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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Garodnick Will Now Make More Money Than His Districts' Median Household Income

It's good to be a NYC councilperson these days. 

"City Council members Dan Garodnick and Ben Kallos will likely make more than the people they serve this year, thanks to a council-wide 32 percent pay raise. Both councilmen voted in favor of the pay raise that was approved on Feb. 5, making their annual salary $148,000, effective immediately."


"Garodnick, who represents District 4 — spanning from Stuyvesant Town up to the west of Second Avenue and west of Lexington Avenue above East 79th Street — will make 1.34 times what his constituents make.

"His district's median household income is $110,826."

While Kallos responded to, Garodnick was a no comment.


Anonymous said...

The more political corruption that is exposed the better off constituents are and the less likely us working class citizens will get Fannie Freddie purchase funding stolen from us by corruption and wealthy interests.

At least 1,730 Clinton emails contain classified material
State Department says none was marked classified during Clinton’s tenure
Sixty-four of the newly released emails contained classified information

Pay to PlayBOY politics as usual that benefits the billionaires hedge funds?
(NBC News 4 video)

The more you know.....N B C

Anonymous said...

1:44 PM - what does this have to do with the topic of the post?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This guy is a royal fuck-up. He should never be allowed to be an elected representative again. He has done nothing to help his constituents and everything to help his real estate pals, his old law firm and the speculators and bloodsuckers who he has a symbiotic relationship with. He is now admitting (see T&V) that his transit upgrading and rezoning plans are not going to work out to the benefit of the hard-working, commuting people of New York as he had originally envisioned. His Midtown East plans will just cause disruption, mayhem and gross inconvenience to the public and with no benefits to anybody except his RE thug friends. The fool should just GO AWAY and STAY AWAY!!! OH, and he should take the stinking TA with him!

Anonymous said...


Well said... well said!!

Anonymous said...

They have not done any of the things in the job description. A raise is not warranted.

Anonymous said...

Working class taxpayers paying more money for the City Council to do work for REBNY one-percenters. REBNY and Wall Street should just start paying the salaries of all those whose Commissioners go to the GALA who do work for the REBNY - the FDNY, City Planning, NYPD. Ray Kelly famously did work for JP Morgan and REBNY and Bratton is a REBNY guy through and through.

Imagine if they let the constituents vote at election time on the raises!

Voting themselves a raise shows what a joke it all is.

Anonymous said...

The City should be ashamed and get a paycut for this $4 Billion disgrace.

The Santiago Calatrava-designed World Trade Center Transportation Hub cost something like $4 billion in taxpayer dollars, but when it opens the first week in March, it will do so with nary an official peep.

“The thing is a symbol of excess,” he said.

By Monday afternoon, the prospective event had been scrapped.

It’s years late and billions over budget. Compared to the beleaguered Port Authority Bus Terminal and the downtrodden Penn Station, it won’t serve that many commuters.

Anonymous said...

why does management frown upon neighbors contacting neighbors? you walk with shoes on uncarpeted floors screaming and acting like a fucking hillbilly and think i'm not banging on the ceiling, i'mont coming up there to ream you?

you better think again NEIGHBOR. You better hightail it back to Iowa.

Anonymous said...

3:15 pm. Rick does not care. They want us to fight it out.