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As we see, nothing much is being done about the many complaints residents have: the discarded furniture on the loops, including the illegal discarding of uncovered mattress; the outside dogs that are infrequently checked for that blue ST lanyard, and their owners escorted out if they don't have one; the lack of R7-2 clarity from our local politicians who seem to be delaying and delaying; the club cars that go this way and that, and many times against regular traffic rules; the failure of our TA to even address those issues, etc. On top of that, residents near the building of the subway extension on 14 Street have had to endure noise and health issues at all hours of the day and night. This is not the way to live. Because of these facts, and a few more, a new representation has to happen. This is where Stuyvesant Town Tenants Advocacy comes in. There are no dues, and plans are underway to get the group doing something proactive about our complaints. The time for submitting our complaints to Management, Public Safety and Blackstone is over.

All comments to posts have to await approval. Approval does not happen immediately. NOTE: Comments reflect the opinions of the person writing them and should not be assumed to reflect the opinion of the blog.

Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

Our Tenants Association is, basically, null and void. Oh, it is still around, but it lacks the will power to confront much of anything. The TA will ask for your dues, however. By now, the TA is a charade.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Monday, March 7, 2016

Off-Campus Dorms



Anonymous said...

I would say they are doing as much as possible to cater to crowds like this. I doubt we'll see a pool, hot tub, or balconies, but everything else is fair game.

If I was a New Stabilizer with a family, I would be concerned about this. It will probably become college students vs RS in the very near future.

Anonymous said...

Yeah someone posted about NYU running a volleyball tournament in PCVST and no one showed. This was always Dan's NYU plan. Get rid of the middle class working class families and bring in this resort living business model. Rick Hayduk fits the resort living. The loss of the Oval Tree Park is a historic shameful disaster. Now we have this generic Disney luxury student resort housing thanks to the DOB illegal construction, the FDNY failures, and City Planning. But mostly because City Council under Christine Quinn advanced the NYU agenda of two decades of real estate scandals, which Cuomo wanted Dan to continue when Cuomo pushed Dan for Speaker. Albany Governor and Attorney General Offices along with Paul Weiss Rifkind law firm pushed out the Middle Working Class and brought in Luxury Dorms / Hotels. Thank goodness Dan is not Speaker, but the City is not faring much better under Viverito.

Tanks for the article STR. As it says this all began in 2010. A big year for the Committee and Cuomo. Never thought these words would ever be said in our home, but for the only reason that if it is so and voting this way would remove Cuomo from any and every State and Federal office, then we are voting for the lesser of two evils and this time it happens to be the guys name who rhymes with "Dump"

Can't even say his name, but he has our votes.

Anonymous said...

It already has become that. Our New Stabilizer neighbors are banking on this luxury resort takeover and running businesses out of their home to cater to the traveling transients with restaurant recommendation services, river activity kayaking and diving services, welcome baskets with cupcakes,.

This business model is a Koch Langone blueprint, that both Dems and Republicans are following, where they are banking on the two biggest areas for growth wealth are higher education and medical industry.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The articles says this is int he works since 2010. This is exactly what they have done here. What a bunch of liars.

Anonymous said...

Where are you getting the information from that is BS doing everything in their power to attract students? I see the leasing folks walk through our neighborhoods all the time, and they walk mostly with perfectly normal "adult" looking folks, and yes, families as well!

Anonymous said...

The promise made to the new owners Blackstone

"We believe ongoing deregulation will continue to allow new ownership
to fully leverage the unparalleled competitive advantages of the
Complex and take advantage of the soaring rental market"

The Politicians are delivering on deregulation and pretending to "get arrested protesting" or holding rallies while the RE is promising continued deregulation. A promise based on deals between Politicians and Developers, including Blackstone.

Blackstone Student Housing
Blackstone Announces New Concept in Student Living Accommodation

International Student Population Rising

Thus Bloomberg's and now De Blasio's Applied Sciences campus takeover by pushing out all middle class New Yorkers. This has been in the works by ALL the politicians in City, State and Federal.

The security system is for campus dorm requirements, the ferry is for students campuses, the ripping out the Oval to install the wi-fi is for the student resort living. The ferry is not for working commuters -- it is for students and Bloomberg's campuses including the Stuyvesant Town Stuy Town NYU Campus.

These dirty political tricks have us paying these costs for the billionaires, and using that to force us out of home.

NY Politicians are causing all the problems of the Middle Class. They are the CAUSE. So the billionaires can capitalize on the next trend and of course it depends on robbing the Middle Class of our homes.

Dirty Creeps.

Am voting against each and every one of them every time everywhere they go.

Hope that Karma bitch bites them back tenfold and hard!

Anonymous said...

STR you have been saying this all along. You saw it coming. Thanks for giving us the truth about what they are up to and really doing.

Anonymous said...

The numbers are not adding up on the luxury resort renovations. $40,000 per unit does not equal the amount of increase they put upon each unit. Everyone in a renovated luxury dorm is most certainly getting gouged.

Ownership is in the midst of an ongoing renovation program
to improve the level of finish for apartment interiors
throughout Stuyvesant Town. To date, approximately 25
percent of the units have been upgraded, at an average cost
of approximately $40,000 per unit.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>I see the leasing folks walk through our neighborhoods all the time, and they walk mostly with perfectly normal "adult" looking folks, and yes, families as well!<<

Really? That's not what I see. I've even seen, and believe I took a photo of, a group of students being walked through ST. And do check out who goes into the leasing office at 1st Ave! I do see some older "family" type adults being shown the property, but once in a while, not regularly.

Anonymous said...

4:16- are yoy around at all hours of the day? I am, and I see the difference in who the leasing agents have. During the day it is YUUUUUGE numbers of students or very recent graduates. At night it is usually the professional couple, or family. These are much smaller numbers. These are facts, and is happening presently since BR took over.

Anonymous said...

Also from the Blackstone NY Times article on Blackstone student housing, a portfolio Blackstoen has been developing since the 1990's and NYC handed them the last bastion of Middle Class Housing with a promise of continued deregulation and big tax breaks.

JLL did the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village deal too. This is why the DOB illegally chopped thousands of apartments, to increase the bed count. The smart TA Board Members know all of this all along. So do all the politicians, know this plan for PCVST since 2006.

They do not give a crap about constituents living in the homes. This is about foreign investors, moving money for foreign investors in RE schemes turning Middle Class homes into luxury dorm resorts.

NY Politicians Hate the Middle Class! And they will all loudly campaign that they care, and say they are doing things to "save" the Middle Class but the truth is they are intentionally destroying the Middle Class for wealthy benefactors.

"About £3.5 billion worth of British student housing deals have been done so far in 2015, according to the real estate consulting firm JLL. That’s more than double the value of deals completed in 2014.

“The volume has increased dramatically, and the values per bed have risen significantly,” said Philip Hillman, the head of student housing and higher education at JLL.

Among the notable transactions are the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board’s £1.1 billion purchase of Liberty Living, previously owned by retail investors, and the Carlyle Group’s sale of its Pure portfolio of student housing to LetterOne, a group of Russian investors, for £535 million.

Greystar Real Estate Partners, which is based in the United States, has completed seven deals, including buying Nido, a portfolio of student housing, for £600 million. (Blackstone sold that same portfolio to Round Hill Capital in 2012 for £415 million.)

The pool of international buyers is expanding because the returns are attractive, the cash flows are attractive and there are platforms trading rather than individual assets,” said Brett Lashley, a managing director at Greystar who is based in London.

But in the 1990s, the private sector jumped in to fill the gaping hole universities could not cover. Companies that developed properties and then managed them sprouted, and grew. Some took on too much debt.

During the financial crisis, private equity players like Blackstone and Carlyle stepped in to scoop up these properties, building up portfolios of student housing and creating the scale the market lacked to make it attractive for institutional investors.

Universities are eager to attract foreign students because they pay more in fees. And student accommodation providers say they pay a lot more for their housing, too. Another appeal for investors is that the student populations move or graduate almost every year, allowing owners to increase rents.

“Rather than provide a room and a bed, we are providing a consumer experience,” said James Pullan, head of student property at Knight Frank, another large London real estate group. “It’s all about the international students.”

Wi-Fi, in particular, is a major priority in amenities. “It’s like having electricity,” Mr. Lashley said."

It is not a "HOME" it is a "platform of assets" for the rich to trade among foreign investors to move large sums of money through real estate and get richer by making us poorer. It is the latest scheme by the politicians and wealthiest to keep robbing Middle Class and make more money for the 1%. I guess wiping us out of trillions was not enough for the incumbents.

All their names are attached to this historic loss of the last bastion of Middle Class Housing and the role each one of them played too. The wi-fi gut of the Oval Trees is courtesy of the Senator.

Anonymous said...

It takes a certain type of cold-hearted politician to orchestrate a scheme wiping out working middle class for the latest billionaire RE scheme, luxury resort dorms.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, the Blackstone business model for three decades is International Luxury Student Housing. Pick up the NY Times

Anonymous said...

NYU treats American students like crap and international students like gold. NYU wants the international students, and the NY Cuomo machine wants the foreign investors. The Cuomo political machine always cared more about foreign money then American People.

Anonymous said...

No to Trump! He is already eating his own words!
They are all Frauds!

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s views of immigration and Chinese competition seemingly didn’t affect his son-in-law Jared Kushner’s pursuit of EB-5 financing for his Trump Bay Street project in Jersey City.

Kushner Companies and partner KABR Group raised $50 million in funds through the controversial program for the planned 50-story, 447-unit rental tower at 65 Bay Street, about a quarter of the total financing, Bloomberg reported, citing the U.S. Immigration Fund’s Mark Giresi.

Nearly all the investors were Chinese, Giresi told the news service.

The marketing video for the project included Chinese subtitles, Bloomberg reported.

Trump – whose Trump Organization is only involved with the project as a brand licenser – has been highly critical of China during his presidential campaign.

“They’ve taken our jobs, they’ve taken our money, they’ve taken everything,” the developer and reality star said last month, according to Bloomberg.

The EB-5 program grants visas to foreign nations who invest at least $500,000 in U.S. projects that create a certain minimum amount of jobs in the country.

It was renewed in December with no changes, despite criticism the program lacked oversight and was plagued by fraud.

Anonymous said...

I would vote for Donald Trump if it would bring down Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

4:02 PM: I hope you don't think that Trump would be sympathetic toward tenants, especially rent stabilized tenants. He would probably have us dragged from our homes Gestapo-style. That man is evil.

Anonymous said...

This is why I love this blog. STR sees the big picture. Tank you for this article STR.
Politicians think we are stupid because we trusted them to do their jobs. Trust does not make us stupid. Violating our trust makes them stupid. They are not doing their jobs and that is why New York City is losing Middle Class Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village to global international luxury dorm schemes.

Anonymous said...

I see an entrepreneur flyer posted at Lenzs deli. It says "I'll install a lock on your bedroom door for additional security." If that doesn't scream dorm lifestyle I don't know what does.

Anonymous said...

Thank you STR for telling it like it is and keeping the community in the know.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5:15. I see many groups of students being led through the property, few families. When I get out of the train at First Avenue at night, mostly students get off. This property is infested with them. and it is not even a nice dorm dump.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

I've let in a couple of comments that refer to our national (crazy) political scene, but please beware that this could get out of hand quickly and sidetrack the focus of this blog, so I'm probably not going to be enthusiastic about letting more of the same through. I've seen message boards devolve this way, so please understand.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

BTW, the big issue in NYC is affordable housing. And the question to our mayor and our city council is what have you done to stop the progress of this city (particularly Manhattan) becoming one for the wealthy and their children? And, city council (that includes you, Dan) what have you done to stop rezoning that allows for sliver high-rises that are just meant for these wealthy individuals?

Anonymous said...

Recently a college professor told me that getting a good teaching job is very hard now. Many colleges and universities are only hiring adjunct professors for 1-2 yrs according to need. They're doing this to save money. Tenured tracks are very hard to find. He said you might wonder why this is happening because all news reports indicate that educational costs have skyrocketed. I said yes...I did wonder about that. Where's the money going if not to teacher salaries which I knew to still be modest? He said that colleges are in stiff competition to attract students. The money is going into new buildings and new facilities students would enjoy.

Sounds like student dollars will command attention here for a long, long time. If there are downsides to students for the rest of us, we'd better have some strong voices on our side to stand up for our concerns.

Anonymous said...

Those sliver high-rises are so ugly. They remind me of the factory smoke-stacks of the old industrial cities. A real blight on the landscape with no redeeming features.

Anonymous said...

"It takes a certain type of cold-hearted politician to orchestrate a scheme wiping out working middle class for the latest billionaire RE scheme, luxury resort dorms."

Is there any particular politician you are referring to, or is it all of them? Garodnick is cold-hearted and a phony and the same can be said for DeBlasio. I always thought Bloomberg was uniquely cold-hearted, but it seems he had a lot of company. Bloomberg just didn't try to disguise his contempt for the working middle class. At least we knew what we were dealing with when it came to him!

Anonymous said...

Yet another of the mini businesses set up to service the hotels. If this entrepreneur is a Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village resident, he is among the many businesses the new stabilizers are running out of their homes to service the Stuyvesant Town hotels. Cupcakes, Restaurant navigating, bedroom locks, concierge services, all businesses operating on the property to service the travelers and hotels.

Anyone know if it is a FDNY violation to have an internal lock on a bedroom door? As if the FDNY Commissioner would let the fire department operate in a way to service the public instead of the REBNY. Forget I asked.

Anonymous said...
I see an entrepreneur flyer posted at Lenzs deli. It says "I'll install a lock on your bedroom door for additional security." If that doesn't scream dorm lifestyle I don't know what does. The FDNY Commissioner and Executives are setting bad policies for the hard working firefighters.

March 7, 2016 at 6:29 PM

Anonymous said...

March 8, 2016 at 9:49 AM Fair enough.
Important to keep in mind that the cause of the housing crisis that wiped out trillions in Middle Class housing assets can be traced back to the late 1990 early 2000 when Cuomo was in HUD setting housing and financial policies; De Blasio was working for Clinton's too - Cuomo De Blasio Clinton (MR) deregulated Wall Street Banks and began the stripping of Citizens rights to Affordable Housing.

All which now the Cuomo regime is continuing with the continued deregulation; the weakening of renters rights on top of lack of enforcement by Cuomo's top cops and law enforcement offices in City and State, of financial real estate crimes and landlord crimes; and the Cuomo regime financed by the Committee to Save New York and backed by those commissioners and executives running the City and State Housing Authorities (Blackstone Wall Street) turning Middle Class housing into luxury dorms to launder foreign investors money in bigger chunks than the individual condos even at their inflated prices. What Tishman Speyer (Speyer) / BlackRock (Fink) and Brookfield were trying to do, Blackstone is now completing by Cuomo's design. Cuomo expects to be rewarded with a Federal appointment as does Fink who is desperate for the Treasury position.

Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town, the once largest Middle Class community in the country is the case study for what will happen on a national level if this regime is allowed to advance into the White House.

Frankly if any establishment incumbents advance (Stringer, Garodnick, Schneiderman, Cuomo, Schumer, Hoylman, etc) the Middle Class will continue to be on the losing end of housing and assets.

Agree with you STR on the curbing of the crazy national rhetoric and we will try our best. But the undeniable future of the entire country is summed up by what happens to Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town.

Anonymous said...

Really have to laugh at the TA's goofy elections. You have to be an up-to-date dues-paying member to run or to vote. They've turned it into more of a club than a TA. A real TA would have anyone who lives here run or vote. This is like some kind of scam to collect dues. These people do not have the sensibilities to do anything right. Well, I don't want to belong to any club that would have them for its members.

Anonymous said...

And, city council (that includes you, Dan) what have you done to stop rezoning that allows for sliver high-rises that are just meant for these wealthy individuals?.....

ummmm....... give themselves a raise?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>ummmm....... give themselves a raise?<<

LOL. You are right!

Anonymous said...

1:04 PM: I'm sure you are right, but what are we to do? We don't have an awful lot of choice when it comes to who we vote for. Clinton is pretty much the pre-ordained nominee for the Democrats and it will be either Trump or Cruise (doesn't really matter because all the Republican candidates are assholes) so we really don't have much choice. This is why so many people don't vote. There are so few decent candidates to vote for. Anyone who has a smidge of decency and honesty in their make-up gets trounced early on and doesn't make it as far as getting on the ballot. I would vote for Bernie Sanders, but I know he is not going to make it. Clinton has pretty bought herself the nomination because of all the Wall Street people and other corrupt assholes who are behind her. I despise her, but I think a Cruz presidency would be a theocracy and a Trump presidency would be a disaster of the worse proportions! With the kind of choices we have in The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave, our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their boxes.

Atomic Man said...

Really have to laugh at the TA's goofy elections. You have to be an up-to-date dues-paying member to run or to vote.

Yeah, that's so silly. Let outsiders run and vote. Maybe pass out ballots at the REBNY gala, and elect Robbie Speyer to the board.

Anonymous said...

"Garodnick is cold-hearted and a phony and the same can be said for DeBlasio. I always thought Bloomberg was uniquely cold-hearted, but it seems he had a lot of company. Bloomberg just didn't try to disguise his contempt for the working middle class."
De Blasio, Garodnick and Bloomberg were all born/raised middle class and all betrayed their middle class PCVST constituents for Wall Street/REBNY predators.

Billionaire Bloomberg betrayed us for Wall Street/REBNY predators because he is a friend/peer of the predators. He didn't need their filthy $$$$.

De Blasio and Garodnick betrayed us for filthy $$$$ showered on them by Wall Street/REBNY predators. They are not friends/peers of Wall Street/REBNY predators. Taking that filthy $$$$ makes them political slaves owned by Wall Street/REBNY predators ordering them to betray their middle class PCVST constituents. Playing us for fools by falsely claiming their historic betrayal is somehow a historic middle class victory makes them worse than Bloomberg.

De Blasio and Garodnick betrayed us for $$$$ from Wall Street/REBNY. We know and understand the obvious. The enduring question is how PCVST TA board members disgraced themselves allowing Garodnick to hijack a once historic organization that for decades was, and should have remained, a bulwark firewall defending PCVST residents against Wall Street/REBNY predators. Instead, Garodnick somehow morphed the TA into a corrupted shell vehicle handing EVERYTHING PCVST right back into the claws of Wall Street/REBNY predators in exchange for NOTHING.

BTW, does the TA remain involved in a formal business partnership with major REBNY predator/white knight savior-not Brookfield? Did Brookfield secretly abandon the partnership, leaving TA board members panicked and confused about what to do except sign off delivering our $2.7 billion Fannie Mae purchase funding to alternative Wall Street/REBNY predator Blackstone in exchange for NOTHING? It's the same $2.7 billion Garodnick-TA promised delivering to Brookfield in exchange for NOTHING. What happened to that PCVST neighbor/constituent betrayal by Garodnick-TA? Were Brookfield's deep pockets empty, only available for Garodnick-TA to stuff our $2.7 billion Fannie Mae purchase funding into? Why and when did Brookfield walk away? How come no Plan B, or C, or D...???

Starstruck? Brainwashed? Hypnotized? $$$$? Stupid?

Disgraced TA board members should be ashamed to show their faces in what's left of this historic PCVST community they could have saved, but instead purposefully helped destroy.

Anonymous said...

These dorms and the hotels all say the same things as their selling attractions:
Stuyvesant Town Concierge Service
Lock on Bedrooms door

All things the residents do not need and do not want and are marketing sell points for hotels and luxury dorms. All things that are courtesy of the local politicians who made the deals for the wi-fi to replace the Oval Park, the concierge to replace the tall tree and open space on the First Ave Loop (illegally)...Investigate the entrepreneurs books of the guy who installs the locks and the Oval Concierge books to see who they service.......and evict them, and evict the illegal hotels that Compass Rock brought in since 2010 and the dorms Compass Rock built since 2010. Investigate the tenant association books too, along with the local politicians.

The local Senator, Councilman, and Assemblyman failed this entire community. They did the local dirty work for Albany and no doubt they will be expecting State level rewards and promotions just as the Albany politicians expect national level promotions and rewards for doing the dirty work abusing New Yorkers to benefit politically tied corporations, banks and real estate. New York government needs to be cleaned out at all levels with none of them advancing. Starting with cleaning out the dirty amenities servicing the hotels and dorms then onto evicting the tenant association. Their rules are a laughable joke we all see through. No democratic process here. Agree it should be open to all residents and not only to dues paying members. That just shows how desperate the tenant association is to get members. They know they do not have qualifying numbers to operate. And we all know their opaque books need transparency.

Anonymous said...

there is no way thousands of apartments are chopped, wall partitions are installed, bed count doubles or triples, occupancy too, and the city councilman lives here and feigns no knowledge and the ta pretends so to. the ta board could have listed and tracked on their little website each apartment the dob lists in each of the buildings instead of tracking which tenants want to buy their apartments. the ta could have easily listed the illegal hotels on their little website too but the ta did not list or track those either. why not?????

Anonymous said...

OT but really want to hear from residents on the blog who have their renewal rates? How much was the increase and was it near original quote or can the landlord come down a bit - the rent is too high here vs. other places we are seeing.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Your renewal rate should be on your forthcoming lease. The option for this year was 1% or 2% based on your selection of a one year renewal or two year renewal. (Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.) There's also the matter of a "base" rent vs. a "preferential" rent. The "base" rent is what the landlord can charge you. You may be currently paying a lower "preferential" rent. You can ask a landlord to lower your rent. No harm in trying.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>there is no way thousands of apartments are chopped, wall partitions are installed, bed count doubles or triples, occupancy too, and the city councilman lives here and feigns no knowledge and the ta pretends so to. the ta board could have listed and tracked on their little website each apartment the dob lists in each of the buildings instead of tracking which tenants want to buy their apartments. the ta could have easily listed the illegal hotels on their little website too but the ta did not list or track those either. why not?????<<

The greatest failure of both our councilman Dan and our TA has been the lack of interest in dealing with all this crap. A real scandal, actually, but few care.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>Yeah, that's so silly. Let outsiders run and vote. Maybe pass out ballots at the REBNY gala, and elect Robbie Speyer to the board.<<

How about just letting residents vote, irrespective if they are dues-paying members?

Anonymous said...

Agree with STR. You show your Resident key card and a form of valid picture ID with address (drivers license, passport, etc) and you should be allowed to vote in the TA elections.

Is that too hard TA and Atomic Man?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

And certainly if the TA claims to represent all tenants, it should have its elections open to all tenants.

Anonymous said...

And certainly if the TA claims to represent all tenants, it should have its elections open to all tenants.......


Anonymous said...

Good point STR. Since the TA election is only open to members then why are all tenants bound by the crappy MCI deal they made with MacArthur to have the RS pay a higher percentage then the MR on MCI's all tenants use in the same manner? That incident erased any doubt the TA took a position against the RS and for the new stabilizer population. The TA divided this community, with their law firm and their PR firm and their political motivations and politicians. The TA does not represent the majority population and the MCI deal they made with Compass Rock should be nullified, all tenants reimbursed, and the TA books opened so all tenants can see who is calling the shots on the mass RS evictions and the allowable illegal MR hotels.

Anonymous said...

"The greatest failure of both our councilman Dan and our TA has been the lack of interest in dealing with all this crap. A real scandal, actually, but few care."

Anonymous said...

March 8, 2016 at 7:36 PM
100% AGREE

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh at the e-mail received today from ST management about being a good
neighbor in the Spring. What a crock. They keep laying this PR on us, while continuing the dorm dump rentals and illegal hotels.

The Illuminati said...

OK everyone, here's how to do it. So put up or shut up. Waiting. Or as one poster stated, just do nothing.

The Illuminati. said...

"And certainly if the TA claims to represent all tenants, it should have its elections open to all tenants."

I think the TA was set up as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. That only members in good standing can vote for Board members is probably in the bylaws. But that can be voted by the Board and changed to all tenants. But who’s kidding who, the MO of the posters here at this blog is that the TA is corrupt, it cannot be changed and we are all probably better with having no TA at all. And REBNY is all powerful so we are all doomed. See the endless links. All politicians are corrupt. Etc., etc., etc. So this whole tread on who gets to vote for the Board members is pointless. Just stay home and do nothing.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with STR and the 8:41 poster. It can be a very easy process that would hopefully get more tenants involved. Does anyone know if there are By-Laws stating that tenant must be a dues paying member in order to vote? I certainly can't find them, and the TA "Mission" on the website is laughable at best (I know I certainly don't love the "Café")!

I also want to comment on the people complaining about Dan and the TA doing nothing about the hotels and apartment chopping. I agree with all these posts too, and the TA and Dan should have been addressing this stuff. The problem is that they are obviously spending too much time on Twitter (have you seen how much they post!) and other Social Media platforms, and not dealing with the real issues.

Anonymous said...

This is why and how both democrats and republican politicians weakened tenant protections using their respective levels of political seniority, advancing their own political careers at the expense of their constituents homes and small businesses. It is also why Trump is successful so far, because the public knows the democrats and republicans pretend to be at war when really they are colluding with each other to benefit their benefactors and themselves at the expense of the public.

This Village Voice article lays out a summary of the NY political machine and who is buying MTA contracts, and other city and state contracts and deals. It is analogues to why and how the deal to give PCVST to billionaire developers was prioritized over giving it to residents in a Penn South Co-op deal. The politicians do not want PCVST tenants to survive. '

Nobody in this political machine spoke up for PCVST tenants, none of them protected the Middle Class here, all of them claim they can protect the American Middle Class if they are advanced in their succession. They will fail the entire country the same way they failed PCVST - intentionally.

This article tells how and why. They are all bought and paid for. One name keeps landing at the center of the pack buying and selling the offices held by democrats and republicans alike.

People have the power to stop the corrupt machine at the local, state and federal levels, by not voting for those directly tied to PCVST.


As much as it would be nice to focus on local politicians and demand they do their job, protect the constitution and protect / advance quality of life of their constituents; these career politicians have proven they are not willing to honor the intention of their elected offices.

PCVST's own Dan Goradnick had his chance to write and pass tenant protections and small business protections during his three terms; something he should have done in his first term. But he chose not to in all three terms. 3 Strikes you are out.

Cuomo will probably catch Garodnick as he falls just as Cuomo caught Quinn when voters said no to her holding an office representing People.

They used their offices against People and for foreign investors, wealthy developers and wall street. All of the NY political machine who was supposed to protect but chose to fail the PCVST Middle Class below:

Anonymous said...

Gonna have to disagree with you Iluminati. Nobody needs to put up or shut up. Tenants have a right to speak up and demand the Tenant Association abide by the law, abide by the Tenants, and Represent all Tenants with Honesty and Integrity. The TA Board has not done that since Tishman Speyer took over then defaulted.

The Illuminati said...

"Tenants have a right to speak up and demand the Tenant Association abide by the law, abide by the Tenants, and Represent all Tenants with Honesty and Integrity. The TA Board has not done that since Tishman Speyer took over then defaulted."

Where does my recent post say that? I’ll will punch back go against the conspiracy crap (still waiting for the NYU student vid implicating John Marsh) but the legit stuff such as the lack of resolve against the DOB for their no change in occupancy "flex" apartment permits, the acquiescence of the strip malling of the Oval and the Carnival Cruise events there, the total lack of any TA support for Caryn Chow (yes, she does have a name) and her legal court request for a rent abatement (she got a partial) due to the First Ave Loop Management office construction was disgusting, etc.

But again, the MO here is that the TA is corrupt, unsalvageable, done. So does someone want to step up to the plate and organize an alternative? That’s why I posted the link from the Metropolitan Council on Housing; “Forming A Tenants' Association”. Here it is again. Did you go to it? Or are they in the tank for REBNY as well? So that’s where my put up or shut up came from. Organize an option. Or do nothing. Or are we just going on beating a dead horse, over and over and over again? You can’t have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

If you check my original comment, you'll see that I said that TA elections should be open to all the people who live here.

Thanks to Atomic Man who quoted out of context, the conversation took a lefthand turn. Hey, Atomic Man...I understand you're desperate to say something cute. Just try quoting or representing accurately next time, okay? We're residents here, not politicians.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>But again, the MO here is that the TA is corrupt, unsalvageable, done. So does someone want to step up to the plate and organize an alternative?<<

No. And from my end 1) I don't have the time, 2) I think it would be useless at this point to start a new TA, as the numbers are not there to start one, the tenant community (permanent residents, not transients) being much smaller now than years ago, not that interested for a number of reasons, and fragmented. The best one can do is to fight individually if one can and, through that, join others who are fighting individually for the same thing.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

And if you look at the TA gatherings, they are chiefly comprised of the older citizens of this complex. The new folks who arrive here seem very uninterested, and that may be because they don't expect to set up roots here that permanently. Having said that, I do think that it would benefit our "new stabilizers" who may be considering making STPCV their permanent home to form some type of association which will occupy itself with their specific problems.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

And... for us older, true RS tenants, we should focus on the larger city RS and rent affordability movements that address our specific needs.

Anonymous said...

Agree. The TA has no power because they have small membership that is why they now have to PR spin that they have power with an old NYTimes quote that was based on the previous population before transients and dorms.

So, Agree:
The best one can do is to fight individually if one can and, through that, join others who are fighting individually for the same thing.

March 9, 2016 at 4:16 PM

Anonymous said...

Blogger Stuy Town Reporter said...
And... for us older, true RS tenants, we should focus on the larger city RS and rent affordability movements that address our specific needs.

Without interference and undermining from the TA, the TA Board, the TA lawyers (Paul Weiss and Collins Dobkins etc etc)

The Illuminati. said...

"1) I don't have the time"

You do this blog. That's service enough. My talking point was not directed at you.

"I think it would be useless at this point to start a new TA, as the numbers are not there to start one, the tenant community (permanent residents, not transients) being much smaller now than years ago, not that interested for a number of reasons, and fragmented. The best one can do is to fight individually if one can and, through that, join others who are fighting individually for the same thing."

Understood. My point was unless you want to organize another group, stop the endless beating of a dead horse, the TA. Let's all go forward on an individual basis and:

"we should focus on the larger city RS and rent affordability movements that address our specific needs."

Yes, let's do so. 6/2019, the sunset for NYS RS law, is a critical date.

Anonymous said...

What was your latest rent increase??

Anonymous said...

March 9, 2016 at 7:18
Before 6/2019 we have to vote out all the politicians who got us into this mess.

The career politicians who have held offices during the past decade while the rent laws and tenant rights got weaker and weaker.

They all advanced their careers and income while they pushed us out of our homes in exchange for big donations from RE. They are the reason we are in dire straits.

Anonymous said...

The politicians will not work with a new TA because they control this one. The politicians do not want to give up control of the largest populated community by controlling the TA who does everything the politicians tell them to do, takes on the same positions as the politicians, and shares the same PR firm who writes all the press statements for the politicians and the TA Board and the landlord Blackstone. That is beyond a conflict of interest, beyond unethical, beyond unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

We need an organization like a TA and the TA itself needs to have an objective process in place for dealing with the community, a process that is transparent and inclusive. But that can never be so long as Steinberg is in control. Once she is replaced and Garodnick's term is over, that will be the opportunity to build a better organization.

Anonymous said...'re right about the composition of TA meetings. It is almost 90% older tenants. From what I've observed about 300 show up now. About half of them seem to have some connection to the TA...are board members and/or friends of the board. And many of these make a lot of supportive noise...maybe to give the impression there is more active support for the TA than actually exists.

Anonymous said...

@ Illumnati:

According to your twisted logic, the only person qualified to criticize or call out an elected representative for corruption is another elected representative. Since betrayed, permanently damaged constituent-victims don't qualify, they should just shut up and sit down swallowing the shit turd Mayor de Blasio and Garodnick-TA needlessly shoved down their throats.

Atomic Man said...

If you check my original comment, you'll see that I said that TA elections should be open to all the people who live here.
Thanks to Atomic Man who quoted out of context

That quote was cut and pasted from your post. The context being: It's a nice thought, but I can't think of a single organization that lets non-dues paying, non-members vote in their elections. If non-members were allowed to run and/or vote it would be pretty darn chaotic, methinks... It's akin to saying the consumers of XYZ company's products, rather than the shareholders, should be allowed to vote for the board of directors.

But I'm not here to squabble, lest this blog devolve into another Lux Living...

Anonymous said...

Airbnb lists dozens of illegal hotels in Stuyvesant Town still today.
Many seem to be operated by brokers and not tenants.

There seems to be an arrangement the Property Management / Landlord has with brokers where they are listing multiple apartments across neighborhoods, including apartments in Stuyvesant Town.

Doubtful that those apartments have leases with tenants renting them, they seem more like broker-operation listings in their write-ups.

Making money off the empty overpriced renovated apartments by having brokers rent them out as "home away hotels"

It is clear by the large number of illegal hotels and the length of operating in Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village, that Property Management / Landlord told Security to look the other way. There is no way anyone with an ounce of brain would miss spotting these hotels so the Property Security must have been given orders to ignore them.

That brings up another insurmountable problem, Property Security are under orders to ignore Safety Hazards in the interest of corporate profitability. The present Security contract and operations are ill equipped to keep the community safe when they are instead acting as Corporate security (to protect the bottomline profits) and not Public Safety (to protect the people).

Anonymous said...

The Illegal Hotel battle between the New York politicians and Airbnb was a big PR by the Politicians to blame tenants for the loss of affordable housing and to cover up the real cause - the politicians dirty deal with the Universities to expand their campuses by pushing out from their homes the Middle Class New Yorkers.

Blaming tenants for the loss of affordable housing.
Having Working Middle Class New Yorkers pay for billionaire NYU Campus Security in Stuyvesant Town to help in the pushing us out of here

Tenants are not to blame for the loss of affordable housing.
Tenants should not have to pay for the NYU Campus Security that the state dorm authority mandated and the Political TA Board never disputed.

The politicians and the REBNY scheme to blame tenants for the loss of affordable housing is low even for politicians, it is perhaps the lowest of all the incumbents schemes with REBNY against tenants.

The all out war against Stuyvesant Town tenants by the politicians who have held offices since 2006 to present, these career politicians, the law makers (Council, Senate, Congress) and the law enforcers (DA AG) are the cause of all the Middle Class problems so they can "build and rebuild" "denser" making greater and greater profits for those benefactors who own the offices these incumbent New York politicians occupy.

Everyone of them sold their office in exchange for future advancement to the next office, also owned and operated by corporations and not by the people. Because the occupants of the elected offices are choosing to serve the corporations bottomline, not serve the people.

Businesses are relieved De Blasio turned out to be like Quinn, Bloomberg, Cuomo - where businesses are thriving and People are losing homes and their small businesses.

Screw that!

Anonymous said...

Disagree with your focus March 9, 2016 at 7:18 PM

We should focus on removal of the current TA Board that is
1. not assisting / blocking individual tenant's efforts to protect their homes
2. the only "tenant representative" at MCI negotiations and have failed all tenants miserably with their unchallenged college campus security MCI, their allocating higher payments from RS instead of equal payments by all tenants, in the TA Board effort to help the landlord bring in new stabilizers and push out RS (don't bother disputing the TA Board betraying RS, the proof is in our higher payments on the MCI's than the MR are paying.

The current TA Board damaged tenants ability to protect our homes and they need to open their books for independent audit and be removed immediately from doing further damage to tenants and to open spaces.

Remember, it is the TA Board with Dan who pushed for the Bunker Construction.

Anonymous said...

Is the Oval Concierge housekeeping service being used by the illegal hotels in Stuyvesant Town? Is that the housekeeping charge (that is marked up considerably!) that the StuyTown illegal hotels are using? They all offer housekeeping for a an additional charge.

How many StuyTown apartments is Oval Concierge Housekeeping servicing, how often are they servicing them, and how many of those apartments serviced by Oval Concierge are the illegal hotels listed on Airbnb and HomeAway?

For legal reasons the house cleaning between guests has to be a level of sterilization, so how many of these StuyTown illegal hotels are using the Stuy Town Property Management Oval Concierge Housekeeping services?

Anonymous said...

Compass Rock was formed as a subsidiary of CW.

Since Compass Rock is still operating PCVST, so to is CW.

The CW arrangement with Rob Speyer connects this whole place to him too. Still.
Tishman Speyer, CW, Compass Rock never left. Always have their hands in the money, the mci take, and the construction. Some of the old timers in management said the bunker was built by a separate and "secretive" construction team. The dorms too.

Anonymous said...

What is it like to work at Compass Rock?

An employee review of the bullying, messed up payments, and cover ups.
Probably illegal accounting tricks too as I am pretty sure a company cannot legally collect tax an employee's automobile "gas" reimbursement when the employee uses their car for work.

Nov 4, 2014
Compass Rock Real Estate Logo

Former Employee - Maintenance/Grounds in Richmond, VA
Doesn't Recommend
Negative Outlook
I worked at Compass Rock Real Estate full-time (More than a year)
Decent pay, paid time off. Has the potential to be a great company if the company as a whole steps up, in a relaxed calm way. Personally think theres a way to get through the "growing pain" of a company without the stress that typically happens when a company "steps up"

They messed up my last check and have yet to fix it.

they say they will pay for gas miles but they taxed the money so by time you get your money its like half of what is expected.

the company doesnt like to spend money on materials you need.

The worst part is that the company breeds trickle down bullying. Meaning, the frustration and stress manifests as blame and bullying down the ladder.

Advice to Management
Watch your maintenace supervisors and managers, esp your "temp" managers. alot of unprofessional actions happening at that level. instead of fixing mistakes, they cover them up.

Anonymous said...

What is it like to work at Compass Rock?

Even the Compass Rock employees admit Compass Rock does not treat tenants well and again noting the bullying.

Nov 4, 2015 Helpful (1)
Compass Rock Real Estate Logo

"Employee Beware"

Former Employee - Leasing Agent in North Las Vegas, NV

Doesn't Recommend

I worked at Compass Rock Real Estate full-time (Less than a year)

Very little overtime, if any. Generally, good atmosphere to work in - peers friendly.

Ssenior-level (away from leasing office) management too much power without having to answer for it.

Allowed for (indirect) bullying.

Did not attempt to correct problems left by previous Management companies.

Too much insensitivity to residents' needs.

Advice to Management
Raise expectations for promotion to management-level positions.

Anonymous said...

There are a lot more delivery trucks, heavy traffic of UPS, FedEx, even crappy USPS in the First Ave loop. A lot of these Stuy Town hotels have families of 5, 6, 7 members and a lot of these traveling groups have upwards of 8 and more in one Stuy Town hotel.
A lot of them appreciate the concierge Stuy Town offers.
Makes one wonder if Stuy Town tourists are shipping their luggage ahead of time to the Oval Concierge.

Investigating the Oval Concierge delivery records, and the housekeeping records, and the property management leasing records to see if the apartment leasers and / or the property management are running the hotels.

Crossover the Oval concierge housekeeping, the Oval concierge shipping, the Compass Rock leasing records with the 125 illegal Stuy Town hotels may uncover a lot of what has really been going on in Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town since 2010 when CW took over or 2012 when Compass Rock was formed to cover for CW who was covering for ??????? ??????

The Illumnati: said...

"According to your twisted logic, the only person qualified to criticize or call out an elected representative for corruption is another elected representative. "

Excuse me, where are you getting this from?

The Illuminati said...

"Since Compass Rock is still operating PCVST, so to is CW."

And your factual proof for this? I will admit that, like TS before when CWC came in, many CR employees were grandfathered into Blackstone but to say that CompassRock is still the management company for PCVST, please show us some proof. I am not saying it’s out of the question; they could still be an active transition agreement whereby CompassRock is still the property manager here. The proof of the pudding would be what is the payroll name of record for PS, for maintenance, for the property managers, etc. Who really pays them? It would be major news if true.

The Illuminati said...

"We should focus on removal of the current TA Board that is "

So I assume you will be running as a candidate in the TA Board elections? Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

The Big PCVST Picture

It is about One Man who oversees $4.6 Trillion of investors money - making sure he had no unhappy investors, his image was spotless, untarnished despite his actions. The NY democratic machine is in hyper overdrive to make one very wealthy man's image fit his future job, his record of failure is covered up, and PCVST tenants pay the debt.

Yes STR, focusing locally makes sense except PCVST is not a local matter. At the 2014 rally, pols put our future in Schumer's hands for a reason and it is not affordable housing or we would have been protected instead of screwed.

NY dem machine covered BlackRock debts to investors, not out of their own trillion dollar pockets but out of PCVST pockets by diverting Fed monies to cover BlackRock TS investors, by gouging us on rent, pushing us out to churn, etc.

Focus on low level pols is pointless because they do what upper level pols direct. Low level pols use us in PR tricks to appear as if they fight for constituents when really they shepherd upper level pols directives unto us.

NY pols pillage PCVST tenants and open spaces to pay off BlackRock TS debt for future Treasury Secretary to have an untarnished record. It is PURE POLITICS, increasing power for BlackRock in exchange for donations fron the wealthiest asset management corporation in the world.

Instead of residents focusing on Tishman Rob Speyer, Blackrock Fink, and CW Spetka and Compass Rock Sorise - the low level pols / TA Board diverted our attention to a predetermined loser battle begging Albany for better rent protections from Cuomo. Low level pols knew Cuomo would never reverse the trend, especially when Cuomo has Blackstone heading Housing authorities.

Rallying with low level pols gets them headlines, photo ops to look like they fight for constituents. An old PR trick to cover up truth. Photo op headlines the TA Board / pols got rallying Albany on rent with no results but low level council, TA, senators got photo ops even in handcuffs then had their PR firm place the photos in the press. TA, low level pols got PR on illegal hotels to cover up the truth of them operating since 2010!

Focusing low level gets no results and they do not care because pols believe their career automatically advances from upper pols endorsements and promised reward. Quinn was so sure of her REBNY reward she had the FBI investigate when voters said no to Quinn. We should again say no to ALL the low level pols who failed PCVST.

TS BlackRock got into PCVST to take our money, homes and they got out of responsibility by taking our money, homes aided by low & upper pols to clear One Man's track record.

NY dems are lined up for reward of higher positions, for enriching benefactors at expense of constituents. Dan is eyeing State level, Viverito is in Daily News eyeing federal position. They earned it handing over last Middle Class enclave in the country to billionaire ownership and control.

Congratulations New York City Council, you will be rewarded for your achievements. Crafting one man's untarnished record, image is more important then keeping 30,000+ NYers in their homes.


Anonymous said...

part two of The Big PCVST Picture cont'd

Pols make all sorts of tricks for wealthy to shirk debts whether llc bankruptcies (A Trump specialty), having the 99% bail them out, etc. NY pols go to herculean efforts to protect benefactor's image, reputations while pillaging PCVST. A Treasury Secretary can't have angry investors that lost huge. Pols and law enforcement did nothing to protect PCVST tenants and law enforcement even awarded the greatness of that One Wealthy Man.

NY pols / Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton Garrison plan was always pay off BlackRock TS investors in full by getting sale price to $5.4 billion by pillaging residents in any and every way possible before the Presidential election.

There was no tenant bid because it would never reach the debt price. All we want is to work hard and live peacefully in our homes but pols helped BlackRock and TS every step of the way to get the property then to unload it and us.

From the press:
"And Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO, has assembled a veritable shadow government full of former Treasury Department officials at his company.

BlackRock is far from a household name, but it is the largest asset management firm in the world, controlling $4.6 trillion in investor funds — about a trillion dollars more than the annual federal budget, and five times the assets of Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs paid Hillary Clinton $675,000 for three speeches, but an even bigger Wall Street player stands ready to mold and enact her economic and financial policy if she becomes president. Fink has made clear his desire to become treasury secretary someday. The Obama administration had him on the short list to replace Timothy Geithner. When that didn’t materialize, he pulled several members of prior Treasury Departments into high-level positions at the firm, which may improve the prospects of realizing his dream in a future Clinton administration.

Eliminating us so one extremely wealthy man who did not want to pay his debt can get have his dream come true. Shaping the country's economic policy. no wealthy person has to pay their debts, ever. The politicians will make sure the middle class pays the debts for them every time. That is they NY democratic machine way!

Anonymous said...

Nobody with a shred of integrity should join the existing TA Board. I agree with the original poster, it needs to be replaced. Illuminati you are making no sense. Plus everybody knows Compass Rock is still here. Even Compass Rock knows they are still here. Come on.

The Illuminati said...

Everyone who posts here should join this organization. They do good overall NYC work. And we don’t just live in a PCVST bubble. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The Illumnati: said...
"According to your twisted logic, the only person qualified to criticize or call out an elected representative for corruption is another elected representative. "

Excuse me, where are you getting this from?


Your presumptuous comments assuming anyone (STR excepted) who is not a dues paying member of the disgraced TA, or candidate for a board seat of the disgraced TA, or formally establishing a new TA, must be a stay-at-home complaining do-nothing that should shut up.

Anonymous said...

Eliminating us so one extremely wealthy man who did not want to pay his debt can get have his dream come true. Shaping the country's economic policy. no wealthy person has to pay their debts, ever. The politicians will make sure the middle class pays the debts for them every time. .....

your connecting the dots is such a major epipheny ...
and when Beriniw was first putting the heat on 'hillary a few weeks ago about her speeches she had to pre empt a meeting with BlackRock [bd optics]but no worries Bill covered it for her

Anonymous said...

"Most feared tenant attorney" David Rozenholc strikes again, getting $25 Million for the tenant by beating Rob Speyer at Hudson Yards!

Anonymous said...

I would actually like to comment on an earlier comment, and ask a few questions. This deals with the TA.

Someone mentioned (10:50) that the TA is the tenants only representation at meetings with management about things like MCI's. This is true as far as I know (I've never been invited!). As the poster said, they have failed us miserably at these meetings.

For the TA to be representative of the tenant population, shouldn't they have membership of more then 5%? If there are 1000 members (highly doubt it's anywhere near there) with about 30,000 tenants, we are looking at 3.3%. How can they be the only voice for the tenants?

I think we need 2-3 tenant attorneys (non-TA) to attend meetings with management and the TA about our issues and then report back. This eliminates the need for a new TA, just a few litigious tenants that know we aren't being scammed.

If Management, the TA, and Dan are not open to that option, then we know there are shady things going on.

The Illuminati said...

"Your presumptuous comments assuming anyone (STR excepted) who is not a dues paying member of the disgraced TA, or candidate for a board seat of the disgraced TA, or formally establishing a new TA, must be a stay-at-home complaining do-nothing that should shut up."

No, that's not what I said. I said for those who keep bashing the TA (it's dead) but don't want to create an alternative organization (I provided the link) to put up or shut up. That being said, as the STR has said, we are all on our own now, time to move on. Ok?

Anonymous said...

"Focusing low level gets no results and they do not care because pols believe their career automatically advances from upper pols endorsements and promised reward. Quinn was so sure of her REBNY reward she had the FBI investigate when voters said no to Quinn. We should again say no to ALL the low level pols who failed PCVST."

How dare non-billionaire voters think they have a say in the democratic process! The nerve of those pesky Middle Class citizens for using their votes and voices.

Anonymous said...

So Tishman Speyer and BlackRock Fink got a $2billion federal bailout courtesy of Senator Schumer. Had the politicians actually delivered the money to tenants and done a co-op a la Penn South at the more reasonable purchase price between $3 - 4 billion, the politicians would be honoring their Offices and deserving of promotions to higher Offices. Instead they used their Political Offices for business, a business deal to benefit business. Guess they do not listen to David Axelrod.
A two billion dollar bailout.

Anonymous said...

Wow...we are so lucky to have someone as erudite as the Illiminati straightening us out here.

I think we can all guess who this is from the TA. If he's reemerging ('cause he's been here before with the same let-me tell-you feisty style), it must be because the TA thinks it's ready to do something to win hearts and minds.

Someone said a little while ago he thought the TA and Dan were getting ready to take credit for some negotiations. I wouldn't be surprised.

Look, TA person. The current TA has a lot to make up for and they don't seem to know how to do it other than doubling down on the same arrogant, non-representative one way communication that has been its style for the last 5 years. Really, you people don't listen and you learn nothing.

So just keep on coming here with the same attitude and you're sure to get back more of the same.

Anonymous said...

7:56 PM, March 10: You are absolutely right. The TA does not represent tenants of any description; their membership could almost be counted on one hand. They are a political tool and very shady and very secretive because they have a lot to hide that they don't want tenants to know about. Their "accomplishments" are non-existent.

Steinberg fancies herself as an "insider" when it comes to access to the rich and powerful and political. It's kind of like what you'll see at a church or synagogue when some old lady latches onto the rabbi or priest and considers herself to be so important and powerful and indispensible, when really all they are doing is using her by padding her ego. Pathetic, really.

I think we should just dismiss the TA as a non-entity that will just wither on the vine for want of any attention by the people it is supposed to represent.

Atomic Man said...

For the TA to be representative of the tenant population, shouldn't they have membership of more then 5%? ....How can they be the only voice for the tenants?

I think we need 2-3 tenant attorneys (non-TA) to attend meetings with management

Who's "we"? Without any organization, there is no "we".

Anonymous said...

Quite obviously PCV ST tenants have been on their own without support from the tenant association since at least Ms Chow's case but really long before; facing a wrath of resistance from the tenant association and their political controllers against tenants who pushed back against them inflating the property by rent gouging and destructive construction.

Anonymous said...

With Fink controlling the Treasury we might as well hand over the keys to all the homes in the country and the world to Wall Street. The Planet is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Atomic Man - all we need is a mode of communication for the attorneys to reach the tenant population, not a group. What is it with you and needing a formal group. I think our current TA shows the failure of groups in pcvst. All we need are a few legal minded, non corrupt representatives to communicate to us what is really going on.

Anonymous said...

ProPublica has been exposing the rent stabilization frauds by landlords. Wht the politicians say vastly differs from the truth. Here is the latest spin that is then unspun by the media:

Anonymous said...

Reporting rents on apartments in Stuyvesant Town and in Peter Cooper Village deserves a double and triple check with the people at DHCR

Atomic Man said...

9:06: Having long been critical of the TA's recent disposition, I find it odd that I'm coming to their defense, but I don't believe the TA could have done anything for Ms. Chow.

Perhaps someone who actually has a law degree, rather than just an opinion, could chime in. I don't see how a tenants association would have any standing in a single tenant's case against a landlord. If it were a class action suit, yes, but this was a case of just one (justifiably aggrieved) tenant withholding rent.

Anonymous said...

A Stuy Town Hotel complaint from Tishman Speyer days 2009

Vacation rental: should I be worried?
Sep 16, 2009, 9:43 AM
Last week we booked an apartment in manhattan. Made a downpayement of $500 to "NYC Vacation Location Inc." through paypal. The place we rented is at the Stuyvesant oval (stuyvesant town). Now on this forum I'm reading a lot of stories about vacation rental scams. Should I be worried and is there a way to check if they're a reliable company? I do have the exact address of the apartment, can I use it to check if it's valid rental?



Ran illegal hotels in Stuy Town out of this address
NYC, NEW YORK, 10002

Hotel Operator then moved into Stuy Town in 2011 and runs several apartments in Stuy Town as hotels.


NYC, NEW YORK, 10009

Anonymous said...

Oh that De Blasio

Compass Rock is the property management for De Blasio pet project Atlantic Yards or whatever they are trying to call it now to erase its shady beginnings. Goes to show De Blasio never cared about any of the horrible things Compass Rock does to tenants and does not care about Stuyvesant Town PCV tenants. Good luck getting our votes.

Anonymous said...

The Big PCVST Picture March 10, 2016 at 4:31 PM this is still in the news three years later because the politicians have not stop causing the housing and small business problems we face.

March 1, 2016

America’s Insidious Eviction Problem
An on-the-ground look at how the practice of removing tenants from their homes is exacerbating cycles of poverty, especially among minorities and women.

PCVST clearly demonstrates how politicians cause the problems the country faces and the same politicians use PR to make themselves look like heroes with headlines of housing programs they design to solve problems they cause in the first place. Since these NY politicians will not stop causing the problems, we will stop giving them our votes.

There are enough problems in the world without having to deal with ones politicians cause. The reason bankers on Wall Street were not held accountable for the housing crisis is because politicians, regulators, etc had a hand in the design of the the mass eviction of millions of Americans from their homes.

That large scale reconfiguration of housing asset ownership does not occur without assistance from politicians. Calling it a housing crisis is another PR trick as if it just organically happened. It was by design. Frankly the mass eviction is an act of Economic Terrorism on Americans.

The psychological effect present-day politicians cause on our kids cannot be fixed. Better if politicians stop causing problems in the first place. Loopholes and laws for Wall Street / REBNY along with deliberately weak / non-existent protections for constituents - PCVST's NY politicians from Garodnick / Hoylman / De Blasio to Schneiderman / Cuomo to Maloney / Schumer - caused the "eviction crisis" in PCVST that evicted thousands of families. Now they have a lottery of hoards of people circling for the rest of us to fall under the constant pressure. A constant pressure until we break and fall.

These politicians who worship at the alter of Harvard are even out of sync with some at Harvard (Harvard being one of the most bi-polar entities when it comes to ethical practices!). This is a now famous piece on the effects of eviction on children from Harvard et al.

Still in the news three years later because the politicians have not stop causing the problems we are facing.

March 1, 2016

America’s Insidious Eviction Problem
An on-the-ground look at how the practice of removing tenants from their homes is exacerbating cycles of poverty, especially among minorities and women.

Anonymous said...

Bailing out the billionaires while drowning the Middle Class.

Senator Schumer gave $1 billion Federal aid to Langone while tens of thousands are still are not receiving financial aid from Hurricane Sandy to rebuild their homes and he gave $2 Billion Federal aid to Fink Speyer to help Paul Weiss in the desperate clandestine climb to the 2006 purchase price that relied on us losing our homes.

Seems his sole priority is his rise to take Harry Reid's position and not the well being of his constituents. It is one thing to not fulfill the job description of bettering the quality of life of constituents - it is a whole other thing to better the profits of business benefactors in ways that that hurts the quality of life of constituents.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan and Alicia how about this EMPTY Stuy Town Hotel that opened up December 2015 and she has reviews from multiple properties. If that really is what you are going after, the real illegal hotels that have multiple listings. Property Management has to know about this one! It is empty of tenants and runs as a full time HOTEL!

Renovated Stuy Town Apartment and she does not even live there!

It is completely empty and she rents it out as a hotel. Full time hotel operation. How about going after the real hotels Danny boy and leave the innocent tenants alone.

Sarah's reviews:

After a bad experience with a host, it was a relief to find Sarah! Her apartment was really big, comfortable and spotless! She made me feel like I was at home! This apartment is newly renovated, with beautiful floors and fixtures. It is also really close to great restaurants and bars. I had a great time for the night and it was largely due to Sarah and her apartment. I HIGHLY recommend you stay here when visiting NYC.

January 2016 Helpful
This host has 2 reviews for other properties.

Anonymous said...

This BLACKSTONE Stuy Town Hotel is a professional operation. Another full time illegal hotel operation with no tenant living in the apartment.

Shin opened her Stuy Town Hotel in January 2016. Under BLACKSTONE!

About the Host, Shin

New York, New York, United States
Member since January 2016
RaynorRowe LLP

Really Dan and Alicia what are you really doing because it is not stopping the real illegal hotels in BLACKSTONE STUY TOWN.

Anonymous said...

Check the 2nd letter and comments on the T&V blog.

Was always under the impression T&V curried favor with Garodnick & the TA. Was I wrong? Or maybe something has changed.

Anonymous said...

It is Political Party Time!

Connecting more dots...

De Blasio's true PCVST agenda is to give it to those financing Career Politicians promotions. Trading constituents homes for politician's promotions.

BlackRock operates at the Fed and State level. The pols at that level boast their very close relationships with BlackRock.

The PCVST hit comes from Garodnick (who is Quinn-certain of State level promotion reward) and from far above him.

TA "hiring" Paul Weiss is betrayal. An agenda to payoff Fink Speyer's debt by taking all our money, developing open spaces into commercial amenities to service dorm / hotels, and clearing us out of our homes for dorm / hotels. Shameful. Criminal.

A PCVST at-all-costs no-holds-barred Op run by high level pols in pursuit of promotion to higher level appointments. Deplorable status quo.

De Blasio staff carries out State's agenda, turning on People / campaign promises. Goldman Sachs in charge of Housing is De Blasio's greatest anti-constituent act.

Blackrock, Paul Weiss Rifkind Garrison Wharton, Politician Party-time and the PCVST Agenda

Blackrock / Gov / AG operate from both sides (reformer Dem / Republican, flip flop flip flop). The Safe Act, Housing programs, etc is PR for national headlines calling it national models while they push Blackrock agenda - making money from Massive automatic guns/weapons production; Mass incarceration; and Mass eviction.

AG and Gov can't have it both ways so we are no longer buying their act.

Paul Weiss is BlackRock and Blackstone's firm, same agenda, same latest wall street pr con trendy catch phrase "long term" investments. Same Blackstone / BlackRock PCVST agenda for Treasury Secretary benefactor.

Paul Weiss Fundraiser Party!

Paul Weiss firm, Cuomo, Schneiderman-awarded BlackRock Matt Mallow all have recent "Fink" fundraisers but here is the real kicker to PCVST:

AG Eric Schneiderman's May 2014 subpoena to Airbnb for OSE / Roberta Kaplan PCVST Operation is having a "Treasury Fink" fundraiser March 17th.

The NY AG's office is running the at-all-costs no-holds-barred with impunity Blackrock/Blackstone agenda. His May 2014 Airbnb subpoena is politically motivated, targeting PCVST, but obviously not targeting market rate illegal hotels as they still operate freely and openly. The NY AG, Roberta Kaplan, OSE subpoena targets innocent rent stabilized, perhaps someone specific in May 2014.

Connect the Party dots to see who took out the hit and for what benefactor.

Paul Weiss Roberta Kaplan's fundraiser is next week! rsvp to tell them what you think of their middle class mass eviction housing plan!
Carl Gray 646-647-2740

Putting Fink Blackrock in charge of the US Treasury is like putting Goldman Sachs in charge of Middle Class Housing. Sheer stupidity and globally disastrous.


Anonymous said...

Its Political Party Time cont'd

BlackRock Invite Cuomo co-hosted (per NY Times, rsvp is Paul Weiss / Clinton Foundation employee)

Secret-paid-speeches Goldman Sachs Blankfein bought $32M Hamptons house from BlackRock Mallow who threw Cuomo Clinton fundraiser for same benefactor. All are directly involved in PCVST real estate deal when Goldman had Blackstone cover Blackrock debt.

Goldman Sachs, Blackrock, Blackstone - same PCVST agenda carried out by City Council, City Hall, Paul Weiss, NY AG and Governor in exchange for career promotions.

NY elected politicians are pushing us out of our homes at all costs, no holds barred.

Bratton-honoring-Fink is another disaster De Blasio appointment. NYPD deserves better then politically, money motivated leadership. Watch to see if he is banking on a Federal appointment in return for undermining the integrity and credibility of the NYPD.

Schneiderman awards Blackrock Mallow, Bratton awards Blackrock Fink. New York law enforcement is severely compromised and misguided.

The Middle Class is not safe in New York under current career politicians.

PCVST mass evictions of rent stabilized is run by pols who have close relationships with BlackRock and the Airbnb subpoena is aimed at innocent rent stabilized and that is why it deliberately missed all the market rate illegal hotels and there were no arrests during the subpoena between May 2014 and May 2015. The rent stabilized are not running the hotels! But the politically motivated crimes against PCVST RS are committed are with impunity.

Begging for stronger rent laws is a losing battle and wrong battle but the TA / Dan want us focused there so we lose the war on our Middle Class homes and small businesses.

To stop crooked pols crimes in PCVST and all of NYC, we have to aim high at those running the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Mass Eviction Op.

The former landlord guy financing all their political promotions in exchange for a Federal appointment to control the US Treasury.

No true constituent's advocate puts Goldman Sachs in charge of housing or moves $2Billion from Fed to Fink.

Putting Fink Blackrock in charge of the US Treasury is like putting Goldman Sachs in charge of Middle Class Housing. Sheer stupidity and globally disastrous.

Anonymous said...

Finally the media calls Schneiderman and DeBlasio out on their PR hype spin that is fooling no one! Schneiderman and the AG Office is not doing their job for any tenants, but especially and deliberately not for PCVST tenants and they say they are just now beginning to! Now? Where the hell were they since 2010?

"aggressive" "real teeth" sends message. We do not need message sending. We needed law enforcement action on behalf of tenants and we never got that.

Propublica reporting brought it out in the open.

"No one would dispute the value of tough enforcement, but the portrayal of the state and city as aggressive enforcers of the rules on tax break provisions stands in sharp contrast to our reporting.

3 Things Mayor de Blasio and AG Schneiderman Didn’t Say About Housing Enforcement
New York leaders have been quick to celebrate enforcement achievements to protect rent-stabilized units but haven’t put them in context."

Anonymous said...

Rent Stabilized Housing News:

Another rent stabilized building where 80 tenants stood firm and now the luxury hotel condo developers are scrambling for new hotel investors.....just like the derailed Brookfield PCVST hotel condo plan!

"They took over in 2013 and planned to convert the run-down red-brick building into a luxury hotel and condos. Adding to the construction problems, more than 80 tenants in rent-stabilized apartments have refused to move out."

How did PCVST get its commercial construction problems pass zoning and construction authorities???$$

Anonymous said...

Rent Stabilized Housing News:

Calling Preet Bharara and the DOJ to stop Housing Market crimes is time wasted.

A Middle Class Philadelphia couple's story tells it all. Two Middle Class people who stood up to corrupt government and are fighting to keep their home but the government DOJ Attorney Generals is siding with the criminal bank and fighting against the American citizens, a simple couple just trying to save their home.

The DOJ really thinks the Middle Class is stupid. They said the evidence is not there despite the blatantly obvious disappearance of trillions in Middle Class Americans assets that reappeared in the trillions bottom line gains by a just a few politically connected financial companies who are financing the careers of the politicians who control the DOJ -- and the DOJ attorneys want to follow their predecessors who went onto work at the high paying law firms that represent the financial companies or to work at the financial companies themselves.

The so-called Department of Justice is more like department of political cover-up and is siding with a criminal financial institution and against both the Federal Judge and the American citizen just trying to protect his home from a predator.

"The Justice Department, he said, is “supposed to represent the people. They are not. They are siding with a criminal organization under wraps, under seal, under the veil of secrecy.”

More on this heroic couple who took on the corrupt Department of Political Cover Up DOJ

Just like PCVST, the government, elected politicians, are helping trillion dollar financial companies and billion dollar RE steal from us in exchange for a reward of higher office for the politician and political appointments for the benefactors.

That is the PCVST con game and the con game they are pulling on every Middle Class American.

Anonymous said...

The hotel listings explain why the NYPD 13th precinct has been reporting "PCVST" crimes as "Gramercy"
Wonder who gave them that direction. who told them to misreport, putting PCVST in harms way thinking the crimes are not occurring here. Disappointed in the NYPD 13th helping RE eliminate affordable housing here.

Anonymous said...

sty and pcv. we love your kids, we love kids. we have 11 playgrounds and more. please dont have kids playing kickball and having birthday parties in hallways.

Anonymous said...

Come stay at a Renovated Stuy Town Hotel with River Views $325 per night!

Camila and Cole

We will be in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, about 5 minutes away. Close enough to help out if needed, but nowhere near you during your stay.

Guest Access

Apartment and beautiful grounds of Stuytown.

The Neighborhood

Located near 18 and Avenue C in Stuytown, which is a large housing development on the east side of Manhattan. Once used to house soldiers home from war, it was gut renovated, and turned into luxury apartments. Stuytown is beautiful. It is tree lined, there are fountains, grass, pathways, basketball courts, a library, cafe, and is steps away from the heart of the East Village. It is between a 5 and 10 minute walk to the 1st avenue "L" train, which takes you across city where you can connect with other trains, or to Brooklyn.

It's a small, safe, tranquil, and beautiful neighborhood right in the middle of Manhattan.

1 night minimum stay

Operating Since June 2014

Anonymous said...

Or Stay in Peter Cooper Village for only $100 night and you can have the whole apartment too because the tenants are not there!

Compass Rock has let the "New Stabilizers" run hotels in Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town for years.

Anonymous said...

There are over a hundred Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village Hotels on Airbnb Today. Blackstone and Compass Rock are running illegal hotels in rent stabilized PCVST.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they are given permission. They advertise themselves as "Stuyvesant Town room for 1 person $55 per night"

Compass Rock kicked out generations of families, moved in young kids running cheap hotels. $55 per night! They turned this place into a thousand cheap hotels and an illegal ones.

Stuyvesant Town room for 1 person
New York, NY, United States

Hi boys and girls. This is a very very cozy room with lovely community for peaceful people. You can (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) the Stuyvesant Town to dig out what I really mean. Prefer female tenant. Contact me via (EMAIL HIDDEN) or (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). Hurray!

Residens are mostly students from NYU and other colleges.

I won't be around during your stay. But you are welcome to contact me any time.

9 nights minimum stay

Operating since November 2014

Anonymous said...

纽约曼哈顿下城大型社区Stuyvesant 单独卧室出租
New York, NY, United States
$60 per night

Ava has been operating her Stuyvesant Town Hotel since December 2015. Her listing is in Chinese, she is Asian and her guest review is Asian. A lot of the hotels are run by Asian 20 somethings, not all of them but a good number. Someone is giving permission to all the hotels to operate in the open in Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village.

Yihan, a Stuy Town Hotel guest in January 2016 gave Ava a good review

She was very welcoming. Picked me up at the front door and helped me with my suitcases. The room was nice and clean, so was the bathroom. Overall it was a good stay, although wifi was broken during my time there.
January 2016

Anonymous said...

This is what is boils down to:

When the New York City and State politicians were faced with the choice to either

1. keep 30,000 Middle Class citizens in their homes, empower them with securing their own safety with a Penn South co-op plan


2. advance their own political careers by handing 30,000 homes over to a billionaire ownership

ALL the politicians chose the billionaire owner over the 30,000 Middle Class citizens. To them we are all expendable. To that we say so are they, none of them will ever get our votes for anything ever again.

Anonymous said...

De blasio gave Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village to the so called Partnership for New York City

Anonymous said...

There are significant questionable acts by the companies Blackstone employs to work for them to operate this PCV ST property, especially the management and the third party amenities that are servicing the hotel guests.

Anonymous said...

Bill de Blasio gave away the last bastion of Middle Class Housing in America to a billionaire Blackstone Stephen Schwarzman who just launched his namesake College, an International Consortium higher education college in China made up of students from around the world. So the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town luxury dorms and hotels continue under Blackstone.

Of course de Blasio is turning Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town into luxury college dorms / hotels by evicting the entire Middle Class Housing Community.

Bill de Blasio was never on the side of tenants, of the Middle Class, of his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Stuyvesant Town tells the story for Middle Class America. The "establishment" politicians are causing us, the Middle Class, to disappear. The real estate deal they made here instead of a co-op ownership by tenants is the reason the Middle Class is disappearing from America and disappearing from Stuyvesant Town. Wall Street and REBNY owned New York politicians are the problem.

Anonymous said...

Annnnd the bank bail out repeats itself with the same tricks. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackstone, Wells Fargo, BlackRock bail BlackRock and each other out, for return favors once BlackRock is head of US Treasury. Return favors that will make them even richer by making the Middle Class even poorer. The same tricks they had the establishment government pull off in the last bailout, the establishment government just did for Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, all of them in Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town.

The establishment incumbents prove again and again they have to go away into oblivion, private practice or anywhere but Public Service. What a disgraceful disservice they are.

Anonymous said...

How in the fukXXing world does the Donalda outright lie to tenants about carpets and inspections and get away with it? Her boss allows this? I'm posting this on yelp, the internet, all social media and Facebook, Twitter. This is OUTRAGEOUS

Anonymous said...

Agree with March 10, 2016 at 4:31 PM and so does Forbes Magazine:

"This is a story about lies, cheating, and a multi-faceted corruption which was often criminal."

It was all a lie, again. The way operate is the old establishment that does well by them, their careers, and the wealthy they serve. New York politicians lie to us, cheat us out of justice with Roberts ruling, out of assets and out of our Stuyvesant Town homes. It is the way the establishment always operates, it is their second-nature. They scammed Middle Class Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village citizens. Again.

But we are onto them and rejecting their systemic corrupt, cheating, lying operation.

The historic Stuyvesant Town story of malicious deception will be told.

Forbes summed up the establishment simply:

Reinventing America JUL 14, 2015 The Big Bank Bailout
Mike Collins

"Most people think that the big bank bailout was the $700 billion that the treasury department used to save the banks during the financial crash in September of 2008. But this is a long way from the truth because the bailout is still ongoing. The Special Inspector General for TARP summary of the bailout says that the total commitment of government is $16.8 trillion dollars with the $4.6 trillion already paid out. Yes, it was trillions not billions and the banks are now larger and still too big to fail. But it isn’t just the government bailout money that tells the story of the bailout.

This is a story about lies, cheating, and a multi-faceted corruption which was often criminal.

In an article Secrets and Lies of the Bailout, Matt Taibbi says “It was all a lie – one of the biggest and most elaborate falsehoods ever sold to the American people. We were told that the taxpayer was stepping in – only temporarily, mind you – to prop up the economy and save the world from financial catastrophe. What we actually ended up doing was the exact opposite: committing American taxpayers to permanent, blind support of an ungovernable, unregulatable, hyper concentrated new financial system that exacerbates the greed and inequality that caused the crash, and forces Wall Street banks like Goldman Sachs and Citigroup to increase risk rather than reduce it.

In standard establishment operating procedure, SCHUMER, GILLIBRAND, CUOMO, HOCHUL, STRINGER SCHNEIDERMAN, DEBLASIO, GARODNICK, HOYLMAN, KAVANAGH, QUINN/VIVERITO establishment gave a $2 Billion bailout to BlackRock and Tishman Speyer to continue their plan to take away 30,000 more Middle Class homes.

The establishment will keep taking from us until we VOTE THEM OUT!

Anonymous said...

The Forbes link

JUL 14, 2015 @ 04:22 PM 28,315 VIEWS
The Big Bank Bailout

Reinventing America
Mike Collins , CONTRIBUTOR

Next time DeBlasio says "build higher, build denser", Schneiderman says "Build and Rebuild" to the business industry or if they ever release the infamous secret Goldman Sachs speeches by the presidential candidate Clinton, think about them churning the Middle Class over and over again until we have nothing left and the establishment takes all.

NY politicians pulled a big hoax on Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village to complete the Speyer BlackRock plan that does not include the citizens living here.

Anonymous said...

Given the choice between the billionaire and the Citizens

Senator Schumer gave $2 Billion to BlackRock Fink and Speyer to payoff their debt and not to the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village residents to use for home ownership and keep us in our homes

Senator Schumer gave $1 Billion to Ken Langone and the uber wealthy billionaire NYU Langone board to add onto his sprawling medical center and not to the Long Island residents hit by Hurricane Sandy to put back together their homes

Choosing a billionaire not just over the Middle Class every time, but instead of the Middle Class.

The political establishment lies and cheats us out of what we deserve.

Anonymous said...

To enable the Tishman BlackRock choice to stop paying their mortgage with no consequences - the politicians are playing a massive HOAX on Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village.

Anonymous said...

Watch de Blasio make a law to favor REBNY brokers even landlords allowing them to operate multiple apartment hotels. He is already flip flopping. I would bet Compass Rock permitted the Stuyvesant Town illegal hotels even having brokers operate them maybe even taking a cut. Is the broker center still operating? Why would PCVST need a Management Office, a Welcome Center, and a Broker Center? Good money bets on Compass Rock having brokers operating the illegal hotels and the amenities and concierge servicing the hotel guests.

Anonymous said...

If de Blasio and Alicia Glen put in a clause that the Roberts apartments are regulated until 2020, then that is in response to something - to a secret an illegal arrangement where the City permitted compass Rock to operate illegal hotels (while at the same time the City declared such acts are putting us in danger!). The City and State politicians have some sort of agreement with Compass Rock CW Fortress Tishman Speyer Blackrock ST Owner LP that permitted them to use the Market Rate apartment as hotels.



Anonymous said...

That explains why Cuomo, Garodnick, Glen, Steinberg and DeBlasio all said the same thing and used the same words! They all kept saying in the press and at the state of the state how they saved 5000 affordable housing units so that way they cover up the moving of the two billion dollars from the Feds to bailout Speyer and Fink. They did bot save 5000 affordable housing units. They did not save us at all. We saved ourselves as best as we can and still they including Hoylman create a lottery to circle us until we cave. If they actually saved us they would have rid all the brokers operating here, rid the transient welcome center, rid the dorms and hotels, rod Compass Rock. Not surprised Compass Rock now works at DeBlasio creation Atlantic Yards.

Anonymous said...

All this and the City Council votes itself a raise. They get failing grades, with New York being a lowest ranked State. They are failing constituents. But their careers are succeeding and those financing their careers as politicians are buying them offices of higher and higher power.

They and their work are not worthy of their salaries let alone a raise. A lot of industries goes years without raises and single digit raises. The City Council gave itself a raise after failing all of us in the double digits. Their arrogance and narcissism equals their greed.

New York politicians are not in Public Service

New York politicians are in Self-service

Anonymous said...

The Tenant Association Board Chair Susan Steinberg's testimony (page 71 and 72) is deeply troubling.
While other's testified using examples, pages of Airbnb listings, evidence, Ms Steinberg's testimony is solely focused on attacking tenants. It is deeply disturbing and misleading.

Ms Steinberg includes none of the listings that are in plain sight for all to see on Airbnb, makes no mention of the thousands of chopped apartments by the landlord to increase occupancy and the listings saying the apartments can occupy upwards of a dozen tourists now, makes no mention that all of the illegal hotels are in renovated apartments, makes no mention that there seems a pattern of brokers running some of these hotels, makes no mention that tenants have multiple leases and listings within PCVST so the landlord must have given that tenant keys to several apartments and perhaps several leases, makes no mention of any landlord involvement whether complicit or with blind eyes to what is patently obvious, makes no mention of the landlord:
increasing unit occupancy
increasing office buildings with at least three separate leasing / rental types (Broker Center for brokers to operate on the property - the hotel operation?, Management Rental office that seems to house the legal dept focused on evicting the rent stabilized tenants with golub harassment, and Welcome Center for the increased foot traffic coming and going)
all the illegal hotels are renovated market rate apartments

Ms Steinberg does not do as others did in their testimony, attach print outs of the illegal hotel listings, she does not expose any of the landlord's involvement.

Ms Steinberg used her testimony to solely attack tenants or it seems to be worded in a way where one tenant is targeted. Her testimony is misleading at best, but more likely nefarious. While she should and could have used the opportunity to save the community, she instead used it to mislead and if you read it it seems like she is specific about one individual while completely absent of mention of the 100 illegal hotels in operation.

Anonymous said...

Reading Ms Steinberg and the Tenant Association Boards testimony they put on their formal letterhead, and seeing the glaring information missing, the complete, total absence of mention of the many bad acts by the landlord in building the accommodations (increase unit occupancy, multiple welcome centers, on site concierge for guests, commercial amenities attractive to tourists, etc) with the sole focus on tenant(s), it becomes clearer On January 20, 2015 the Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant Association Board and Board Chair have no problem with the illegal hotel operations.

The Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town Tenant Association Board have a problem with a tenant. They are misusing the opportunity to testify about illegal hotels, to instead go after a tenant. The question becomes "Who in January 2015 did the Tenant Association Board have a problem with and why".....

Anonymous said...

It seems Compass Rock gets a cut of the hotel business. The big landlords in NYC are in talks with Airbnb to make the same such deals. They say they are letting tenants rent out apartments only if the landlord gets a cut - but what they really seem to be doing is using fake tenants, brokers posing as tenants, and giving tenants multiple listings to rent out the apartments on the Airbnb site. The landlords know the politicians will let the landlords get away with thie ruse, because in NY the politicians let landlords do whatever they want even at the same time forbidding tenants from doing the same thing just like StuyTown hotels that have been open for 5 years! That is also why the DOB Commissioners, the old one and the new one under De Blasio is letting DOB chop apartments for landlords to increase occupancy and at the same time the DOB is bullying tenants as part of the Mayor de Blasio's hit squad the narco OSE goons who are all over StuyTown.

Anonymous said...

The pols are building too many units of luxury housing but do not fret, the landlords will be just fine, better than fine, they will rent those empty luxury units as online hotels just like Compass Rock and now Blackstone are doing in PCV ST.

Anonymous said...

After years of the DOB and State / City Housing allowing landlords to chop apartments across all 5 boroughs, Bill De Blasio is working out laws to allow landlords to use their buildings as hotels. He is now saying he is going to find a way to allow this (now after the landlords and politicians have removed the tenants from their homes). The DOB is most responsible for the vast number of illegal hotels in NYC and not tenants. Not once have the politicians said "boo" about the DOB but the politicians all are getting themselves headlines and using citizens as background, to attack other citizen tenants. The real culprits in the illegal hotels is the DOB, Housing authorities, who are only able to do what they do because the politicians are running the illegal hotel show they are pretending in the press to fight.

Proof positive is De blasio's director of the office of criminal justice and overseer of the OSE ignoring the hundred illegal hotels in PCVST while focusing on innocent rent stabilized tenants who the TA Board Steinberg described as - otherwise good, tempted to make side dollars - while they issued hundreds of golubs to the unrenovated apartments and not one to any of the hundred renovated market rate hotels run by twenty-somethings who never fell on hard times but are running businesses seemingly permitted by the tenant association, the management Compass Rock, Elizabeth Glazer, the director of the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice and her OSE brigade on campus in PCVST, and her the city council housing and building commission.

Susan Steinberg's testimony to the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice and the City Council's Housing and Building Commission deserves close investigation for falsehoods.

Anonymous said...

Senator Hoylman, Dan Garodnick, New York State Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh put time in their schedules to stand alongside PCVST Tenant Association (Susan Steinberg) to sell Blackstone's Rent Stabilized lottery. The same pols have put zero time and staff resources to have a press conference to call out the renovated market rate illegal hotels exposed on STR blog.

That says a lot about Senator Brad Hoylman, Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, Economic Development Committee Chair Dan Garodnick. All who had their staff arrange a press conference to help Blackstone line up new tenants for Rent Stabilized apartments to replace the current tenants and get those apartments up to the threshold Mayor De Blasio set at $3500 (approx) in an attemot to make it look as if the politicians are preserving affordable housing by having that cap on 5000 apartments, but actually the cap is a deliberate calculation to maximize the landlord's profits while giving a perception of qualifying for the Fed to bail out the previous landlord with $2 billion and another $200 million in bailout from NYC.

Kavanagh, Hoylman, and Garodnick are still pursuing the developers / landlord's goals of evicting all long time tenants and replacing them with higher rents and renovated units that can be marketed as luxury hotels with occupancy of 8+ in a one bedroom.

“This is better than Mega Millions. To live in Peter Cooper Stuy-Town is really hitting the jackpot,” said Sen. Brad Hoylman. “I’m looking forward to everyone entering and in the words of a great poet, hey, you never know.” Brad Hoylman

There is no longer any doubting the local pols are helping the developers and landlords evict long time tenants to increase apartments rents on all Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town apartments. Brad Hoylman's cheesy quote to promote the lottery for Blackstone no doubt will be rewarded with a promotion to higher office.

Equating winning the lottery with replacing evicted rent stabilized tenants is a low, disgusting, despicable analogy. Especially when these three pols and the TA Board President Steinberg know about illegal hotels that should be evicted and not rent stabilized tenants.

Disgusted with these four but glad they showed their true colors, promoters for REBNY, developers, landlords and against rent stabilized tenants.

Anonymous said...

Why are the politicians and their staff promoting a private business landlord's creation of a waiting list for occupied apartments?????

Anonymous said...

Old news everybody already knows but it is the same game by the same Wall Street control-freaks who control the politicians on both sides of the aisles who are obliterating the Middle Class. The Democrats cannot deny it anymore.

"Once over lunch at favored Wall Street bistro San Pietro, longtime Republican financier Ken Langone yelled at Obama supporter Larry Fink, “Are you talking to your fucking friend in Washington yet?” to express his exasperation with Obama’s policies. “I told everyone about this guy and no one wanted to listen!”

Ken Langone called President Obama "fucking friend" of Larry Fink and screamed at Larry Fink to get Obama under control of the puppetmasters.

From the book:

‘Bought And Paid For’: Charlie Gasparino Book Claims Obama Has ‘Unholy Alliance’ With Wall Street
09/15/2010 05:15 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The article has a dozen more of these quotes from all of the control-freaks. Worth the read.

Anonymous said...

Citi Habitats brokers are running a lot of hotel operations in NYC apartments. Their listings do not always show up on Airbnb and HomeAway sites because they do not have to list each and every apartment since they already get a lot of tourists contacting them on their many listings. Dozens of Citi Habitat brokers have listings on Airbnb.

Stuyvesant Town CW Capital Compass Rock gave Citi Habitats an exclusive Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village listing contract

The REBNY, landlords and developers are salivating over getting a big piece of the Airbnb billion dollar tourist hotel industry and the politicians are doing everything they can to make sure the REBNY, brokers, developers and landlords can capitalize on that while making sure tenants cannot and do not. The pols will change the laws to allow Airbnb / HomeAway after the landlords have evicted and chopped as many apartments as they can. StuyTown has already evicted and renovated over 7000 dorm hotels. It is a scam by the politicians who are doing everything they can to help get rid of all the rent stabilized tenants for the landlords.

Is the brokers welcome center still open and operating or did they move it off campus so the tenants do not discover that the brokers are running illegal hotels in Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village.

Tommyboy said...

So I recall in this forum how Peter Cooper residents complained of the overnight parking of their commercial vehicles on Peter Cooper road, so the problem has been solved? Take a look at the 14th street loop every morning!
As I know it is illegal to overnight any commercial vehicle on the streets, no less these large "garbage" box trucks. These loop roads are generally considered private, yet however still display the same NYC signage and violations are often ignored by the NYPD. That said these trucks present a dangerous hazard to pedestrians via blind spots and the simple ability to cross the street. Please address.

Anonymous said...

ST Vincents Hospital forced out of the West Village. The Partnership for New York Bill Rudin (also on NYU Board) puts up luxury condos.

Stuyvesant Town forced out tenants in 6000 apartments, and lines up a lottery for when the remaining 5000 are forced out and is now owned by the Chair of the Partnership for New York.

Senator Hoylman works for the Partnership for New York for twelve years and since they put him in Tom Duane's Senate seat, two major real estate deals in his district benefit the Partnership for New York while doing irreparable harm to the communities, the East and West Village.

Senator Hoylman will never get our votes!

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok, STR. Miss you.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how these 4 (Hoylman, Kavanaugh, Garodnick, and Steinberg) show their faces around here. I for one would never resort to violence, but I would certainly let them have a piece of my mind. I'm sure the REBNY group could find suitable replacement housing for Garodnick and Steinberg if things continue to get out of hand here (which I suspect they will).

Anonymous said...

ty and pcv. we love your kids, we love kids. we have 11 playgrounds and more. please dont have kids playing kickball and having birthday parties in hallways.

When did this become ok and normal here? Folks complaining about nigh frat parties need to remind themselves our kids under 12 don't play in hallways noisily either.

Anonymous said...

All of the above revelations are so horrifying and dispiriting. Steinberg, Garodnick, DeBlasio, Hoylam, et al all a bunch of lowlife crooks in good suits. No wonder so many people are flocking to Donald Trump because they are sick of the usual bunch of cookie-cutter crooks. Steinberg is an absolute disgrace because she purports to represent the tenants while she is really a lacky for the landlord. Despicable!

Anonymous said...

With what we know of Wall Street and REBNY obliterating this community and what Hedge fund Fortress did to the people and property in PCVST since 2010, this is a very good, very strong, very big point. A sad state of affairs when the lesser of two evils is this guy.

But this one point makes a big difference for the Middle Class and his other shortcomings can be challenged by the other branches of government and kept in line eg immigration. Americans won't survive without his stance on Wall Street. This change he will make will change the capacity of hedge funds to wipe out entire city-size communities as PCVST and countries as Puerto Rico. The Hedge Fund operators are responsible for the second wave of economic distress to society.

Trump actually came out in August and said hedge fund (and other) Wall Street money managers should face much higher taxes.

"The hedge fund guys are getting away with murder," he told CBS in August.
Trump wants to eliminate the "loophole" in the tax code known as "carried interest" that allows many hedge fund managers to pay a mere 20% tax on their investment earnings.
It's a big savings. If that provision went away, the hedge manager crowd would pay up to a 39.6% tax rate on some of those earnings.

"They're paying nothing, and it's ridiculous," he said over the summer.

For Warren, taxing Wall Street more is only the start. She and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders want to see the big banks like JPMorgan Chase broken up.

Trump hasn't gone that far, but he's certainly no friend of Wall Street.

Many people believe that Hillary Clinton would be Wall Street's preferred candidate if it came down to Clinton vs. Trump in November. Not only has Clinton given many paid speeches to Wall Street bankers, she is generally seen as not having as harsh a view of them.
Whereas Trump has specifically called them out on the campaign trail: "The hedge fund guys didn't build this country. These are guys that shift paper around and they get lucky."

Anonymous said...

I don't see where Susan Steinberg attacked tenants. I noticed that she mentioned the increase in bed bugs and stated that the TA has a bed bug registry on its website. Well, maybe it used to, but I cannot find any trace of their bed bug registry. I wonder why they removed it? Oversight by their web designer? They have a new website which, quite frankly, is a very denuded version of the old one.

Anonymous said...

Oval Concierge Abigail Michaels is renting out commercial space in Stuyvesant Town by the Hour

545 East 14th St
(212) 375-8110

This is not the family residential quiet peaceful safe community we signed up for.