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Saturday, June 27, 2009

RIP: Oval Lawn

It's a disaster right now. Mud, standing water, and stink all over the place. Amazingly, you will find stupid people--like some of our Yunnies--who lie on this mess, hopeful of getting a few "rays" so that they can look as if they went to an exclusive Long Island beach over the weekend. One chick at least brought a plastic tarp to put over the swamp, yet I still don't know how she could stand the noxious odors arising about her.

The worse area is where the Farmers Market is placed every Sunday (until late November!). Take a look:

Absolutely disgusting. If desecrating one's own property were a crime, Jerry and Rob Speyer would be in jail now, doing some serious time.


Anonymous said...

Geez, looks just like the lawns on-campus used to look like after a football weekend.

Anonymous said...

"Which has had an extraordinary amount of work and manhours to bring it once again into full glorious bloom. The residents of Stuyvesant would like to thank the ground staff for their dedication." -- NH

Anonymous said...

I hope that the next time Rob Speyer visits Stuyvesant Town he falls flat on his ugly face in the mud that used to be the Oval. If ever a human being was a waste of space, he is it. Rob Speyer must be the poster boy for the tragic results of nepotism.

Anonymous said...

It's fun jogging around the Oval in the morning and passing that swamp ten or eleven times. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Good grief, not even you hate-filled flamers can blame Tishman Speyer for all the rain in the past month! I know you think he has a direct hotline to Satan, but do you really think he called in these thunderstorms just to ruin the Oval and give you something to kvetch about? Get a life/lives.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Hi Nick. Popping in again to protect your interests in selling Stuy Town apartments?

Actually, if you were paying attention and following the blog, you would have seen many pre-rain photos that showed the Oval lawn already in a disastrous condition. The rain has made it worse, for sure, but much more damage has been done by the Farmers Market and the concert series, as both are digging into the ground and producing ridges and holes.

Try to follow the conditions at Stuy Town and get out more often to the Oval lawn. Dont' forget to wear your mud boots.

Anonymous said...

Who's Nick? And since when can you buy a StuyTown apartment?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

"Selling" as in a real estate agent offering rental apartments in ST/PCV. Nick is our favorite real estate agent who believes everything is beautiful and wonderful in Stuy Town. Do you?