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Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Unfortunate Addition

It was as glorious day in Stuyvesant Town as possible. Warm, sunny, the outdoors refreshing and both spirited and tranquil, depending on where one was sitting. The crowds filled the lawn (many people from outside of Stuy Town, it seems, but that's a subject for another post). So what do I spot at the Oval walkway, not far from the security booth? Four pieces of unpicked dog turd. (Unlike some posts at the old Tenants Forum, I won't be giving you close-ups, but the evidence is there, with photoshopped circles identifying the gifts.)

Now a few questions arise. Where is the security at the security booth to stop this crapping on the walkway and insistence that the turds be picked up? Where are the people with cajones to confront the dog owner who decided to leave the area without picking his or her dog's deposits up? (After all, the walkway, as well as the entire Oval, has been busy all day.) And what kind of fucked up dog owner just doesn't pick up after his/her dog?

As the evening progresses and visibility lessens, people will be certainly stepping into these deposits. Check your shoes before you enter your apartment!


Anonymous said...

Saw a pile outside 21 Oval when I came home this evening too.

(fittingly, the word verification for this post is OUTHO)


Anonymous said...

Shit is the Speyer trademark, so it is fitting that they leave their trademark around the property.

Anonymous said...

You mean Oval puke, Oval poop and Oval schmear aren't part of Oval Amenities/Essentials?

G-MONEY said...

Oh My God!
Dogshit on the ground?
Let's all take photos of it and complain about it.
Next time pick it up, loser.
If it is so offensive, MOVE

Violaine said...

I agree i have a dog, hes curbed never once pooped on or near the property..i see the little dogs on the grass peeing and pooping making it bad for everyone else. i think they should be penalized for not respecting the grounds