders; the FDNY, NYPD and EMTs is made up of people who really serve the people and get paid a pittance.

I hope that none of these bastards ever approaches me on the street when campaigning for election or re-election because they sure will get an earful.

Anonymous said...

On Friday, he told the News, “It's mindboggling that elected officials are giving themselves a 32% raise while police officers, who risk life and limb day in and day out, are expected to feed their families with 1%. Some give all and get nothing; some give nothing and get all."

What a slap in the face to the NYPD and Firefighters after the kick in the ass when they gave them the boot from PCVST. I would rather have the teachers, firefighters, and police back then the new vulgar neighbors we have on our floor. The City Council is a big part of the problem. Is there a place that lists the names of the 7 who voted against the obscene raises so we can see who the only decent ones are?

Anonymous said...

This is a disgrace giving themselves such a large raise. Totally undeserved.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 2:38... can we get the names of the councilmembers that voted for and against this raise? I bet I know a name that was in the yea vote!

Anonymous said...

What kind of luxe living has smoking in the buildings? Um, hello, it's 2016.

this place is filthy gross scum. Anyone who would move in knowing this is a loser.

Anonymous said...

6:53... the names are out there for those who voted for and against the raise. Yes, our great councilman Danny G voted for the raise (obviously). As if the REBNY "war chest" isn't enough!

Anonymous said...

8:19 pm: so move out.

Anonymous said...

Diblasio selling us all out - worse than Trump if you want to know the truth. Wake up people - corrupt nyc taking you DOWN.

Anonymous said...

The list of council members who voted for and against the raise was in the newspaper. Of course Garodnick voted for it.

Anonymous said...

Public Safety: Why do you bother coming to our place to confirm or deny noise from above neighbors? You've come 4 times now, each time we all agreed it was beyond normal and even a deaf individual would be certain the apartment had no rugs.

Why do you bother wasting your time and our money? You then transfer that information we all confirmed (we were told it was unacceptable and other neighbors agreed) to Mrs. Habersham who will no doubt possibly inspect - month later - and report that the reported apartment is carpeted. You know this is false, she knows, we know, our entire building knows. Back and forth. You play us. You are awful individuals and so is the office in charge here. Shame on you all.

Anonymous said...


Melissa Mark-Viverito Affirmative
Inez D. Barron Affirmative
Joseph C. Borelli Negative
Fernando Cabrera Affirmative
Margaret S. Chin Affirmative
Andrew Cohen Affirmative
Costa G. Constantinides Affirmative
Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. Affirmative
Elizabeth S. Crowley Negative
Laurie A. Cumbo Affirmative
Chaim M. Deutsch Negative
Inez E. Dickens Affirmative
Daniel Dromm Affirmative
Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. Affirmative
Mathieu Eugene Affirmative
Julissa Ferreras-Copeland Affirmative
Daniel R. Garodnick Affirmative
Vincent J. Gentile Affirmative
Vanessa L. Gibson Affirmative
David G. Greenfield Affirmative
Barry S. Grodenchik Affirmative
Corey D. Johnson Affirmative
Ben Kallos Affirmative
Andy L. King Affirmative
Peter A. Koo Affirmative
Karen Koslowitz Affirmative
Rory I. Lancman Affirmative
Brad S. Lander Absent
Stephen T. Levin Affirmative
Mark Levine Affirmative
Alan N. Maisel Negative
Steven Matteo Negative
Darlene Mealy Affirmative
Carlos Menchaca Affirmative
Rosie Mendez Affirmative
I. Daneek Miller Affirmative
Annabel Palma Affirmative
Antonio Reynoso Affirmative
Donovan J. Richards Affirmative
Ydanis A. Rodriguez Affirmative
Deborah L. Rose Medical
Helen K. Rosenthal Affirmative
Ritchie J. Torres Affirmative
Mark Treyger Affirmative
Eric A. Ulrich Negative
James Vacca Affirmative
Paul A. Vallone Negative
James G. Van Bramer Affirmative
Jumaane D. Williams Affirmative
Ruben Wills Medical

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Dan has a family to raise. The city is expensive and getting more so. Of course, he'd give himself a significant pay hike. You peons just have to do with what you got. And don't forget Bloomberg's advice: If you can't afford Manhattan, move! Dan ain't moving. He worked things out just fine.

Anonymous said...

This pay raise is disgraceful. Boss Tweed lives and thrives. These mutts deserve a salary reduction, not an increase.

Anonymous said...

Possibly some of the approximately 9 city council members who have outside income were against this because their total earnings will now be limited. This is one of the issues with Albany—should the state legislature be a full-time job and should legislators be compensated accordingly? Also, city council members will no longer get extra $ for chairing committees. If you do the math, you'll see that if city council members had gotten a 3% annual increase for the past 10 years, they would be getting less than where this raise brings them to. Of course we would have been paying them that extra money all along, so maybe this is a bargain.

Anonymous said...

I see a few names who do not deserve a raise from taxpayers but do deserve one from REBNY.

Anonymous said...

Cant decide whom I hate more now. Bloomberg or Diblasio.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Seems "Peter Stuyvesant" squelched the start of a discussion on the pay raise over at the TA Facebook. Really pathetic. The merging of Dan Garodnick and the TA, with Dan leading the TA by the nose, has been one of the worst things that could have happened to an independent and forceful Tenants Association. The worth of the TA is over. Their Facebook is illuminating to read, though.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Also, city council members will no longer get extra $ for chairing committees.<<

Perhaps they should. Extra work. It wasn't that much anyway. Ten thousand, I believe. Compare that with a 32% pay raise for EVERYONE.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that they often will sign in to a hearing and then disappear. They don't work hard at all. Neither does DeBlasio. I didn't like Giuliani, but he was everywhere he should be - and sometimes places he shouldn't be! ;-)

Anonymous said...

More evidence that the TA has become a marketing arm for management and politicians. Who do these people think they are? Cannot imagine the plain out and out egotism of the TA so-called leaders. Note that the put-down is done under a pseudonym. So whoever did this doesn't have the guts to do it under his/her own name. How understandable. What does it say when TA officials allow themselves the ability to comment as Anonymous. What does that say about how they have been and still are conducting themselves? See, they have a message and an agenda and they just don't want to lose control of it. Kind like little dictators, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is an embarrassing statement on our New York culture where politicians determine their own raises and no surprise they are grand raises. But police get a 1% raise. The police, firefighters and teachers are more important then all the city council combined but we dishonor them? That is what happens when a person gets to vote on their own raise, they give themselves a big one.

Shouldn't the bosses determine the raises? The bosses = the taxpayers! Or maybe we should all determine our own raises. These politicians really believe they are not beholden to taxpayers, of the people, by the people, for the people.

If those paying the salaries, the people (also known as the boss), voted on raises the police would get the 32% raise and the city council would get the 1% raise. As it should be.

Anonymous said...

When those suit wearing jerks take a gunshot, fight a fire, teach a class, save a life, than I will agree with the 32% increase. No, I take that back... do all of the above and maybe we can talk.

Anonymous said...

If I see one more teenager wearing SHORTS in this weather, I think I am going to flip out. What's wrong with these kids today?

Anonymous said...

Mark-Viverito said that the CC should get paid more so that they won't be tempted to do things that are not "transparent." In other words, they have to be bribed to do the right thing. Shouldn't they just not take the job if they can't manage on what it pays? Nobody forced them to take the jobs. They fought tooth and nail to get the people to elect them. Then they turn round and say they need an exorbitant salary to keep them on the straight and narrow! What a bunch of crud!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, off topic. FYI, Blackstone is now very aggressive in responding to the one star Yelp reviews. They did respond to a recent nuanced 4 star review as well, thanking the reviewer but even they know that responding by thanking the reviewers of the “awesome” paid for BS 5/4 star reviews would be too obvious.

Anonymous said...

The TA is covering up for the City Council. Wow. Not surprised. The City Council is covering up for the TA too. Between the City Council and the TA there sure seems to be a lot of doing each others dirty work for big RE interests then covering up for each other. The TA did a lot of work for RE. Time to remove the cover-ups and let the sun shine!

Anonymous said...

yeah, only the rest of us pea ons don't take jobs that don't pay the bills.

hey just found out new tenants pay a/c now and some are over $120 a month.

what's next rick and CR? pay for water, heat, air?

Anonymous said...

their hubris knows no bounds!

Anonymous said...

What's worse is that 37 members stated that they would NOT vote to give themselves a raise on the CU questionnaire they completed during the last election. Any raises voted on would be PROactive, meaning they wouldn't take effect until the following term, after the next election cycle.

Instead they not only broke that promise, but made the raises RETROactive, going back to January 1st. If Deblasio knew what was good for him, he's veto this and get a big boost in public support for doing the right thing. If...

Anonymous said...

So the city council is no different than senior managements and boards of directors of large corporations. They smear themselves generously with open hands and compensate everyone else with tightly closed fists.

Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say anyone endorsed by Dan Garodnick will not get our votes.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Problem is that the majority of people who do vote will vote for whomever Garodnick and the Democratic Party will endorse. This happens every election cycle. People generally don't want to go out of their comfort zone and so they vote the same way they have always done. Garodnick and the other politicians in power know this. One has to explore and support other options, if there are any.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>What's worse is that 37 members stated that they would NOT vote to give themselves a raise on the CU questionnaire they completed during the last election. Any raises voted on would be PROactive, meaning they wouldn't take effect until the following term, after the next election cycle.

Instead they not only broke that promise, but made the raises RETROactive, going back to January 1st.<<

Very discouraging.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>hey just found out new tenants pay a/c now and some are over $120 a month.<<

I'm not clear here. Doesn't any tenant who has AC pay an extra monthly bill? (I don't, as I don't have AC.)

Anonymous said...

I have AC. There is a separate line item on the bill for it.

Anonymous said...

I will never vote for Garodnick or any of the current incumbents. Anybody who Garodnick endorses will not get my vote. Even if I have to vote for somebody I've never heard of or (shudder) vote republican, that's the way I will vote.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I wish I could vote and give myself even a 10% raise. What kind of scam is that?

Anonymous said...

MR, new tenants, those just arriving pay per a/c. They are $35 each. Monthly.

Anonymous said...

3 36. Report the fake reviews to Yelp. This brings their credibility down significantly. If they're not in it, they're shit and they know it.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused here. we now don't need carpets? we need carpets? What's the deal since the carpet inspection is bogus , dozens of people have confirmed this of late.

Anonymous said...

STR, how do you survive in hot weather without air conditioning? I think it is almost (but not quite) as necessary as heat in winter.

Anonymous said...

There is no need for multiple air conditioners in the square footage of these apartments. The city has an old and stupid benefit to landlords that they get $ for the number of air conditioners they install in an apartment and has no limit per square foot size of apartment. So landlords put one in every room so they can charge the tenant per air conditioner and they get paid by the city per air conditioner. Better off having one air conditioner and ceiling fans in all the rooms to circulate the cool air. It is a waste of energy and a waste of city money the landlords are exploiting.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes let's pay the politicians more and tax the wealthy less

Atomic Man said...

No confusion. Read your lease. 80% coverage is required.

Could be the inspections are a sham, but believe me, if you live above me you're NOT gonna get away with it.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>STR, how do you survive in hot weather without air conditioning? I think it is almost (but not quite) as necessary as heat in winter.<<

Not a problem for me. I'm on a lower floor, no real sun exposure, and I have an old-fashioned powerhouse Hunter fan in the kitchen, several standing fans, and a ceiling fan in the living room. In a year, there are typically a limited number of unbearably sweltering days. If it gets really bad during the day and I'm home, I head over to someplace where there's AC. Nights are generally cooler. So, not a problem for me. I'd rather do this than pay the monthly AC fees.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Of course, this is the way residents dealt with hot days for many, many years here.

Anonymous said...

6:51PM post:

What in the world of heaven and hell will you do? They'll just jump higher, wear shoes longer, run faster, ditch any particles of rugs, turn up the volume. You can't do jack nada especially since management does not care and in fact does not inspect or disapprove.

Anonymous said...

Why are residents paying for a/c per month , and ours is over $100 per month, if the city pays stuy? hUH that can't be right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Atomic Man. Ditto as well. From the official STPCV webpage, at the "Move In" folder:

11. Noise Policy

As a member of the StuyTown (formerly known as PCVST) community we ask that you be mindful of your living environment and the impact your day-to-day conduct has on your neighbors and our residential community. Since your home is part of a multiple dwelling community and noise travels easily from apartment to apartment, it is expected that you will do everything possible to diminish the transmission of sound and noise. Here are some noise dampening suggestions:
•Carpet your apartment in accordance with the terms of your Lease. Your lease requires that rugs or carpeting must cover 80% of all floors at all times. Floor covering is not required in the kitchen or bathroom
•Listen to movies and music at an acceptable level. Use headphones for late-night listening
•Talk, entertain guests, play video games, or participate in other activities in ways that do not infringe on your neighbors’ right to quietly enjoy and utilize their apartment
•Place all home entertainment equipment off the floor and away from attached or shared walls
•Place thick padding under exercise equipment
•Refrain from walking around in hard or high heel shoes
•Be mindful and considerate of neighbors during traditionally quiet hours (late night and early morning)

It is recommended that you add these items to your pre-move-in “to do” list. Questions should be directed to the StuyTown Carpet Inspections Group (formerly known as the PCVST Carpet Inspections Group) at Report noise complaints to Public Safety at 212-598-5233. Founded complaints are addressed by Management through an aggressive notification and response process.

Anonymous said...

That settles it. This morning I will go to my bosses office and inform her I am giving my self a 32% raise! I'll be back to let you all know how that went.

Anonymous said...

February 9, 2016 at 2:49 PM

Carpets are not necessary unless a neighbor complains about you. Straight from the Leasing department. Unreal, right? Rules are enforced only when they have to.

Anonymous said...

6:31 AM

Like they tell me, your lucky to have a job. They have been saying this to me for the last 15 years, and they will continue to say this for the next 15. I feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

6:31 that is a superb response.

Anonymous said...

Anyone but Cuomo I don't care what party they are

Anonymous said...

There is a reimbursement from the gov't on each air conditioner. It is either a tax break or a dollar amount.

The landlord is also allowed to charge each tenant a surcharge if they put a washer, dryer , dishwasher in the apartment. I don't know how much the surcharge on the dishwasher is but they installed a lot in all those chopped apartments plus they put washer dryers in the studios for a surcharge too which is silly as the laundry room is walking steps from the studios.

The City and State have all sorts of hidden scamming ways against tenants that the City and State are gifting landlords for increasing rents out of any decent affordability. They subsidize landlords more than rent stabilization does for tenants. The chopping apartments was the latest whopper of a gift.

Anonymous said...

You show her who's boss!

Anonymous said...

NYU has been calling us StuyTown for years and Blackstone just admitted it. We are NYU. More hypocrisy, Cuomo blames us for Albany corruption. Because people are not saying "enough is enough" Albany continues its ways. Then again Marsh calls this truth blog a cess pool and follows direction from Albany's man in City Council Dan. Remember when Cuomo personally pushed Dan for Speaker? What a crap show that would have been had Cuomo succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Since my allergic kids are affected by the carpeting which is old and worn, then I'll assume that I can throw it out and go to bare floors then. Compass Crock and Rick aint following the rules, I aint either. Done and done - goes into the basement trash today.

Anonymous said...

CW and Blackstone do not care if market rate tenants use Airbnb.

They are only going after rent stabilized tenants with golubs / OSE whether or not the tenant uses Airbnb.

The summer golub claim / Airbnb assault on Stuyvesant Town has nothing to do with Airbnb and everything to do with evicting as many rent stabilized tenants as possible.

If you are not renting your home on Airbnb and you are rent stabilized they will make up a lie that you are doing it --- but if you are renting out your home on Airbnb and you are already market rate (and bonus if you are a female student) then you can openly rent your Stuytown apartment on Airbnb and the OSE and Blackstone will look the other way.

Heavy City resources are on the Stuy Town property to harshly go after the rent stabilized tenants whether or not they rent their homes. Most rent stabilized tenants do not rent their apartments. It is the students renting their StuyTown apartments as you can see in these listings.

Anyone who is rent stabilized and being targeted or harassed in StuyTown and is not renting their home and has never rented their home could begin a class action lawsuit.

Some Renovated Apartments on Airbnb (mostly young females renting their apartments):

This is a newly renovated apartment in the East Village/Alphabet city. It is extremely clean, all appliances are new, and the apartment is very large.
It is conveniently located a short walk away from the L train and the M15/M15+ bus. Lock on bedroom door.

This one has photos of the young women you can stay with

This one has photo of StuyTown, photo of sunbathing in the Oval beach and a lock on the bedroom door

This has photos that have to be a male student dorm - it is pretty gross

River views in StuyTown

This one calls is as it is:

Stuyvesant Town room for 1 person
Hi boys and girls. This is a very very cozy room with lovely community for peaceful people. You can (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) the Stuyvesant Town to dig out what I really mean. Prefer female tenant. Contact me via (EMAIL HIDDEN) or (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). Hurray!

The Space

Securest community in Manhattan.
Residens are mostly students from NYU and other colleges. Many others are families and seniors. Wealthy class.
Security system everywhere.

7 nights minimum stay

Another young female tells it like it is
Stuyvensant town is good area in Manhattan,My room near the east river.When open the windor ,Let the river answer,beautful life.
1 night minimum stayAbout the Host, Jasmine

Kaitlin had several happy guests in 2015 according to her reviews.
The building does not have a door man but we will provide key-card access to the building.

4 nights minimum stay

Anonymous said...

Seriously CW and Blackstone do not care if market rate tenants are renting on Airbnb

This gal from Tuscon Arizona has been renting on Airbnb since January 2014 and she is another who advertises the hotel is in StuyTown.

Located in Stuyvesent Town, this completely renovated apartment could be your landing point for the ultimate NYC experience. Less than a block away from a major subway stop and easy to walk to SOHO, Union Square, Chinatown, Chelsea neighborhoods.

And another listed in StuyTown

This apartment is located in the Stuyvesant town area in the East Village of New York. The apartment is located in an elevator building, and is quiet, yet around the corner from bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes. A perfect spot for exploring NYC!

A 1 bedroom says accommodates 4! Yes your above neighbor can multiply overnight!
Accommodates: 4
Bathrooms: 1
Bed type: Real Bed
Bedrooms: 1
Beds: 1
Property type: Apartment
Room type: Entire home/apt

She and her (boyfriend/fiance) live nearby and you can rent her renovated Stuyvesant Town apartment for $120 per night 1 night minimum stay

She gets great reviews!!!! Just this month, February 2016
Rachel was amazing! Her apartment is literally like a home away from home. The key pick-up and drop off was easy, and the place itself was clean and comfortable. Would definitely come here again whenever I come back to the city :)

February 2016

This one is a bargain

This StuyTown January 2016 rental got a bad review

This was the WORST airbnb or any living situation for that matter that I have ever experienced. First of all, the host was impossible to contact, having to communicate through a third party. Second of all, the whole apartment was disgusting and unlivable! It was dirty all around, the bed had no blankets, the washroom was unbearable, and there was a layer of mold on the tub. My friend and I had to go out and buy cleaning equipment to disinfect and scrub their entire bathroom before even stepping foot in. The price DOES NOT justify the condition of this so-called living space. It says one star because it is required to give something, but if I could, I'd give 0.

January 2016

This StuyTown tenant just began on Airbnb August 2015 - guess he knows the City and the Landlord don't care if you rent on Airbnb if you are market rate. He gets $130 per night.

A few more

Anonymous said...

Here is how a mid-20's renovated Peter Cooper Village tenant describes the neighborhood on her Airbnb listing.

Young · Urban · Inexpensive · 20-Somethings · Breezy · Quiet
Listing Location
Peter Cooper Road,New York,New York,United States

And then there is this doozy 3 bedroom StuyTown rental for as many people as you can fit into a three bedroom apartment! For a sports event / party!

Accommodates: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 3
Beds: 3
Property type: Apartment
Room type: Entire home/apt

Extra people: No Charge

1 night minimum stay

45mins to MetLife Stadium on mass transit

And even though she is near 14th street, she too lists her apartment as Kips Bay
Young · Urban · Inexpensive · 20-Somethings · Breezy · Quiet
Listing Location
1st Avenue,New York,New York,United States

Guess that is why the NYPD and T&V started calling StuyTown as Gramercy Park / Kips Bay in their police reports so the students can advertise their hotels with those more expensive neighborhood names and better sounding descriptions for transients, then what would have appeared if we were called Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village -- that Airbnb description would read "middle working class community of families"

With the large number of renovated PCVST market rate hotels and the underhanded attempts to change the community neighborhood name to attract transient travelers, something stinks rotten!

Good thing De Blasio put that clause in the Blackstone agreement that they cannot use us as a hotel but Blackstone is letting the market rate tenants do it while they are accusing the rent stabilized tenants who are not.

Yes something stinks rotten!

Anonymous said...

Please provide proof that Blackstone allows hotels here. That is BS.

Anonymous said...

Yes all those links are to renovated market rate apartments, advertising Stuyvesant Town.

Either Stuyvesant Town approves Airbnb or Blackstone is age discriminating allowing the younger kids to rent apartments on Airbnb and evicting older tenants who do the same thing.

Still I don't believe that small number of Airbnb comes close to the NYU dorms and I doubt any rent stabilized older tenants are on Airbnb but there are a lot of older tenants living next to loud dorms.

Anonymous said...

How many younger tenants got golub notices?

Atomic Man said...

What in the world of heaven and hell will you do? They'll just jump higher, wear shoes longer, run faster, ditch any particles of rugs, turn up the volume. You can't do jack nada especially since management does not care and in fact does not inspect or disapprove.

What WILL I do? I'll tell you what I did. I and my wife confronted our rugless upstairs neighbors on a near-daily basis, until they put down rugs. At first they promised to take off shoes and be quieter, but that wasn't cutting it. We kept on the pressure until they relented. If you think you're gonna make my life miserable, I can do the same for you, "neighbor".

Anonymous said...

The renovated apartments have to rent out every inch of space. Can you afford $4000.00 a month? The unrenovated do not need the income. Most are still under $1800.00 a month. mine.

Anonymous said...

7:47 I like your style. We will do the same with our rude neighbors.

Anonymous said...

6:01 it looks like the guy above at 2:33 PM 3:29 PM 3:51 PM posted all the proof

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting! I hope the new manager reads this and takes action. If not, we should pester the press to write an article and link lit back to the ballyhooed sale to Blackstone press releases and photo ops. If any of my neighbors were renting their unit out I would rat them out in a nano second! They should offer a bounty for reporting such commerce because it is strictly against the law. Even if Blackstone doesn't care, it is still STRICTLY AGAINST THE LAW.

Anonymous said...

In regards to AtomicMan this has been done unsuccessfully by many residents. only to get a slap and a serious warning from management and harassment of tenants. You did not encounter that and if you had, what entails? Our management here is awful to those who are abused victims, not the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Airbnb:

"Airbnb Accused of Purging NYC Listings to Make Its Numbers Look Better"

"Airbnb, one of the crown jewels of our exciting, broken new “sharing economy,” is supposed to let ordinary folks make some extra cash by renting out their spare rooms or unused homes. But according to a new report, Airbnb manipulated its data to hide the fact that a lot of renters in New York City are businesspeople with multiple properties listed on the site. That could be a big deal in Airbnb’s ongoing battle to show that it doesn’t violate the short-term housing laws in NYC, its single biggest market."|

Anonymous said...

WOW that is over 30 possible hotels currently listed. Some may be phony listings, so let's say 15 illegal hotels. Still it is a lot less then the number of dorms but that seems to compound the transient nature of the dorms if it is the dorms that are being used as hotels.

Why was there no investigation into the number of chopped up apartments and dorm students before it got so big to completely destroy our quality of life? Garodnick, Hoylman, Kavanagh's job is to make our quality of life better. They made the CMBS delinquency rate go down for the real estate industry, made profits increase to pay off Speyers debt, and completely destroyed quality of life.

Anonymous said...

Garodnick, Hoylman, Kavanagh are only looking after Wall Street and not Peter Cooper Road / Stuyvesant Loops and Ovals.

Anonymous said...

Does the general community of stuy see this blog - how can we get more exposure to these issues especially the noise, missing rug problems? As I was home with a sick baby all morning, I am well aware our neighbors wo seem to have dropped 12 metal frying pans within a few hours, do not, i repeat, do not have not one rug. - not happy renter, yes, I am new.

Anonymous said...

Looks like nothing has and will change around here.

Anonymous said...

you can keep knocking and banging on your neighbors door but mostly they won't even answer it. Stuy and moreso PCV has rudest meanest tenants who have zero regard for anyone but themselves with no class at all.

Anonymous said...

Those Airbnb postings are all market rate apartments.

Management only wants to rid of rent stabilized tenants.

There are zero rent stabilized tenants on Airbnb, but still management sent out hundreds of harassing false claims to rent stabilized tenants while at the same time look at all those renovated hotel rooms and apartments for rent in Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town.

There are NO un-renovated apartments on Airbnb! NONE!

The rent stabilized tenants are the good tenants. The Market Rate tenants are breaking the law but they are raking in inflated rents for the landlord! So the landlords do not care.

If I see an illegal hotel in my building damn straight I am reporting it.

If I see market raters harassing rent stabilizers to take over their apartments, damn straight I am reporting it.

The Market Rate tenants in our building are the rudest, most entitled, loudest, crass people. They look down their noses at the rent stabilized tenants. They let their kids play ball in the house bouncing it on the floor, against the wall, and in the hall. The Market Rate students are actually better neighbors then that family.

Atomic Man said...

" only to get a slap and a serious warning from management and harassment of tenants.

Oooh, that sounds scary... What is "management" going to do? I'm a 30+ year tenant with a regulated lease. After all these years of being a good tenant and a good neighbor, I'm not about to let a few entitled 20-something brats make my family's home life a living hell.

Anonymous said...

Its changing and not for the better. What stays in Vegas should stay in Vegas but these party boy politicians want NYC to be Vegas jr

bringing a touch of Vegas to NYC!

#ClubAmadeusNY #AlexSensation #JoryBoyOfficial #ValentinesDay #NYNightlife #NYCNightlife #NYCNightclub #Nightlife #Nightclub #LatinMusic #DanceMusic #LatinNight #LatinDanceParty #Salsa #Merengue #Reggae #Reggaeton #Bachata #Bomba #Plena #Soca #BottleService #Concerts #EventSpace #CorporateEvent #PrivateEvent

Anonymous said...

STR... we are waiting (impatiently;) for your post on our boy Dan. I saw there are TA elections being held this year - the sign was up one minute and down the next. Do we think management removed, or did the TA put up and take down quickly so that they could say they posted it?

It was literally only up for an hour or 2.

Anonymous said...

More evidence politicians are self serving and not serving the people.

This guy endorsed De Blasio in expectation of being rewarded higher office position in return and not because his endorsement was based on who would be best for constituents. Politicians endorsements of each other are one of two things:
Self serving and or a clear indication of who not to vote for when the one making the endorsement is awful themselves.

These guys give themselves raises, promotions, deliver results for Wall Street, decrease quality of life for constituents, and party the night away at clubs and REBNY galas.

We deserve a better class of grown up politicians who get results for constituents. Not promises, or weak laws with gaping loopholes. Real F*****N Good Results!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Atomic Man. Wish I had your moxy, but as an elderly female living alone, I feel pretty helpless, especially as I know management is salivating at the thought of my demise. This place is really becoming Hell on Earth for some longtime tenants. Everybody I know who has appealed to that Habersham creature has found she is not on the persecuted tenant's side in any way shape or form. I wish they would get rid of her and put a decent human being in her place. Does anybody remember Audrey Morosky (sp?) She was wonderful. A really decent person.

BIGMO said...

As a long time rent stabilized tenant I don't even bother with security and management anymore when it comes to neighbors making noise. I go directly to the neighbor and if they deny or refuse to stop the noise I make their life hell. I'll bang on walls/ceilings with bats and aim my tower speakers against the wall blasting music for hours even late at night. It has always worked. My motto is 'if they disturb me I will disturb them!' Interestingly, they never call security on me because the offending neighbor knows they are the initiator of the noise. People are like countries...try diplomacy first; if that doesn't work WAR is always an option! Some people only understand force and I'm always ready to bring it if necessary. Must be my Bronx upbringing!

Anonymous said...

February 11, 2016 at 2:31 PM

Bombard Rick Hayduk with phone calls 212-614-5848 or 212-598-5288
and emails everyday until the problem is fixed!
I advise EVERYONE else to do this if you have a problem.

Anonymous said...

People are facing real problems but the Politicians are turning NYC into PartyTown Playground

Goodbye to Real New York and Real New Yorkers

Anonymous said...

"I'm not about to let a few entitled 20-something brats make my family's home life a living hell."

Love the sentiment but be aware, if the millennial apartment occupants press, you will get a “Cease and Desist” letter from the SHAM or even an eviction notice from their hired law firm that they keep on retainer for hit jobs like this. Remember, they want you out and the student/just graduated from college transient demo in. Then you will have to lawyer up to go settle with Blackstone or lawywer up and take your chance in Housing Court. You may win in Court but either way, you will have to lay out thousands in legal fees with no chance of recovery. BTW, this is fact, it’s not IMO.

Anonymous said...

Indigo House is not the only pseudo-hotel renter of NYC apartments, here is another

The city Council / Hall is letting all these companies operate while they are attacking innocent rent stabilized tenants with Golub notices here.

Anonymous said...

On Home Away this Renovated Market Rate 3 Bedroom Stuyvesant Town Apartment has been renting as a hotel for at least 5 years and they even advertise photos of the apartment along with the Oval Beach, and Playgrounds.

The "Owners" David and Antonio have several apartments throughout NYC they rent including this one in Stuyvesant Town.

Here are some reviews from his hotel guests (yes even CW property management is mentioned in the reviews)

I stayed in this manhattan apartment this last week with my wife a three children. we could not have stayed anywhere more perfect. the location was great and the neighborhood was clean and quite.
It felt like everything was so close. everyday walking through the development you see this beautiful large fountain and lots of families with young children playing in the parks, right in front of you.
The apartment was clean, bright and has everything you would find staying at a friends house. That is what I felt like actually, that a friend went out of town and let me stay there. Is all you need to bring with you is your clothes and toiletries.
The main bedroom was way bigger than it looks in the picture and there is a plenty of room for your clothes including a dresser and a nice size closet. No need to live out of a suitcase. Instead of going out to dinner you can buy groceries and cook right there and eat at home for a fraction of the cost. We did find a few very good affordable restaurants in the neighborhood too! but it's nice to have these choices.
The property is very secure and it's own security force and security cameras everywhere. It does feel a little lot big brother is watching but it also makes you feel safe in such a large city.
we loved staying here and when we come back to manhattan we will definitely book again if it's available. This beats staying at a hotel for sure.

April 2011

"Fast easy process. Owner, property manager and caretaker were all friendly and accommodating. We look forward to staying again and we highly recommend this property." May 2012

David and Antonio were a pleasure to deal with. The apartment was very clean and bright and sunny. In fact it might be to bright as the only complaint i had was that they should install blackout blinds on the bedroom windows. The curtains they have don't keep the light out. There apartment is as advertised and pictured... It's actually a bit nicer and roomier in person.

Nov 2013

"Perfect apartment for 3 couples to all sleep, eat, relax and show in comfort. Thank you Antonio. You were so insightful and made us feel comfortable. "

May 2014

Yes the reviews say "property manager, owner and caretaker" all knew of the hotel guests and yes, the last review says "3 couples", How is that legal? How did supersleuths on the TA who were busy getting themselves press in the NY Times not catch this (or why did they chose not to?)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention the Renovated Market Rate 3 bedroom StuyTown rental is available today

Sleeps 8
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 1
Property type apartment
Minimum Stay 2 nights


Member since: 2011

Speaks: english

Response time:
Within a few days

Calendar last updated:
January 25, 2016

 Call Owner

Yes, as of January 25, 2016 they are still running their hotel in Stuyvesant Town.

Anonymous said...


Here are recent reviews for the 3 bedroom Renovated StuyTown hotel on HomeAway

Awesome Location And Apartment

Our time in New York was spent mostly out of the apartment sight seeing. We used the subway and walked alot, but the location was very convenient to everything and that worked perfectly for us. Was also a very spacious and comfortable apartment. More than enough beds, fully stocked kitchen, all very clean.

Submitted: Jan 23, 2016
Stayed: Sep 2015
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway



Very Spacious Clean Space. Awesome and Comfortable

I was very happy with the apartment, great location!! We were checked in, given keys and all our questions were answered. Safe neighborhood, Union Square was literally about a 12 minute walk away with lots of restaurant choices along the way. There was a nearby Supermarket just a short walk away, subways also close by. Very convenient neighborhood. Loved the complex.



Submitted: Jan 21, 2016
Stayed: Dec 2015
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

Here is the real kick in the face to real Stuy Town residents - LOOK HOW FAST A HOTEL GUEST GETS A PLUMBER! CW KNEW OF THIS HOTEL GUEST!

Great apartment. Very spacious and clean. Nicely furnished, nicer than the pictures.
"Very nice apartment. We were pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was. Good communication between the property manager and us. We had a clogged sink they were there in less than an hour to fix it. We highly recommend staying in this apartment."

Submitted: Apr 22, 2015
Stayed: Jan 2015
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway




Anonymous said...

David has a lot of hotel guests and repeat guests at his other apartments outside Stuytown. Here are more reviews from his Stuy Town guests:

Great apartment. Very spacious and clean. Nicely furnished, nicer than the pictures.

Very nice apartment. We were pleasantly surprised at how spacious it was. Good communication between the property manager and us. We had a clogged sink they were there in less than an hour to fix it. We highly recommend staying in this apartment.
Submitted: Apr 22, 2015
Stayed: Jan 2015
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

A Wonderful experience! Excellent customer service, the pictures and description was very accurate.

Comfortable beds, clean towels and sheets. Apartment was very clean. The kitchen had everything we needed. Wifi had a good strong signal. Only downside was not very many channels to choose from but really an issue since we were out and about most of the time.
Submitted: May 28, 2014 Stayed: Apr 2014
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
Shelly B

Exactly as pictured and described. Great location, great customer service. Highly recommended*****

Just a perfect apartment for my family of 5. dinging area was large enough for all of us. Kitchen was equipped well enough for the wife to cook and serve supper a couple of nights. The apartment was very clean and very quiet yet, right smack in the heart of the city. my wife has already booked a girls weekend with the same owners at another property they have in Chelsea. Really, it was a great place at a great price.
Submitted: May 22, 2014 Stayed: Mar 2014
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
James and Mary +3
Melbourne Australia


We loved staying at this apartment. It was the perfect size for myself, my husband, my in-laws and our 5 month old son. Amenities such as a stroller, pack n play, laundry room and free street parking made the stay so easy for us. Not to mention that the apartment has a fantastic the dining area had ample seat and space for dining and the kitchen is fully stocked.

The building is located on an 80 Acre park at the northern end of the East Village.

The neighborhood is lovely with shops, and great eateries, cool lounges. I recommend this for any one looking for a home away from home in NYC
Submitted: May 15, 2014 Stayed: Apr 2014
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
Barbette, Tom & troop

more to come......

Anonymous said...

Continued reviews from Compass Rock CW David and Antonio's Renovated StuyTown hotel apartment

This review tells it all. This is why they installed the noisy winter sports tent and ice rinks and killed all the trees in the Oval Park - his 6 guests had a great time staying in Compass Rock CW Stuytown Hotel.


FANTASTIC LOCATION!!! The unit exceeded our expectations providing a fully equip kitchen, tennis courts, basketball and Bocche courts, There are quite a few children's playgrounds, a great lawn with huge beautiful fountain.

Just a very comfortable place for our party of six to dine in and the sleeping arrangements for a party of 6 were great.

In comparison to a hotel stay, it was also more cost effective. I would absolutely recommend this apartment for families, corporate functions, friends and the alike.

Submitted: May 15, 2014
Stayed: May 2014
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

Owner's Response: Thank you Alton! We look forward to hosting you and your family on your next trip to NYC.


Anonymous said...

more reviews cont'd How nice, Compass Rock freshly painted their StuyTown hotel apartment and some say the "staff" is very nice and they will be repeat customers!

Lovely apartment in a great location. Very clean and sunny & Antonio was very pleasant & helpful

We will certainly return and have already recommended this property to our neighbors who reserved it for this summer. The apartment is much brighter in person. Probably because it was freshly painted just before we arrived.
Submitted: May 13, 2014
Stayed: Feb 2014
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

We look forward to our next stay in this flat. staff is very professional and attentive.

Very accommodating. our flight was delayed and we were 7 hours late for the agreed upon check in time. Antonio was understanding and waited for us until 22:00. The flat looked new and had everything you could possibly want in a holiday rental. very cool location east village and gramercy park just a few blocks away. the area has lots young professional families and some cheeky nyu students. lots of police around, a bit odd but you do feel safe. also very convenient to the metro, whole foods and lots of restaurants and pubs!

we travel to ny two to three times per year and we've now found our nyc home away from home.
Submitted: Dec 17, 2013 Stayed: Nov 2013
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
pond jumpers

The "6 party girls" had a great time too and these guys are not hiding their illegal hotel, they asked the girls to write an advertising review!!!


I'm not one to post reviews but after Antonio contacted me to request i add a review and i saw what was written below i had to write about our wonderful experience.

Our party of 6 LOVED this apartment and the location. David was a pleasure to deal with during the reservation process. He answered all our question in a timely fashion. Antonio the caretaker was AMAZING he was always available during our week long stay to answer any questions we had and came to the apartment immediately to help us with the internet when the Wifi went out. The beds are all good quality mattresses and very comfortable, as are the linens and towels. The appliances are all new and easy to operate. I can't say enough about the professional customer service we received from these guys. They are true professionals and they know how to take care of their property and how to treat their customers. We highly recommend staying in this apartment.
Submitted: Sep 14, 2013
Stayed: Aug 2013
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
The girls

Anonymous said...

A bad review and even guests during Hurricane Sandy!

Terrible customer service 
1 of 5

Stuyvesant town is a nice area to stay in, but be very careful who you book with!

David from nychospitality group completely forgot to book our apartment, so we had to spend the first night in a dodgy, too hot to sleep in apartment on the other side of manhattan (which he had the cheek to call an upgrade), which meant half a day was wasted checking out and then into the next place, plus paying for another taxi with all our luggage. When I asked for a discount, he was incredibly rude and refused, practically yelling down the phone.

The apartment we did stay in was dim, and the toilet kept clogging and overflowed at one point.

Stuyvesant town is a nice area to stay in, but be very careful who you book with!
Submitted: Sep 4, 2013 Stayed: Aug 2013
Source: HomeAway Amy V.

Better than described. the apartment is spacious and bright. highly recommended for family W/ kids

David was professional and patient. he responded to emails and returned calls immediately and answered endless questions from my mother in-law. the caretaker antonio was very helpful and offered lots of suggestions about where to go and what to do. when there was a temp shutdown of heat in the building while doing a repair to the boiler (seemingly residual damage from the storm sandy) antonio brought over several electric space heaters and set them up for us. overall it was a very pleasant stay and a tremendous value over staying at even the cheapest of local hotels.
Submitted: Jan 31, 2013 Stayed: Jan 2013
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

Anonymous said...

Who is this StuyTown onsite concierge Antonio that all the StuyTown Hotel guest love?

Perect apartment for a family of 6. Our best holiday yet! Location was perfect and we walked to all.

I don't understand what the last reviewer is talking about!? We just stayed in this apartment for a week. Our trip started with a 5 hour delay in London. After a very long flight with two stop overs my wife and i and our 4 very tired and hungry children finally arrived at the apartment at 2:00AM. Antonio was there to greet us with a smile on his face. He helped carry up our luggage and when we walked into the apartment there were holiday cookies and hot cider waiting for us. Needless to say we left Antonio with a nice tip. The apartment was spacious, the beds were all very comfortable, linens all high quality and smelled fresh. We want to thank the owners and Antonio one more time for waiting 5 hours for us.

Overall..our stay at this location was fantastic. We felt very safe and secure at all times. Accommodations were above and beyond what we expected. We would LOVE to stay at this location again. This property is conveniently located, near a Whole Foods Grocery Store, two subway stops, and tons of great restaurants, tons of parks and playgrounds to take the kids. Antonio was very accessible, and on point to help us with any questions throughout our stay.
Submitted: Jan 19, 2012
Stayed: Dec 2011
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

The Haytons


Anonymous said...

Then 2 months later

Perfect for Family Vacation in NYC

We stayed in this apartment in mid August to use as a base for exploring NYC with our 4 children (ages 9-13) for 6 days. The caretaker, Antonio, met us at 11:30p to show give us keys and a walk through. He kindly checked us in and was very responsive and helpful during our stay. The apartment is sparsely furnished so there is plenty of room for guest's luggage. The apartment was fresh and clean with lots of extra sheets and towels. The kitchen was perfectly equipped for light meals.
Since the unit faces the interior loops of Stuy Town the apartment is surprisingly quiet. Another advantage is that the apartment is right on a handy crosstown subway line and has many shops and services within a block or two. We recommend this apartment highly
Submitted: Aug 16, 2011
Stayed: Aug 2011
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

Highly recommended and greatly appreciated!

We loved this charming apartment. The unit and neighborhood was perfect for my wife and me and my brother and sister in-law and their two kids. The unit was clean and surprisingly comfortable for a family of six people. The living room is larger in person than it appears in the pictures. The neighborhood was safe and quite. There was even a free WiFi out on the main large grass oval with the fountain. This was one of the best deals we could find on VRBO and our expectations were met with flying colors. We couldn't rent a dirty motel for the price of this wonderful apartment. The unit had plenty of nice towels, quality bedding, a full kitchen, and we even set us up with a US blackberry phone. The manager was very easy to work with and we would recommend this gem to anyone who wants a nice, comfortable, CLEAN place at a BARGAIN price! Additionally, the area was close to all the sites in the city. walking never took more than an hour to get to anywhere in the city we wanted to go.
Submitted: May 2, 2011
Stayed: Mar 2011
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway
Ian & Co
England and US

Anonymous said...




This was our first trip to the big apple and our flight was delayed by 6 hours. We showed up at 2:00am and David was there to greet us with a smile and a bottle of MUCH needed wine.

The apartment was exactly as described...Clean, bright and very quite. This is a great apartment and if i were to move to NY this is the location i would choose. everything u could want is within walking distance and no matter how far in the city we went it took no more than 30 minutes by subway or taxi. We even went to Williamsburg Brooklyn that was just a couple of stops on the subway maybe 15min.

Submitted: Apr 27, 2011
Stayed: Mar 2011
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

Owner's Response: Hey Guys! Thanks for your review. I'm sure this feedback will be helpful to future guests. Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay with us and look forward to having you and your family stay again soon!

Great place for a family with young children

 
5 of 5

my wife and i and our four children stayed here last week, it was perfect! playground and B'ball court just outside our door. It's a safe secure family community in the middle of NYC. Just a couple of blocks to the train station and great restaurants. We will definitely stay here again on our next trip to NY. We highly recommend this rental.
Submitted: Apr 25, 2011
Stayed: Apr 2011
Source: VRBO, from HomeAway

Owner's Response: Many thanks for your review. I'm sure this feedback will be helpful to future guests. Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay with us and look forward to accommodating you and your family again soon!

surfs up
Ventura Beach

Anonymous said...



Car: not necessary

The apartments in enclave of the East Village are set within a beautifully landscaped 80 acre park. Here you will find several children playgrounds and many athletic courts including tennis, basketball, boccie ball, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, hockey and others.

*There is a large swimming pool and state of the art fitness center both available for an additional day rate to be paid directly to the gym and pool.

The property is part of an 80-acre private park, the community offers on-site indoor parking for $40 per 24 hours, a seasonal greenmarket, free music and movies on the oval's great lawn with one of the largest fountains in NYC.

The Oval has free WiFi so you can surf and make dinner plans while sunbathing or picnicking on the lawn.

Anonymous said...

Lastly here are the on-site services offered to the StuyTown hotel guests

Onsite Services:

Car Available

Private Chef



Anonymous said...





New York City (4,176 rentals)
Home / USA / New York / New York City
- NoHo
- Roosevelt Island
- SoHo
- Stuyvesant Town
- Sutton Place
- Times Square
- Tribeca
- Tudor City
- Turtle Bay
- Union Square
- Upper East Side
- Upper West Side
- Washington Heights
- West Village
- Battery Park City
- Chelsea
- Chinatown
- Civic Center
- Clinton
- East Harlem
- East Village
- Financial District
- Flatiron
- Gramercy
- Greenwich Village
- Hamilton Heights
- Harlem (Central)
- Hudson Height
- Inwood
- Little Italy
- Lower East Side
- Manhattan Valley
- Manhattanville
- Midtown
- Midtown South
- Morningside Heights
- Murray Hill
- Other Manhattan Properties
Staten Island

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Thank you for the links and info!


Anonymous said...

Those links are bad... really bad. Where is the commenter from 6:01 the other day asking for hotel proof.

If anyone has a connection with the press, they should write about this. Heads need to roll with this, starting with the TA and Dan, and then go up from there.

Anonymous said...

Do not rent out your apartment to AirBnB in my building because I will not only report you (and I am a very pushy person) to Management, but I will also report you to the City and the IRS. I promise.

500 Decibel Man said...

Anonymous BIGMO said...
As a long time rent stabilized tenant I don't even bother with security and management anymore when it comes to neighbors making noise. I go directly to the neighbor and if they deny or refuse to stop the noise I make their life hell. I'll bang on walls/ceilings with bats and aim my tower speakers against the wall blasting music for hours even late at night. It has always worked. My motto is 'if they disturb me I will disturb them!' Interestingly, they never call security on me because the offending neighbor knows they are the initiator of the noise. People are like countries...try diplomacy first; if that doesn't work WAR is always an option! Some people only understand force and I'm always ready to bring it if necessary. Must be my Bronx upbringing!

February 12, 2016 at 10:49 AM

I LOVE your posting BIGMO. You are the best.
As an old Brooklyn boy I follow the same strategy.
First, I speak with them quietly, nicely, diplomatically, respectfully.
If that doesn't work, then IT'S WAR!
I don't sleep, you don't sleep!
How simple is that!
You'd be surprised how effective a quick blast of my speakers next to their ceiling at 3:00AM works!
F*ck these insensitive clods!

Anonymous said...

Stuyvesant Town has gone from a ten year wait list to get in because it was so desirable to raise a family and live here to desperately needing Douglas Elliman to broker apartments.

Anonymous said...

Oval Concierge should have its books investigated for all the illegal hotels and their guests using that service. Evict the illegal companies operating in PCVST including concierge companies, tear down the offices built for illegal companies, and plant trees in those open spaces again. What a crime ridden place PCVST has become.

Anonymous said...

That headline is more genius then it knows

"City lawmakers already make 47% more than average cops and firefighters. Now the greedy pols want an $80G raise to $192G?!"

Because of City lawmakers holding elected offices since 2007 -- PCVST has more crimes, white collar and violent crimes, while having fewer and fewer firefighters, cops, teachers as tenants.

Anonymous said...

You are all blaming Donalda. The fish stinks from the head. Donalda works in her way because Rick and the new boys tell her to. Dint you ever think it is anything different. They know her gig and are thrilled with the outcome. You are annoyed then move. You are awake all night then move.

Anonymous said...





NYU studcents renting a room in Stuyvesant Town and they installed a lock on the bedroom door for the illegal hotel room. Available for two guests to stay with other two NYU student roommates

Walking distance to Midtown and Union Square, close to L train station on 1st Avenue and 14th St. You will be sharing the apartment with my other 2 roommates, both students at NYU but your room is private.

Safety Features
Smoke Detector
Lock on Bedroom Door

Private Room in East Village
New York, NY, United States
Private room2 Guests1 Bed

3 nights minimum stay



The flat and the room are very comfortable. Big room in a quiet neighborhood. Ondina wasn't those days but she was always available at the phone. The flat is close to the underground

January 2016

Anonymous said...

Tricky misspelling to hide a Stuy Town Hotel as Stay Town Hotel

Anonymous said...

Of course they are allowing the new stabilizers in market rate apartments to run illegal hotels. The Airbnb scam is a political cover up to hide the real culprit destroying affordable housing and pushing rent stabilized tenants out of their homes, college and university dorms!

PCVST chopped apartments to add more rooms to add more beds! Not once did Marsh or Steinberg demand a new room count on the property to change the MCI equation so rent stabilized tenants keep getting ripped off and pushed out of their homes every which way!

All the politicians screaming about AIRbnb and demanding higher penalties have said nothing about college dorms and will probably say even less about college dorms and students being allowed to run illegal hotels. Until late 2015 Dan barely said anything about dorms exploding in numbers in PCVST since 2010, then all he said was weak that he would look into it. HA!

City Hall and City Council and Albany are discriminating against rent stabilized tenants, older tenants. The big amount of kids running illegal hotels and the years some have been running them shows what hypocrites and liars the Politicians and TA are.

Attack us long time residents with golubs and false accusations of doing what the new stabilizers are actually doing.

It is discrimination and lies.

Anonymous said...

Has Management been presented with all of the above evidence of the thriving AirBnB trade going on here? We know the TA doesn't care, but Management might care.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That headline is more genius then it knows

"City lawmakers already make 47% more than average cops and firefighters. Now the greedy pols want an $80G raise to $192G?!"

Because of City lawmakers holding elected offices since 2007 -- PCVST has more crimes, white collar and violent crimes, while having fewer and fewer firefighters, cops, teachers as tenants.

February 13, 2016 at 3:48 PM


Anonymous said...

Blackstone are very smart and very educated. They know. They look into everything before making a purchase. They know. If whoever posted the links could expose it, then Blackstone could to. They know. When NYU does nothing even about Ondina, then NYU knows. CW and Compass Rock and Blackstone and NYU and the TA and all who comprise those companies more than know. NYU cheerleader Dan too, no doubting. My guess on the "shady" online review that one illegal hotel got, is that a tenant wrote it to stop tourist transients from sleeping in Stuyvesant Town after Management did nothing about it.
Tourist Transients are sleeping in the chopped apartments.
Makes you realize that was the plan all along. Chop up affordable housing to make way for more beds for unit to accommodate Tourist Transients. Same with installing on campus concierge Abigail Michaels.

Anonymous said...

Is that Susan Steinberg holding a sign that says my home is not a hotel? People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The TA can easily go to any of these sites and see all these listings and links we all saw last week thanks to a commentator on STR blog.

Anonymous said...

According to the released data there are as many illegal hotels in Stuyvesant Town as there are "admitted" dorms (admitted by NYU, Dan, CW Compass Rock but we all know there are thousands more.

According to Airbnb released records there are 116 illegal hotels in Stuyvesant Town. Most seem to be renovated apartments but all the listings were not checked so there could be more ie all the illegal hotels could very well be renovated apartments - making the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village illegal hotel operators Students and New Stabilizers.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, can the TA address these hotels? I don't have Facebook, otherwise I would question them myself.

Anonymous said...

All the rent stabilized past and current tenants who received golub notices should sue the living daylights out of CW Compass Rock TA Blackstone Tishman BlackRock, all of them for billions for ruining their reputations and harassing them with false allegations of being a criminal illegal hotel operator.

All the students running illegal hotels should be expelled and arrested. All the illegal hotel operation amenities operating in our residential PCVST should be evicted and arrested. The TA should be ashamed of itself, embarrassed into resigning, and investigated, the books and the hotel / amenity operations.

Anonymous said...

February 14, 2016 at 1:20 PM Seriously? That one guy has been running his hotel for years even during the Sleuth Salacan PR NY Times article.

Anonymous said...

I agree with an earlier post that Blackstone is very aware of the illegal hotels. They of course knew about them when hey bought the property and will continue to make money on them and the dorms. They cannot rent those high priced MR apartments any other way. Have not heard any proposed actions on these issues from management and probably will not. Their big PR statements about keeping noise down is a cover for
this transient situation.

Anonymous said...

After what Larry Fink and Rob Speyer did to this community how the heck can the NYPD honor him?? The NYPD just lost a lot of credibility.

Anonymous said...

So that is why Speyer of Tishman Speyer and Fink of BlackRock got away with it all. They destroyed an entire community right under the noses of the country's largest police precinct, the 13th NYPD. They kicked out their own from PCVST.

The NYPD honors BlackRock because white collar crime pays! Thanks 13th! For nothing.

December 11, 2015
Exposing BlackRock: Who’s Afraid of Lawrence Fink?

by Andrew Gavin Marshall

It operates virtually unregulated, often in the background, yet there is scarcely a company, country or region of the planet that this, the world’s largest asset management firm, does not touch or influence.

At a mere 27 years of age, BlackRock manages $4.5 trillion in assets, making it the single largest investor on Earth.

It manages more wealth than Japan and Germany have in GDP. In fact, only China and the United States have a larger GDP than BlackRock has assets under management. Yet when one includes assets that the company not only manages, but advises upon, the number soars to around $15 trillion, roughly equal to U.S. GDP.


But even before it earned the title of largest money manager in the world, BlackRock was raising eyebrows concerning its business advising and contracting with governments.

When the financial crisis struck the U.S. in 2008, the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve turned to BlackRock and Larry Fink for support. BlackRock advised the government on the rescues, bailouts and purchases of Bear Stearns, American International Group (AIG), Citigroup, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


According to Vanity Fair, One of Fink’s favorite phrases to insert into casual conversations is: “As I told Washington…”

For years, Fink has been touted as a possible Treasury Secretary the likelihood of which may increase if Clinton becomes president.

Indeed, Fink, a longtime Democrat, would be perfectly suited to such a position as the “top consigliere” of Wall Street in Washington, Suzanna Andrews writes in Vanity Fair, “and the leading member of the country’s financial oligarchy.”

And Larry Fink, the architect of “his own Wall Street empire,” could become a household name in U.S. politics soon enough.

Anonymous said...

PCV ST bailed out Fink BlackRock twice, the NYPD honors him and now he is gunning for a promotion to Treasury Secretary that he has been chasing since 2007 (also the year he began pillaging this community! We bailed him out twice!

"...But people who know him say that for all that he has accomplished, Fink believes his career is incomplete unless he achieves the one goal that has eluded him for years -- a presidential appointment to become U.S. Treasury Secretary.

People close to Fink, one of Wall Street’s most prominent Democrats, say that he’s now hoping his next chance to become Treasury Secretary is if Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in 2016.

Friends and business associates say Fink has had his eye on being the Treasury Secretary since at least 2007, when he was one of the earliest Wall Street supporters of then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Even after Obama’s election as president in 2008, Fink has vied for the spot; when Tim Geithner announced he would step down as Treasury Secretary in 2011, he began to quietly lobby White House officials and Washington insiders for the job, these people say.

With BlackRock’s success over the years, Fink has told friends he would like to end his career in much the same way former Goldman chief Robert Rubin had, by shaping economic policy as Treasury Secretary. shaping economic policy as Treasury Secretary.

God help us all if he is allowed to do to the whole country and world what he did to us in PCV ST.

But he thinks he is a shoe in for Treasury Secretary because of his NYU mutual Clinton-friends

"Renewed talk about Fink’s interest in the job came in October after the appointment of Mills to the BlackRock board. Mills has little financial experience, BlackRock insiders concede, though she is skilled in politics, having served in the administration of President Bill Clinton, and as chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during President Obama’s first term.

People close to Fink say he met Mills through his long affiliation with New York University, where among other roles he serves on the school’s board of trustees. Mills had been the university’s general counsel before serving on the Obama White House.

People at BlackRock say Mills is well qualified as a board member of a large financial services company in the post-banking crisis world because policy-making in Washington plays such a central role in Wall Street’s affairs.

But Mills, these people concede, is also just the type of political insider who could help Fink overcome skepticism among the left-wing of the Democratic Party of Wall Street types playing a role in government if Hillary Clinton becomes president, as many Wall Street Democrats are betting on."

We, PCV ST bailed out Fink twice - the first time during the crisis and the second with his and Speyers PCV ST bailout where Albany let CW pillage us to pay off the billionaires debt. Fink and Speyer got 2 bailouts from PCV ST!

"The Fink-Geithner partnership served BlackRock well; in the aftermath of the 2008 financial collapse, BlackRock managed assets of many of financial companies that were either liquidated or bailed out by the federal government. People close to him say he sought to reward Geithner, offering him a senior position at BlackRock. Geithner ultimately took a post with private equity firm Warburg Pincus."

Anonymous said...

At 2:20, so that makes it alright? Just because a "sleuth" didn't find them, we just give the TA a pass? Steinberg needs to address.

Anonymous said...

3:19 PM: Money talks. No doubt Fink and Speyer donate big bucks to the NYPD (not that any of the overworked, underpaid rank and file see any of it). The Brass get plenty of "inducements."

Anonymous said...

Thanks 1:19 for the link. It does seem all the hotels are in renovated market rate new stabilizer apartments.

Anonymous said...

Wow, look how long this has been going on and not until Flint got national attention did the State move from "investigative" mode to beginning to take the slightest amount of action because the culprits are global billion dollar corporations plastic manufacturer Saint Gobain and Honeywell, an American multinational conglomerate company that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments.

How long have they had contaminated water before the 2014 report? The people at corporations are being reckless with communities and the environment and the government is turning a blind eye and deaf ears until the press gets wind.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the dorms are the biggest problem and the students renting hotel rooms. Clearly ST PCV would not have any of these problems or any of the quality of life problems were it not for Speyer and Fink.

Anonymous said...

"They cannot rent those high priced MR apartments any other way. "

That is the current business model, plus the dorms, official (NYU, Parsons, New School)and the many more dorm style apartments (3,4,5,etc.-occupants) where the students and the just post college crowd, who are on the lease themselves with their parents guaranteeing the lease.

We are truly now a dorm/motel dump. Luxury? High end? High income tenants? I don’t think so, everyone who is a broker and Blackstone must know this to be true. Bed bug central.

Anonymous said...

The IRS and State Tax Dept need to get on the stick. A lot of people are making a lot of money and not paying federal, state or hotel taxes. All of the above links and info needs to be forwarded to the appropriate tax departments. There may even be some kind of reward to be claimed for turning them in.

Anonymous said...

The rental companies like VRBO need to collect the tax just like a hotel collects the tax then pays the government. VRBO is a hotel network, a virtual hotel, of sort. That way the government is sure to get the taxes.
How does VRBO or AirBNB get paid? Do they get a cut? Does the hotel guest pay the host or the site?
For the IRS and State to go after each and every one of these when there are 50 Million users and 640,000 hosts as of 2014 on Airbnb alone...that would take a lot of manpower to go after each individual hotel when it would be easier to go after a megacorporation and get millions of unpaid and evaded taxes from just one corporate tax dodger. That was a joke, we know the government would never go after a corporation but would go after 640,000 individual people!

Look at the statistics. Home rental is the way of the future and will replace the very wealthy monopolistic hotel industry. There just need to be better laws for who and where they can operate. It is not appropriate here in PCVST. Used to be we knew everyone in the building and in the elevators. Its just not safe to have tourists here.

By the way who is liable if a hotel guest hurts themselves on the basketball tent or the ice rink? The property management who let them into the tent or on the ice rink or if they choke in the Oval Cafe?

Anonymous said...

11:45 you are assuming they are not paying taxes and are opening yourself up for a lawsuit making accusations like that. Most of these kids / students renting here come from wealthy families who have the money to bring a defamatory lawsuit if you ruin their kids with your accusations especially if your accusations are not true.

Your desire for a reward is loathsome.

This is about the safety of the community and the potential dangers that transients bring with them, from bed bugs to possible violence in places we let down our guard and let our kids wander freely, the halls, laundry rooms, property.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>11:45 you are assuming they are not paying taxes and are opening yourself up for a lawsuit making accusations like that. Most of these kids / students renting here come from wealthy families who have the money to bring a defamatory lawsuit if you ruin their kids with your accusations especially if your accusations are not true.<<

A lawsuit would be highly doubtful unless specific charges are made against specific people. "Joe Blow is a tax dodger." And even then, it wouldn't be worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

STR at February 15, 2016 at 9:02 AM Maybe so but maybe not.

These are young kids just starting out whose only reputation will be from mistakes they made in college and in their twenties. If my kids were that old, and someone accused them of tax evasion without any proof (and how could anyone have legally attained any proof of a neighbors tax history?) I would defend my kid to the ends of the earth against that prying neighbor.

A person's taxes is a private affair and is none of a neighbor's business. Now safety is a neighbors concern, but prying onto our neighbors taxes violates their privacy. We should not open the door to prying into our neighbors like that. That is gross and inflammatory by definition, "arousing or intended to arouse angry or violent feelings" towards that person.

Anonymous said...

As well as not paying taxes, these people are not providing their "guests" with appropriate safety measures that hotels are required to provide. No sprinklers in the halls, etc. I would turn an AirbnB "host" in to every authority I could, whether tax, FDNY and management in a New York Minute! So sue me and see where it gets you!

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to turn in someone for a State or City Housing law violation or Public Safety Law. It is a whole other thing to accuse someone of committing a Federal Crime.

Seriously, this community is better than that, isn't it? Being new to getting to know neighbors here, is that they type of neighbors we are and have? How would any of us know anything about our neighbors taxes or the kids taxes who are running these obviously illegal hotels?

10:33 How far are you all prying into your neighbors privacy?

Before accusations of federal crimes by these kids are thrown around, maybe there is inflammatory, anger inducing, hostility against neighbors for other underlying reasons.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, the "kids" running these illegal hotels are endangering my life and my home and I will do ANYTHING and I repeat ANYTHING to get rid of them. Let them make their youthful mistakes somewhere else and endanger somebody else's life and property. I would turn them in in a heartbeat and I don't give a flying fuck what the consequences are to them. THEY are the ones breaking the laws.

Anonymous said...

Okay 2:37. Well then too we must blame the NYU Billionaire Board of Directors for the scandalous unethical unlawful real estate tactics they practice that profits them handsomely enticing students and young minds to emulate them, teaching the students by example. All while undermining the teachings of the Professors of Ethics exacerbated by having zero Professors on the NYU Board of Directors.

That Boards is a veritable who's who list of some of the biggest white collar ........s.

Let's report the students and NYU too for violating City, State and Federal laws. I see your point, and agree but if we are to do this, then let's do it right. Let's not let the NYU Board scapegoat the students for something their Board member Fink created.

Let's tally the student listings, the duration of their hotel operation, along with the 15 years of NYU real estate scandals reported by the NYTimes and make a big report of it.

Anonymous said...

At PCVST, what began while PCV ST was under NYU Board member Fink control; continued after PCV ST was under NYU Board member Novogratz control; after Speyer made a deal to have CW spin off from Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec to Fortress Hedge Fund while keeping the same personnel at the head of CW, Spetka.

Plus someone authorized NYU to use the StuyTown registered trademark and logo on their campus name about the same time the illegal hotels began. The NYU Board and the illegal hotel students seem equally accountable.

What is confusing is the CW Spetka, Garodnick, Walker Dunlop spin off area that Garodnick felt compelled to put out a statement which confused things all the more.
Spetka is a member of the Walker Dunlop LLC

Key Executives for Walker & Dunlop Capital, LLC

Mr. Charles Spetka

Member of Executive Committee, Chief Executive Officer of Cw Financial Services Llc, Chief Executive Officer of Cwcapital Investments Llc, Chief Executive Officer of Cwcapital Asset Management Llc and President of Cwcapital Investments Llc

Anonymous said...

Well, we know our politicians and their donors are the scum of the earth, but it's a shame the students are following in their footsteps. Probably, many of the illegal hoteliers are not students; a good many of them are likely to be young entrepreneurial assholes with no sense of morality or decency. That means they are following in the moral footsteps our our scum of the earth politicians and their donors.

Anonymous said...

"These are young kids just starting out whose only reputation will be from mistakes they made in college and in their twenties. If my kids were that old, and someone accused them of tax evasion without any proof (and how could anyone have legally attained any proof of a neighbors tax history?) I would defend my kid to the ends of the earth against that prying neighbor."

You wouldn't have to defend your kids to the ends of the earth if you taught them basic decency and morality so that they wouldn't go about trying to make a buck illegally and, at the same time, put other people's lives in danger. Ever heard of "Do the Crime, Do the Time?" If these kids want to break, bend or manipulate the laws to their own ways and means, then if they are caught they should be prepared to face the consequences. Your precious snowflakes are not as special as you think they are. Their lives are no more or less valuable than anybody else's and if they think it's ok to place other people's lives in danger by illegally turning a buck, then you have failed as a parent.