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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Wobbly Swing Back?

It now appears that Democrat Hiram ("MonsterRat")Monserrate may be having second thoughts about joining the Republican coalition. He walked about of the Senate chamber today, telling reporters outside, "You can't have coalition government with two Democrats. We need to continue to work on that. My role here is to make sure the Democratic Party is at the table." Aside from MonsterRat and Espada, no Democrats showed up in the chamber today.

Meanwhile, Tom Duane has thought things over (ie, gotten a lot of heated feedback from New Yorkers). Quoting the NY Times:

Senator Thomas K. Duane, a liberal Manhattan Democrat who had remained in his hotel room since Monday and skipped meetings with Senate Democrats — leading to speculation about his party loyalties — resolved on Wednesday to remain with the Democratic caucus, his staff said. "He needed some time to reassess," said Mark Furnish, Mr. Duane’s counsel.

It just may be that Espada will be the lone Democrat in the Republican coalition, denying the 32 vote majority needed to pass any bill/law. Stalemate?


Anonymous said...

Tom Duane is going to have a lot of time to "reassess" if he sells us out for his gay marriage agenda. All the time in the world when he is out of a job. I will campaign with all my might, mouth and money against him if that happens.

Anonymous said...