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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Peek Inside College Life in Stuyvesant Town

Want to know what luxury living is like for NYU students dorming in Stuyvesant Town? Well, here are some photos for you.

First up, the interior of one bedroom, Ikea/Home Depot furnishings in place:

Next, we have the "living room." Note the pressurized wall to the right, the door of which gives access to another bedroom or what passes nowadays for a bedroom, but what used to be part of a standard Stuyvesant Town living room. I have no idea where the ventilation is in this area. If you notice the lack of rugs in both bedroom and living room (and connecting hallway), you do not get a prize but just a noisy neighbor.

After less than a year, when it's time to move on and look for newer digs, you can easily deposit your unwanted furniture on the street, as seen here on the 20th Street curb. Someone is bound to pick it up.


Anonymous said...

I didnt see that furniture in the apartment. How do you know it came from there?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

It didn't. The two top photos are the same apartment, the bottom photo is "telling a story" from a different time/place. (A week or so ago, actually.)

Anonymous said...

Note the uncarpeted floors. A good way to get acquainted with your downstairs neighbors.