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Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Fatal Shooting in Stuyvesant Town" - Not Really

1010 Wins is reporting a fatal early morning shooting "in Stuyvesant Town," but according to their own report the incident happened on Ave. A "outside a Mediterranean restaurant." Very sloppy headline that I'm sure Jerry and Robbie don't want to see. Let's see if other news sources make the same mistake.

Update: The Daily News has an accurate report about the above incident, which was not even outside of a "Mediterranean" restaurant, unless China has moved. Forbidden City is the place, and you can familiarize yourself with it from the comments on Yelp. Forbidden City mostly gets an Asian crowd, but can get diverse, too. Located less than a full block from Stuy Town.

8/24 Update: NY Daily News. The dead bouncer is 42 year old father who tried to break up a fight at the tail end of a Latin Night at the lounge.

8/25 Update: "An ex-con from East Harlem was busted Monday for gunning down a bouncer and wounding two other men outside a popular East Village club...." NY Daily News.


Anonymous said...

It seems that things go full circle. Up until a few years ago the area was known as "Alphabet City" and was notorious for drugs and violence. Then it got gentrified and expensive and it's becoming notorious for drugs and violence. The neighborhood just got better dressed, that's all. A trendier set of lowlife!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why this story has the words "Stuyvesant Town" attached to it. It has nothing to do with us.

Nobody made such a big deal when the guy got shot in the head while sitting on a bench at Campos Plaza in broad daylight about a year or so ago. Got shot for a $20 debt, right across the street, and the folks from that neighborhood wander back and forth through ST all the time.

This kind of thing happens in NYC nightlife constantly. Look at the crime stats for the west side where all the hip-hop clubs are...

Anonymous said...

Hey 'moderator', the article doesn't say IN Stuy Town as you allege. It says:

'Fatal Shooting Near Stuyvesant Town'


Stuy Town Reporter said...

Stupid, or rather, silly you. Because that's what it said in the morning, until it was changed later in the day. Since I figured this would probably happen (and that I'd eventually get a snarky comment like yours), I took a screen capture, which I'll post just for you. Now go back to your side of the aisle and behave.

Anonymous said...

"Now go back to your side of the aisle and behave."

Not everyone who disagrees with you is associated with LL, you do know that right?

Stuy Town Reporter said...

You're right. It could be a fan of 1010 Wins.

Anonymous said...

Why no news about the local bars donating money today? This could be a nice to thing to add.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

Done. And thanks for the heads up.