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Management has two priorities: 1) Making sure money is made, hence upgrading and filling up apartments is their goal. "Amenities" are important in selling the place, though few residents use them. 2) If someone needs medical attention, Public Safety will be there, if alerted.

Quality of life issues are not that important, however. Things like the carpet rule or outsider dogs. These "rules" tend to be ignored, on purpose it seems. So you will see a lot that isn't taken care of properly, and complaints will be met with a creative excuse and a smile.

"Peace and quiet" must be a cruel joke, though this property is sold that way. There can be no peace and quiet as ALL apartments must be upgraded, which includes the installation of an AC unit below the window. Aside from the continual construction about the neighborhood, there is a new and noisy subway extension being built along East 14 st and the shut down of the L line. "Choosing" to live in NYC, now the newest mantra, is a fabrication when the talk is of ST and PCV, which was traditionally quiet, with no construction noise.

Though money was always important, it is now more important than ever. Money rules many things, as you will find.

At this point, 30 years into living here and seeing many things, I can state that Management and their reps are BS-ing us. I can't say that loudly enough: We are being BS-ed. I don't see any genuine change, though the "selling" of this place is intense. Few of the "rules" will be enforced, as Management doesn't want to lose customers or potential customers. Where personal integrity is a hallmark of an excellent management style, this integrity is not seen in enforcing some of the rules.

About those "club cars" we see going this way and that way, and outside of Stuy Town or Peter Cooper Village:

Meanwhile: Freedom of Information:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Affordable Housing Program

Tenants should be receiving information about this under their front door.

I'll be putting up the info it contains and evaluating, but work may intrude.

Right now, for further info and to apply, you should go to: 

There's already a steady discussion of this program at the TA Facebook: 

I'm swamped with work, so I can't evaluate anything now.


Anonymous said...

hahahahah tried to register. sight crashed? can't? Does not work. CAn't sign in.

Anonymous said...

The government says affordable housing, is spending no more than 30 percent of your income on rent. Lets say a family of three makes 50,000 per year. That would be 15,000 per year in rent, or 1,250 per month. So this place is going to have this kind of low rent for these people? Boy oh boy, this place could even worse before it could even get better, bringing in "these kind of people here." AND, 5000 apartments available here alone?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>hahahahah tried to register. sight crashed? can't? Does not work. CAn't sign in.<<

Other people are reporting the same thing.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>So this place is going to have this kind of low rent for these people? Boy oh boy, this place could even worse before it could even get better, bringing in "these kind of people here."<<

Not sure if you are joking or trying to provoke. But, yes, an affordable rent has to be affordable, and not just to the wealthy.

Anonymous said...

PCVST site crashing is priceless.

I can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

STR, my point is, how can these apartments be rented for these low amounts, and what kind of people are going to brought in here, understand? This is no joke!

Anonymous said...

Just like trying to get tickets on Ticketmaster. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

I can evaluate. This place could look like an extension of "Avenue D".

Anonymous said...

The final strong hard push to remove the remaining long timers from their homes. Nice policy De Blasio. Instead of protecting us Alicia Glen and Bill De Blasio made a deal to let us easily be pushed out even by our own neighbors. This is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Open season for hunting. Big target on backs of current long timer families, seniors and all of them.

Anonymous said...

5000 homes are no longer safe once the homes are placed in a lottery. Is this part of the deal to promise Blackstone a certain bottomline so they can make ends meet? The guy heading Blackstone only made 3/4 of a billion dollars last year. Poor guy.

They just made the rest of the long timers at high risk for harassment. A failure of a deal for tenants and a good deal for Blackstone. Am sick over this City Hall administration.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>STR, my point is, how can these apartments be rented for these low amounts, and what kind of people are going to brought in here, understand? This is no joke!<<

Are you referring to the great unwashed? Perhaps NYC's minorities? The income templates will prevent the poor and probably the lower middle class from renting here, but income will be the only basis, rightfully, for being on the waiting list.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure let's open the lottery to replace the rest of the rent stabilized and keep open hotels in the market rate renovated apartments. Compass Rock still running this place? Sure seems like it.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

The discussion of different races in this complex is certainly valid, but let's be honest about it. It's been my contention that residents find the basic white make-up of the tenants here a powerful positive in living here. No one wants to touch this subject because it exposes the inherent racism here, and no one wants to be thought of as racist. Yeah, residents don't mind the few black families in PCVST, but watch residents howl if the number of minorities increases dramatically. I'm excluding Asians as being considered a part of these minorities.

Anonymous said...

De Blasio counts on the continued rate of clearing out at least 300 homes per year. He designed his deal to help Blackstone get rid of all the long timers and turn over all the apartments.
De Blasio, City Hall, Albany is not doing anything to protect tenants in Stuyvesant Town to help keep us in our homes and is setting it up to clear us out.

"The list is expected to be about two years long, and in about two years there will be a new lottery, according to a spokeswoman for Blackstone.

In a press release about the purchase deal last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio estimated that about 300 rent-stabilized apartments turn over each year."

Anonymous said...

hate the management here for not doing right by current MR tenants. If we want to upgrade, should be ez, affordable. If we're good quiet pleasant on time paying tenants, should be helpful. Should not raise rent $300 a year.

CAN WE MAKE A LIST OF WHAT INCREASES ON ANNUAL LEASES HAVE BEEN? I'll go first. I'm MR, One Bedroom and they want almost $300 to renew.

Anonymous said...

You can be pretty sure that anything Steinberg approves is not a good thing for the rent stabilized tenants. Nothing the TA Board says or approves has been good for us for the past ten years. Her approval of this lottery and at the same time as the Blackstone announcement shows who she is working for and it ain't us. How about those 125 illegal renovated market rate hotels Susan?

Anonymous said...

Rent Stabilized tenants will NOT be pushed out of their apartments by this lottery. The agreement simply requires the landlord to keep an inventory of 5000 apartments at affordable rents for the next 20 years. Those apartments will be a mixture of long time RS apartments, and lottery apartments.

Anonymous said...

March 1, 2016 at 3:19 PM
"In a press release about the purchase deal last year, Mayor Bill de Blasio estimated that about 300 rent-stabilized apartments turn over each year."

Anyone have this press release? How can Mayor be ok with this rate of attrition of his constituents?????????????????? How is he not ashamed??????????

Anonymous said...

$300 to renew is not a bad deal. It is probably less than 7 or 8% and that is along the lines with rent guidelines of the last decade even though I do not think they have to follow rent guidelines with us MR.

Anonymous said...

Basically the Mayor is saying he will do nothing to stop the 300 homes lost each year and those constituents are screwed out of a home and he told Blackstone they can bank on it.
A Tale of Two Cities continues

Anonymous said...

Racism and discrimination of any kind in any direction have no place in PCVST.

Anonymous said...

“can evaluate. This place could look like an extension of "Avenue D".

You really don’t get out much or follow blogs like Curbed and the EV Grieve. Ave C is now loaded with new “luxury” housing and Ave D is now starting to become hyper gentrified as well. With dB approval of what we thought was DOA of “mixed” luxury housing within the NYCHA system, Ave D will soon be as is Ave C, just like PCVST, another “dorm dump" for the entitled, parental funded, transient millennials, the college and post college crowd. Woo!

Anonymous said...

Compass crock not leaving. They lied to us already about that.

I don't understand why we're being misplaced - RS here - due to this. Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

This place has so many vacancies they can't fill the market rate apartments they advertise already. There are a ton of apartments for rent here advertised all over the internet .This is one big loophole to forever cut out all affordable housing in StuyTown and bring all rents to the $3200.

Anonymous said...

Why can't they let the rent stabilized live in peace for Christ's sake. We have been under attack since Tishman took over and now this. A New York lottery based on our demise.

Let us live in peace and quiet and you just focus on your mess of a 6200 market rate dorm hotel empire!

Anonymous said...

it is a one bedroom and was at $3522. Will not be 3822. um, no.

Anonymous said...

Am not quite sure why RS tenants are panicking. They cannot remove you from your home for any lottery unless you move or die. They would like to, but cannot by law.

Anonymous said...

Capalino Deblasio - This is really bad

Lobbyists just keep getting richer during de Blasio’s reign

A lobbyist who is a pal and fundraiser for Mayor de Blasio saw his earnings soar more than 50 percent last year, according to data released by the City Clerk Tuesday.

Veteran lobbyist James Capalino pulled in $12.9 million in 2015, up from $8.2 million in 2014, one of the largest increases on record.

Capalino, who represents clients that include real estate powerhouses such as SL Green and Two Trees Management, has almost tripled its earnings since de Blasio took office.

Capalino clients Two Trees, Toll Brothers, Asphalt Green, Brookfield Properties and Douglaston Development also contributed to the Campaign for One New York.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about this guy is straight forward
Rudin Capalino Deblasio Brookfield

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the panickers , why are you telling folks that we RS are in danger? W.T.F.

Anonymous said...

The RS are probably panicking because Susan Steinberg and Rick Hayduk Blackstone opened up their homes to an risky to a Hunger Games lottery that the public wants to push them out of and as the above Stuy Town MR commented, the Stuy Town MR feel they are entitled to have the RS tenants homes before the public. The City, Alicia Glen and Bill DeBlasio guaranteed at least 300 Hunger Games trophies can be scored each year. This is not a safe, peaceful environment for the RS, but is is for the trophy winners, anyone who takes away the RS tenants' homes gets a fixed rent for 20 years that will never go above $3200. March 1, 2016 at 3:52 PM says it straight, Blackstone and the TA "should be helpful" with favoritism in awarding the MR with the RS evicted homes. RS is not dying at a rate of 300 homes per year, they are being mass evicted with the blessing of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and Albany and the MR want Blackstone and the TA to be more helpful in attaining their apartments. That is the attitude that they just put into action.

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that they would give the current tenants some consideration before the lottery as the rumors suggested. Would it hurt them to move rent stabilized tenants to either larger or smaller rent stabilized apartments as needed ? They would still have one apartment to renovate and take to market value, so it should not make a difference. Of should the market rate tenants that meet the criteria not have a first " insiders " lottery for the apartments that turnover if they meet the income qualifications ? and why in the world are they taking 15,000 applications for 300 rent stabilized apartments that turnover each year , or are they including Market rate apartments. And where did the 250,000 in assets come from ? Does that include pensions and retirement accounts ? and my last questions is why is there not consideration given to people in the community board and city employees like other city lotteries ?

Anonymous said...

March 1, 2016 at 6:00 PM

I don't think you ever leave your apartment! Take a hands on approach and walk around the Ave D, FDR area at around 1 o'clock in the morning on a Saturday night, and let me know how safe you feel. I'm really curious in your findings.

Anonymous said...

March 1, 2016 at 3:18 PM

Racism will always exist because all people are different. I have met as many, if not more, black racists as whites. Let's see. Why is there a "BLACK entertainment TV" channel, but not a WHITE entertainment TV channel? Why is there a "national association for the advancement of colored people", but not a "national association for the advancement of white people? Let's get real for a moment here STR!

Anonymous said...

Agree with 9:03. The problem is that many of the RS tenants are older and may not have access to the information that tells them that they are safe from this lottery. They just get the pamphlet under the door and start worrying. RS tenants have nothing to worry about!!!

Anonymous said...

The real Bill DeBlasio is standing up finally.
Pro-Wall Street Pro-real estate developers Pro-Rudin St Vincent lobbyist

Promises were made to Goldman Sachs in 3/4 million dollars worth of paid speeches. DeBlasio is fine with keeping the vampire squids secrets from his constituents.

In other words, Bill DeBlasio is saying "don't judge a politician by their actions, judge them by their campaign platform"
This from a guy who has reneged on his own campaign platform.

De Blasio on Clinton transcripts: 'I don't care about those speeches'

Anonymous said...

"You can be pretty sure that anything Steinberg approves is not a good thing for the rent stabilized tenants. Nothing the TA Board says or approves has been good for us for the past ten years. Her approval of this lottery and at the same time as the Blackstone announcement shows who she is working for and it ain't us. How about those 125 illegal renovated market rate hotels Susan?"

Agreed. Is it possible for Tenants to sue the TA? I'm serious. Can an individual or a group of tenants file a lawsuit against the TA for misrepresentation or worse? Could we at least get them to cease and desist by taking them to court? I would pay to join in something like that. I would volunteer to spearhead it.

Anonymous said...

5000 is a lot of apartments. Do they have that many available? I'm sure that once 5000 units are rented at a low rent they won't become available for decades. Surely they would have to close the lottery when those 5000 units are rented at "affordable" rents.

Anonymous said...

It is not just the Stuy Town lottery website crashing. After dreadful choices of SuperTuesday Americans want out, especially Massachusetts that was too close to call until the very end. It is the end, final nail in the coffin for Middle Class America.

Google searches for "how to move to Canada" spiked on Super Tuesday as Americans unhappy with the results seemed to be weighing their future options.

It's unclear whether the results were triggered by Donald Trump taking seven states or Hillary Clinton also winning seven. Of course, it's also a possibility a percentage of those searching are charmed by Canada's new prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

Google data editor Simon Rogers first pointed out the trend, noting the searches spiked more than 350 percent Tuesday night. That number surged as high as 1,150 percent before settling around the 500 percent mark at the end of the day, according to Mashable.

Google search results also show a breakdown by state -- and it appears the majority of searches about emigrating to Canada came from Massachusetts.

Want to find out if you're eligible to move north? Canada's website has a tool for people to determine their eligibility.

A polite Canadian warning at the top of the website says: "You may experience delays while using the website. We are working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience."

Google Searches for 'How to Move to Canada' Spike After Super Tuesday Results

Anonymous said...

Check out this latest YELP review: 2/29/16

This may be the most important review I can ever write because I may help you to make the right decision not to move in here.

Do you know why the leasing office will only show you a model home and will not show you the actual apartment you're moving into? It's simple. The walls are so paper thin that they perform no noise blocking function at all. If anyone actually visited the apartment they'll be moving into, no one in their right mind would sign the lease.

I hear every word of every conversation from the neighbors around me. Everything. Every fight, every curse word filled argument from the couple downstairs, which happens multiple times a week. Every time the dog next door or three doors down barks. I can hear even a normal conversation in normal indoor talking volume next door. Every. Single. Word. In the bathroom you can hear every conversation and bowel movement. If there's a party happening somewhere around you, forget sleeping unless you call the security; even then, sometimes, the party continues. I can even hear sounds of crying; last week I lived through a woman sobbing for four hours. But all of this I can deal with. What I find unacceptable is that our neighbor upstairs has kept me awake every night for the past two and a half weeks straight and no one here can do anything to help me. I've called security countless times, and let me point out that they are excellent; however unless they actively hear the noise, they cannot do anything. My neighbor inevitably stops making noise in the twenty minutes it takes for security to arrive, so nothing can be done; the damage is already done to me though, as I cannot sleep for hours afterwards. This affects my health, my work, and obviously, my well-being.

In fact, that's why I lie awake right now at 5:00 am writing this review. I was woken up at 3 am and the noise has continued on and off for two hours now. It's simply ridiculous. After two and a half weeks of being woken up every single night, and being told nothing can be done, I feel frustrated and trapped in my lease. Somehow it has become my fault and my problem that my upstairs neighbor seemingly drags heavy metal continuously above me throughout the night, which in this building sounds like it's happening right next to my ear. Building management has somehow put this onto me to live with, and this is NOT a tolerable living situation.

I wish I had listened to the other Yelp reviews that all voice!

Anonymous said...

9:03 because the RS are not dying at a rate of 300 per year (unless there is something toxic in the water and land) so the only way Glen and deBlasio can promise Blackstone 300 per year is if they let them keep targeting the RS with false golubs, and other harassment tactics as hotel and dorm transients the AG, landlord and TA have been allowing in PCVST.

Anonymous said...

"Am not quite sure why RS tenants are panicking. They cannot remove you from your home for any lottery unless you move or die. They would like to, but cannot by law."
Right. We should believe De Blasio-Garodnick-TA assurances claiming their "partner" Blackstone is a benevolent REBNY predator that will never stoop to tactics deployed by Speyer-CWC pushing longer term RS out of their homes via phony evictions, rampant unnecessary MCIs jacking up rents, ignoring routine maintenance requests, marketing chopped up dorms to nonstop partying transients, failing to maintain infrastructure, refusing to enforce dogshit regs, degenerating overall QOL, ongoing harrasment, etc.

Anonymous said...

some die, some move out, thanks to being harassed by noise from students all day and night.

Anonymous said...

Spot on 5:37

Anonymous said...

It is obvious the RS are being harassed out. When MetLife ran this place, peacefully, there was a ten year wait list just to get in because there was no attrition or barely any. This place was peaceful with a quality of life that the current incumbents believe only the wealthy should enjoy. The current politicians in Albany, who are themselves very rich, the incumbents don't think the middle class deserve a quality of life so they took it from us. They think they are better than us and if we have anything they want they come and take it and that is what they did to PCVST. They came in and took away a peaceful, successful for generations middle class community, took away our Roberts ruling, took away our peace, took away our homes.

With Blackstone and Mayor deBlasio there is an attrition rate of 300 losses per year. The polar opposite of the ten year wait list. That level of eviction rate takes harassment and illegal acts.

Anonymous said...

There is only one way to stop this, and that is to make sure every family has someone in place to take over their RS apartment via Right of Sucession. I am suggesting that it be done legally (obviously), but this way when Grandma dies or mom and dad move to Florida, the apartment does not get turned over to the lottery. It's the only way to preserve this once great neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

10:10 AM

Gee, I wonder why that is?

Anonymous said...

10:13 PM, you have hit the nail right on the head. What you describe is exactly right. DeBlasio, Garodnick, the TA, et al are all a bunch of con artists who think they have fooled us. They are despicable beyond despicable. I wish they would all go away and suffer! I hate to be that bitter, but we have been so used and abused by these sleazy REBNY-sponsored politicians and TA, that I shall never forget the misery they inflicted upon us. I really hope it all comes back to bite them hard in the ass. They're all as sleazy and rotten as any creature from the Tweed era.

Anonymous said...

I agree that RS tenants are being harassed out by noise and QOL issues, I have encountered much of the aforementioned myself, but actual physical eviction of RS tenants is forbidden by law and anyone is evicted against their will should get a housing lawyer. The TA is useless, so the only recourse would be a lawyer. Ignoring rent stabilization laws needs to be dealt with. Do any of the anonymous posters actually know of specific cases evicting RS tenants involuntarily out of their homes? I know it was done frequently during the TS reign of terror, but if it is still happening now, it needs to be addressed are these instances tied in with golub notices?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't everyone here take a deep breath and relax a little. The lottery is not going provide Blackstone with a carte blanche to move out anyone via the "e" word mentioned a few times. The agreement with De Blasio is to "preserve" 5,000 apartments as affordable, which will be a combination of current RS apartments and new "lottery winner" (affordable) apartments. The ads that appeared on Tuesday spell out clearly what incomes have to be met in order to qualify, so no one is going to get an apartment for three people for 1,250 per month.

Anonymous said...

"300 losses per year"

This is not conspiracy BS but it is actuary reality.The PCVST seniors aged in their late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are starting to pass on in waves. There are still a lot of them but at least half of them will be gone in 5 years. I personally know three of my friend’s parents who have died during the last 6 months. The middle agers are hanging in, I’m one of them but I really don’t know how much longer I can stand the dorm dump situation here. I’m not a docile tenant, far from it, but the endless struggle against TS/Rose-CWC/CR-CWC and now Blackstone has taken its toll. The city itself basically now sucks. If you follow the Jeremiah Vanishing NY blog/FB page and the EV Grieve blog and FB page, you'll know what I mean. I would like to retire here but the odds against that are getting longer every year.

Anonymous said...

NY Ranks last due to Affordable Housing

NEW YORK – New York City is one of the worst places to live in the U.S., according to a recent research by American media company U.S. News & World Report.

The country’s most populous city ranked 96 out of 100 and scored of 5.6 out of 10 on the website’s “Best Places to Live in the USA” survey.

The Big Apple, home to 8.4 million people was given 1.1 out of 10 in a value index that measures how comfortably an average resident can afford to live on annual income to cost of living in a given area.

“Affordable housing is an ongoing problem in New York City, with one-bedroom apartments renting for several thousand dollars a month,” the site noted in its research.

The biggest causes occurred beginning 2007 with StuyTown being the case study for the entire city. Tishman Speyer and BlackRock Fink decimated the existing entire community with their policies and practices.

We have a big decision coming up may want to think long and hard whether or not we want Tishman Speyer BlackRock Fink to be in a position to do the the entire country what they did to this entire community.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>There is only one way to stop this, and that is to make sure every family has someone in place to take over their RS apartment via Right of Sucession.<<

Absolutely. I would even encourage old timers who are single or widowed to marry someone young and keep that apartment in RS status. Who knows? You may even enjoy yourself too!

Anonymous said...

It is so true. In my building, there have been an apartment (someone died, elderly) turning over too often. In the past two years, at least 4. thats just from dying alone, others are moving to warmer climates.

Anonymous said...

Kids of the elderly can't stay. Let us be honest - they have families of their own, they have jobs that are not always here . It's not that simple.

Anonymous said...

I am starting to see RS tenants have their grandkids move in. There are 3 tgat I know of in my building - just out of Columbia and NYU law too. Good luck trying to pull a fast one on them.

Anonymous said...

If Mayor De Blasio cared at all about the residents and affordable housing he would have put in the deal a mandate the landlord end the high attrition in PCV ST - mandated PCV ST end the illegal hotels in the renovated apartments and mandate the market rate apartments are filled before the RS to put a safeguard in place to protect the RS from the harassment by CW and Compass Rock. He does not care about residents.

Anonymous said...

And this is all why U.S. News & World Report has released its list of the Best Places to live in 2016, and NY is listed almost dead last, because nobody can afford to live here. Don't you people get it? You can spin it all you want, but nothing is going to change. It is only to get worse. THE END.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
10:13 PM, you have hit the nail right on the head. What you describe is exactly right. DeBlasio, Garodnick, the TA, et al are all a bunch of con artists who think they have fooled us. They are despicable beyond despicable. I wish they would all go away and suffer! I hate to be that bitter, but we have been so used and abused by these sleazy REBNY-sponsored politicians and TA, that I shall never forget the misery they inflicted upon us. I really hope it all comes back to bite them hard in the ass. They're all as sleazy and rotten as any creature from the Tweed era.

March 3, 2016 at 12:59 PM

Anonymous said...

"There is only one way to stop this, and that is to make sure every family has someone in place to take over their RS apartment via Right of Sucession."

Succession is part of rent stabilization. No RS, no succession. In fact, no protections at all. Point is, we need a real Democratic State Senate and a real Democratic governor to renew and even strengthen the rent laws. For a start, higher rent and income thresholds for removing an apartment from RS, no increasing the rent by 20% every time the apartment turns over (higher dollar amount results from higher rents, pushing the legal rent even higher), no increases to the legal rent until the preferential rent is the same amount, increases to preferential rents that are determined by the RGB (not jacked up closer to the legal rent). Even though the current RS law has to be renewed in 2019, a change in the composition of the State Senate could provide the opportunity to amend the law before then. Those changes would affect every type of tenant here at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Come to Stuy Town Dorms and Hotels and Open Season to hunt RS!

Where the Affordable Housing lottery only works if you kick innocent people out of their homes so billionaires at the Trillion$ Blackstone can renovate the apartment and increase the rent - thank goodness Blackstone will be able to make ends meet. Whew.
Thank goodness Paul Weiss was able to increase the rent roll, decrease the RS tenants, and construction and commercialize the space where there was once trees so that trillion$ BlackRock and Tishman Speyer's debt is paid off. Whew.
Good thing those billionaires have politicians protecting them and their profits. Whew.

Anonymous said...

Agree 3:05 the change in Senate we need is no Hoylman! Anyone but Hoylman!

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio (like Garodnick and Stringer) works for REBNY, not tenants. They are liars when they say they care about their constituents, except those constituents who fill their coffers.

Anonymous said...

Flip Flop and Lies Lies Lies

Now De Blasio is saying it is ok to hoard numerous apartments and run them as hotels if it is registered, taxed and inspected. Bullshit! Hoarding apartments is a practice by many brokers and property management companies to help landlords rent out overpriced apartments that were increased to push out permanent tenants and now cant keep those overpriced apartments occupied. It is another con on the constituents and a way the city council and city hall help out the property management / landlords who need to rent out those superficially renovated overpriced apartments.

Before Ciy Hall and City Council were called out for their PCVST hypocrisy and lies De Blasio said this:

De Blasio Puts $10M Toward Cracking Down On Airbnb And Its Ilk
by Nathan Tempey in News on Nov 16, 2015 3:50 pm

"The Mayor's Office will now actively seek out such listings, where before it only investigated apartments when someone complained."

(of course by "actively seek out" he means turn a blind eye to market rate renovated hotels in plain sight and target innocent rent stabilized tenants with golub notices and OSE tactics)

Today De Blasio flip flops after a hundred Stuy Town hotels are exposed on STR.

Rosenthal and Williams have egg on their faces and had no comment. The entire NYC assault on Airbnb is a political fraud and it has nothing to do with resident safety. The politicians do not care aobt our small businesses or our homes. They parade us out for their rallies and pretend their fighting for constituents.

The truth is the Airbnb assault was for their benefactors. It is for REBNY and for the Hotel Industry. The hotel industry does not want to share the tourism market and profits. The REBNY does not want tenants to be able to afford to keep their homes, they want us out so anything that keeps [eople in their homes is bad for REBNY.

We chose to live in a community that by law does not allow these illegal hotels and thought it would be safe here for kids. But after seeing Blackstone and Compass Rock allow a hundred hotels to run for 5 years with tens of thousands of tourists and strangers makes Stuy Town unsafe. The link to the guy the commenter provided who has been running his Stuy Town hotel since 2010 even made art work telling hotel guests how to "connect with events"

The courts are not for residents. They are tourist attractions for tourists! The Events are for strangers. Do not let your kids go to these sport events without being accompanied by an adult you know. Stuy Town is not safe for kids. It is full of traveling strangers in our buildings and at the Compass Rock Blackstone Events. They made Stuy Town, the place that used to be the safest in Manhattan to raise kids. one of the most dangerous for kids. With all these tourists and strangers and Events, Stuy Town is not as safe as it once was for kids.

Anonymous said...

ah yes, the democrats past 12 years have done so right by us.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Blackstone changed the property name from the historic, sophisticated Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town PCVST to the party-town moniker given by NYU, Stuy Town, adopting the NYU campus name, says it all. The dorms and hotels are a deliberate and major part of the new stabilizers that the TA Board / Dan have been pushing since 2010.

As for the hotels in Stuyvesant Town these are clearly not New Yorkers trying to make ends meet. They are brokers and new tenants who have been approved to run hotels in Stuyvesant Town openly.

This slick PR from 2014 is a big lie and really shady dirty:

"Mr. Schneiderman and city regulators will also announce Thursday a joint enforcement initiative to shut down illegal hotels. Various regulators will investigate violations of building and safety codes and tax regulations.

“Anyone operating an illegal hotel should be on notice that the state and city will take aggressive enforcement actions in this area,” said Mr. Schneiderman. “A slick advertising campaign doesn’t change the fact that this is illegal activity.”

According to Gawker Stuyvesant Town, now called Stuy Town by NYU and Blackstone is the second highest ranking rental zip code in NYC! The highest is Williamsburg which got 50,000 night stays during the monitored period.


And Stuy Town is in second place behind Williamsburg for most night stays. 10009 zip code is the second largest illegal hotel rental market.

There is no way for it to get that large without Compass Rock and the Dan TA not only knowing but also approving. The hypocrisy comes in when the AG and TA have their PR firm place photo ops of them opposing the hotels while they operate in plain sight in Stuy Town. According to the data released the hotels operate mostly where there are "younger" people, it attracts "younger" people. No surprise there seeing as the hotels operating in Stuy Town are almost all younger "hosts" in their twenties. No surprise again when Compass Rock, the TA, Dan and now Blackstone push the amenities that "attract younger" people.

The Stuy Town hotels are operating in plain view of Security, Compass Rock and the amenities and events are to attract the younger tourists.

Compass Rock, Dan, the TA removed / killed the trees in the Oval and Open Spaces for the commercial amenities and events to attract the hotel businesses, growing 10009 to the second largest hotel market in the city.

The second largest market in all of NYC and the OSE has been on site in Stuy Town the entire time not only allowing the hotels but watching it grow to be the second largest hotel marketplace!

What has the OSE Attorney General and TA law firm really been doing this entire time and to whom?

Anonymous said...

"Affordable Housing" is the excuse the politicians use to con the People while pushing the RE agenda.

Cuomo says De Blasio's plan is a failure and De Blasio / commissioner Been say Cuomo's plan is a poison pill.

Truth is both plans are failures but usually these political guys cover for each other instead of exposing each other. People are always better off when the politicians are fighting, because then they are not covering u for each other in pushing their agendas in their cons on the public.

Neither one of these pols are protecting affordable housing and the entire country knows it. Oh heck, the entire world knows it.

"According a U.S. News & World Report, New York City ranks as one of the worst major cities in America to live in, coming in 96th place out of 100.

While we will respectfully and vehemently disagree with this statement, the basis behind the conclusion seems valid: the city’s housing prices are entirely unrealistic for most of America."

Anonymous said...

Do not trust security! They know of the illegal hotel in our building and they do nothing. They do not care about tenants. They only do whatever Compass Rock and Blackstone tell them to do.

Anonymous said...

The real Decievers

The fraud the DOB, FDNY, NYU loving City Council, Mayor pulled on all New Yorkers.

One minute, $100,000 fines from Councilperson Williams and Public Advocate James and Mayor gives $10Million to OSE and next minute after politicians Compass Rock and Blackstone get caught allowing illegal hotels the Mayor says hotels are A OK because developers, young adults, brokers and landlords doing it but if working class do it Mayor AG and City Council condemn and charge them $100,000. Yes by all means let's rob Middle class out of house, home and bank account. NY pols are ruining Middle Class.

Broke every campaign promise and lobbyist friends are getting very very rich. DOB corruptly chopping apartments after pushing permanent residents out of house and home to increase occupancy. FDNY turn blind eyes to illegally chopped apartments with illegal occupancy. DOB and FDNY yuck it up with De Blasio Schneiderman Williams, James, Garodnick at REBNY gala. Stuy Town hotels one bedroom allow 5, 9, unlimited occupants!

FDNY DOB OSE AG TA are pushing political agendas. We see your cons despite your little PR cover ups!

Williams and James threaten $100,000 fines for each illegal hotel. ST has a hundred that would bring in $10,000,000 if this were not a PR fraud.

Stuy Town TA PR company puts them in press condemning illegal hotels saying negative impact on affordable housing to make it look as if TA are opposed while TA allows them to run since 2010!

The negative impact are Stuy Town Dorms! On dorms the TA board their AG and city council are mute and Blackstone adopts NYU name for the campus. People are no longer falling for cheap PR tricks by the real deceivers.

"A City Council hearing on Airbnb got so heated Friday that an exec testifying for the home-sharing site could barely finish a sentence and a legislator angrily threatened to seek fines up to $100,000 for “illegal hotels.”

“I came here thinking $50,000 [fines] were an overreach, but after hearing your testimony, maybe it’s not,” Councilman Jumaane Williams fumed at Chris Lehane, head of global policy for Airbnb.

The Brooklyn Democrat had repeatedly referred to Airbnb as “deceivers” at the Housing and Building Committee hearing.

He, other council members and Public Advocate Letitia James also accused Airbnb officials of turning a blind eye as site users routinely rent out residences as illegal hotels.

One minute De Blasio puts $10 million into his OSE saying:
“You’ll see more enforcement as we go along,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said this fall.

Fine, enforce it here and collect the 10 million or admit this Airbnb political fraud!

After Stuy Town tenants catch OSE TA City Hall letting RE pals operate hotels here, City Hall says hotels are ok, they want to sweep this fraud under the rug now saying it is ok with regulations. This is not a tale of two cities it is a tale of two faces!

The public is exposing frauds of NY politicians.

TA and City Hall cant live up to their own PR hype because this was about screwing working class out of homes and once politicians learned data shows it is young adults especially here in Stuy Town, they become two faced.

Plain and simple. This is about screwing middle class out and bringing in new stabilizer younger population.

Voting out one term Mayor, 3rd term council man from whatever office he pursues, Gov who wants to go to DC so good riddance, and AG who pretends to be a reformer.

We are flipping switches to Republican straight down the line because results are the same, but Republicans don't bother lying about screwing working class in the tale of two cities like dishonest Democrats do.

Anonymous said...

There is definite reason to chill out over the so-called affordable housing program. First, it's a lottery. No one is supposed to have an edge. So even if qualified, an applicant may get a really lousy number. Second, availability will be very limited. Right now there are about 5500 'affordable' apts. Most people will leave these feet first. The turnover is not 300 per year for these units. Much lower. So over a twenty year period, how many of these will actually come on the market when the number of affordable units is finally below the 5000 unit threshold? Answer: not many. It will be a couple of years before this program actually kicks in. By the time people actually are offered a place, they may not even meet the gating criteria. Outside of some extra benefit for Roberts people, all this agreement does is give deBlasio some illusory bragging rights and ensure that any new people getting these affordable units will be lower-middle class. In other words, the people getting the affordable units will probably be young, lucky and there won't be many actually getting in. Most people who sign up will grow old waiting.

You have to wonder...with such little gain, why would the city give up over 200 million dollars in tax revenue and loans to make such a deal happen? Did deBlasio know it was a bad deal but was willing to fund it to give himself a illusory political win? Or did he not understand all the ramifications? Did Alicia Glen just do the damage, tell him it was good and he took her word for it? Having come from the real estate investment world, I don't think the ramifications of the deal would have been lost on her. Alicia Glen is OF the real estate world. She is not a consumer advocate who also understands real estate. What we needed was someone more like Elizabeth Warren. Anyway, what's the net result? Little gain for current residents, little gain for future residents. Bragging rights for deBlasio. I guess he wants to be the next governor. A loss of $200MM for tax payers. NYC tax payers are the real losers here.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason the TA and Blackstone opened a lottery instead of addressing the illegal hotels. Duh

Anonymous said...

@10:51 AM

You got it right.

Anonymous said...

9:37: gotta be wacko. i'll vote independent. ain't no way i'm voting gop. just deluded.

Anonymous said...


Tommyboy said...

I agree with 10:51 am, De Blasio creates 5,000 affordable apartments, that already existed. These so-called apartments will never see the light of day. Other than the asbestos utility closets on the Main floors, the rest will most likely be the least desirable apartments in this complex. A "market rate" unit will remain MR, student dorms will remain, the mommy & daddy rentals for kiddies will be the affected area, the balls in your basketball league covered court Blackstone!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with Hoylman? I thought he was a good guy. I've always liked him because he seems to care about seniors.

The Illuminati said...


Thanks for a very concise and logical critical post of this so called “affordable housing” deal. So unlike the TA conspiracy BS that is posted over and over again here.

Anonymous said...

10:51 AM: you are right on when you use the word "illusory" pertaining to DeBlasio. His whole agenda is smoke and mirrors. He is useless to everyone except his masters at REBNY. May he never hold any public office again when his term is up. What a loser!

The Illuminati said...

BTW, there have been several more BS, alternative universe, 5 star Yelp reviews recently that, of course, Blackstone has responded to ASAP to thank them for their rewards points/drug induced insanity. We all need to go over to the Yelp link provided on the banner page of this blog and “Funny” them up ASAP.

Sort by “Newest First”:

From that “Other” Yelp link, also provided on the banner page of this blog:

“107 reviews for Peter Cooper Village Stuyvesant Town that are not currently recommended”

Here it the reality:

“We recently moved into one of Stuytown's Platinum Finish brand new gut-renovated 2 bedroom apartments in December 2015. Boy, were we amazed by the aesthetic value of the apartment--immediately signing a 2-year lease. Was that the biggest mistake I have ever made. Our upstairs neighbors have young kids, which is fine, however between being woken up every single morning between 6-7am--for three months (and counting)--and the parents stomping around until 1-2am is no longer fine. Due to the paper thin walls I am only allotted a short, four or five hour window of quiet. Each morning the kids are up running, jumping, and playing directly above my bed and then sprinting games throughout the whole apartment. Their game of choice appears to be throwing--with what I can only imagine to be marbles--on the floor. I can feel the reverberations. Sleep in this scenario? Forget it. Between working full time and being in school full time, sleeping between only 2-6am (including weekends) does not cut it. I have tried industrial ear plugs, in-ear earphones, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones, Noise Machines--nothing works. This situation is beyond absurd. It should be noted, I have lived in the city for a few years now--I am no stranger to noise--what we are experiencing can not be classified as noise but rather as incessant reverberation disturbance. How have I tried to solve the problem? I spent my first morning at Stuytown in a cold sweat because I realized the issue I had just involved myself in. Then during the month of January I was calling security like a maniac, but generally by the time security arrived the noise had calmed down. The security guys are really great and are very understanding but if they do not actively hear the noise there is nothing they can do. On select occasions the security guard did hear the noise and proceeded upstairs--giving us some quiet for a good five minutes... The system PCVST has implemented is dismal at best. In order for the management office to get involved they need at least four documentations of violations?? My calling at least a few dozen times between 2am-7am should count for something! I have spent months trying to contact the management office desperate for a solution to the noise and reverberations, yet I have not been contacted once. It has gotten to the point that I have had my attorney contact them (it has been over a month since initial contact) and still no response. For the amount of money we are paying for this apartment, the necessity and ability to sleep should be a non-issue. We have turned into walking zombies due to this noise-infested apartment. Please do not be fooled by the beautiful aesthetic of these apartments. The only saving grace is that I get to see its beauty more often because I am always awake....Is wanting to be able to sleep in my own apartment such a minute issue for the management office?"

Anonymous said...

STR-when you run your next pictorial about dog messes could you please include shots of the urine stains on the granite bases around the front of the lobbies and please include my building 370 1st Ave which is particularly disgusting. All the tenants wind up looking at these disgusting messes every day as they enter the buildings. There's no reason why considerate dog owners can't pull their dogs away to the fences.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

I've actually done that--uploaded a photo of the urine stains on the granite base. The bases in PCV are particularly striking. I just don't understand how a resident dog owner can have his or her dog piss right by the entrance to their building. That should be one of the prime "rules" that should be stated in the future. No dog piss at the entrances to buildings.

Anonymous said...

Why make a big show pf protesting Airbnb while at the same time let a hundred hotels operate?

It is so easy to go to the Airbnb website and see dozens of illegal hotels and close them but these guys go to rallies, hold signs, scream at Albany, get photo ops, and let the hotels keep running in PCVST since 2010! From Town & Village a year ago.

Now we know this was lies and bullshit. The key card charges never applied to the 125 hotels. It only applied to law abiding tenants who had innocent reasons as caretakers, etc. These guys are real creeps and liars.

September 22, 2015
CW gets tougher with guest key-card policy

There are at least two dozen OSE in PCVST -- what the hell are they doing?!?!?!?!?! Collecting a salary to do what?!?!?!?

The key card fees are bullshit! The OSE operation in PCVST is bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I dont think any of us can say the TA comments are merely conspiracy theories. By now we all know the facts. We all know what they have done. We all know what they have not done and all the failures, blind eyes, deaf ears, mute voices on the atrocities that went down in PCVST. The trees are killed and gone, the Open Spaces are commercialized, a tenant fought construction noise alone in court with no help from the TA, the foot traffic is heavy even needing its own "welcome Center" the dorms are in the thousands the hotels in the hundreds and the hotel guests in the tens of thousands.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 12:28. These are no longer conspiracy theories with regards to the TA. 95% of what is being said is completely true, with about 5% falling under "conspiracy theory."

The TA is still under the belief that the tenants are uninformed as to what's going on, and that will be their ultimate (and hopefully final) downfall.

Anonymous said...

Real Estate is booming. New Yorkers are struggling. The Partnership for New York is getting richer and richer and Wilde is relieved and thrilled de Blasio turned out to be the polar opposite of what he campaigned on. Alicia Glen agrees. The economy serves the wealthy and the government serves the economy and nobody is serving the People. That is government's role, to serve the People, but they are serving the business communities and not the constituent communities. Sorry, but must agree, a one term Mayor is called for.

The rich are getting richer and the New Yorkers are struggling, losing their small businesses and homes. That is the de Blasio way.

...Residential and office construction are booming. Tourism is at a high.

Of course, a roaring real estate market has left many New Yorkers struggling to pay for housing and has fed a homelessness problem that has bedeviled Mr. de Blasio.

As a result, Mr. de Blasio’s “tale of two cities” rhetoric on the campaign trail and talk of raising taxes to finance social programs frightened corporate leaders, said Kathryn S. Wylde, chief executive of the Partnership for New York City, an influential group that includes most of the city’s biggest employers.

“Contrary to fears in the business community when the mayor first took office, the city economy has continued to do very well,” Ms. Wylde said.

Mr. de Blasio still scares corporate executives with some of his liberal ideas, Ms. Wylde added, like raising the minimum wage. “But that is a matter again of occasional differences on political rhetoric and, frankly, there’s much less of that than many of them feared,” she said.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying that there is no possible way that I would ever vote for Donald Trump, but we have hit an unfortunate crossroad, where people will vote for him.

Ok, here is my take on everything going on in today's political firestorm. A certain percentage of the population (I have no idea what the number is!) is sick of Washington politicians. This has also dribbled down to State, City, and Local politics. The politicians think they can get away with things that they used to get away with (changing their stance, claiming they never said things, claiming victory when that isn't the case, etc.), but cell phones, the internet, and YouTube give us all a picture of reality.

The reality now is that tenants are sick of hearing the TA and our Councilman, Daniel Garodnick claiming victory in the affordable housing battle. We all know this to be as far from the truth, but they continue to push this "victory." People are sick of politicians on all levels, and that is why they seem to be flocking to Trump. How many times do we need to hear the crap before we look it up for ourselves and find out the truth.

The media will continue to tell us what they want us to believe, but it isn't until we do our own research that we will actually know the TRUTH of what is going on with this property. Do not let the media or other people form your beliefs. It does not take a lot of Google searches to figure out what has been going on at PCVST from 2006-2016.

Anonymous said...

all dogs in stuy should be tagged. as a dog owner, i would love this, you can then see all the doggggsssssss that are here shitting around that don't live here. SMH

Anonymous said...

It takes a big PR budget and a lot of PR equivocators to spin a good image for the Governor

Thanks for spilling the truth Syracuse!

Everything out of Albany is dirty and all for show. Nothing but hype, spin spin spin, false protests and photo ops and crooked pols.

Proof is in the results or lack thereof any results for citizens from the ordinary incumbents currently occupying elected offices and forcing the status quo on us. Ordinary, average, common status quo.

Someone needs to shake it up and ship them out.

The Illuminati. said...

"a tenant fought construction noise alone in court with no help from the TA"

Now this is a very valid critique which pissed me off to no end. Major ball dropped by the TA. Again, do not confuse conspiracy with incompetence and being star struck (which the STR has pointed out in a separate post) by local politicians.

The Illuminati. said...

"a tenant fought construction noise alone in court with no help from the TA"

Now this is a very valid critique which pissed me off to no end. Major ball dropped by the TA. Again, do not confuse conspiracy with incompetence and current NYS RS law which is very REBNY friendly and being star struck (which the STR has pointed out in a separate post) by local politicians. I'll grant this, the DHCR and the DOB are truly corrupt. That's why one must support groups that will have an impact on the upcoming NYS RS law sunset that happens 6/2019. If the law is not changed (kill vacancy decontrol. etc.), all the rantings are just pissing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

I'm always there if we're holding forth about the TA. The TA MO seems to be that we get more benefit with honey than with vinegar but as pointed out here, that doesn't seem to be the case at all. Seems as if the 'honey' approach has only redounded to the benefit of one person only...Susan Steinberg...who obviously loves rubbing elbows with the politicians and the powers that be. The only chance the TA has to regain any credibility is if she steps down. Actually, in its current formulation we'd probably be better off with no TA at all.

Anonymous said...

I think it is much worse then "incompetence and being star struck"
The TA Board just wrote a piece in the Town & Village all about how smart they are and how they are experts in the areas like real estate and politics. It is not incompetence on their part, the TA is deliberate in their positions and actions, according to their brag piece in T&V they know what they are doing, and the TA Coard did what most politicians and companies do to make things seem one way when it actually is the opposite. The TA Board uses a PR firm, and even uses them to craft statements they make to tenants. Dialogue between tenants and a Tenant Association should not require a PR firm and a Tenant Association Board definitely should not use the same PR firm as the politicians, and worse, a Tenant Association should give direction to a PR firm and Politicians not take direction from the PR firm and the Politician. It is ass backwards and as someone said above, we know what is really going on here between 2006 and 2016 no matter how the Tenant Association Board and their PR firm spin it. Firing then suing Paul Weiss,, Moelis Berlin Rosen is in order.

It is a terrible joke that the landlord Blackstone uses Berlin Rosen as their PR firm and Susan Steinberg Tenant Association Board uses Berlin Rosen as their PR firm.

How stupid do they think we are? Any statement made by the TA Board has ZERO credibility because it has ZERO independence from Blackstone. Open the TA Board books and let's see who they are paying, how much, and who is calling the shots in PCVST because this TA is not representing tenants.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that I love this idea. I currently live in washington heights, i have a great job and i make within this pay range. I am 22 years old white female and my housing options are to live with my parents or "independence" aka live in my current situation where i hear gunshots on a weekly basis and the sound of other females begging for help outside of my building at all hours of the night. THANK YOU STUYTOWN. even if i dont get selected i hope at least one other young adult gets to benefit from this and escape a situation like the one im in because its getting too expensive to live in even a decent area of this city.

Anonymous said...

thank you even if I don't get selected?????

For what???

fake post STr, Fake.

Patrick Murray said...

*March 8, 2016 at 3:00 PM*

Dont hold your breath. The odds of getting one of those apartments are going to be 0.25% at 300 units a year and on average 120,000 applying for the units.

Anonymous said...

Hey STR - I hope you get things up and working soon, because I have a serious concern that needs to be addressed.

Just a little background on me. I am a younger RS tenant that took over my grandparents apartment by ROS a while back. Most of the older RS tenants in the building know this, since they were friends with my grandparents.

This week I was in laundry room with 2 of the older RS ladies, who I haven't seen in a while. I know both of them, and I know their kids and grandkids have all lived in PCVST their entire lives. Both of these ladies would like to add their grandchildren as occupants of the apartment and actually have them live there and go about the Right of Succession legally. They are both on SCRIE/DRIE.

I let them know that they would have to come off SCRIE/DRIE because the salaries of the grandkids would not make them eligible for the benefit (same thing happened with me and I paid the difference between the old SCRIE rent and the new rent without the SCRIE, and then some). Here is where things get bad in my opinion. They both told me that the politicians that held the SCRIE/DRIE meeting at the Senior Lounge were using "scare tactics" (as they put it) to keep the elderly tenants from going about legal Right of Succession cases.

They were supposedly saying things like - "Do you really want to give up this great benefit?" "How are you going to afford the increased rent?" "What happens if your grandson/granddaughter decides to move out before the ROS goes through, you will be stuck with the higher rent?"

The elderly tenants of this property should not be made afraid by our so-called politicians, who care nothing more then to see current RS apartments go into the lottery to make them look better. They know the only way this will happen is to cut the lifeline of ROS, and have the elderly tenants pass away with no immediate family member in place to take over the apartment.

I think that all RS tenants need to have a plan in place for their apartments. If that means having your kids/grandkids moving in and coming off SCRIE/DRIE, then so be it. It keeps the property in its true form of RS, not this Affordable-Housing crap that is being pitched.

Anonymous said...

My number is 2943. Do you think I really have a chance?