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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thank you, Town & Village

I wish to publicly thank Sabina Mollot and Town & Village for the write-up this blog received in the recent Town & Village weekly. Town & Village is an indispensable newspaper for all things Stuyvesant Town/Peter Copper Village, with access to both tenants and management, though the latter tends to respond with unbelievable spin or "no comment."

Town & Village is available in stores around the neighborhood. (The popular deli Lenz's always carries a good bunch.) And, of course, the newspaper is available through a subscription. In Manhattan, $12 for 52 weeks, $17 for 104 issues. Address is:

Town & Village
Circulation Dept.
20 West 22nd St., 9th fl.
New York, NY 10010

Editorial and Advertising Offices number: 212-777-6611

A neighborhood newspaper is vital for the lifeblood of a community, so please support Town & Village.


Anonymous said...

Today, December 28...a wonderful sunny day in Stuyvesant Town, and more imp;ortantly quiet. The students are home for the holidays and there are no dogs barking behind closed doors, no high heels clompint over my head, no loud noise during the early hours of the morning.
Last night was the first quiet uninterupted sleep I have had in a long time...
Maryel Cruise
9 Oval.

Anonymous said...

I am a Federally Disabled woman getting my social security and Medicare. I learned all about this government service at a health fair listing in the excellent selection Editor Sabina Mollott finds and publishes in each issue. It's the second page I read. Sabina has brought real class and quality to our local paper - it's definitely worth reading regularly!
Thanks! Susan Schoenbaum, Stuy Town