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Monday, September 28, 2009

Lawlessness in Stuyvesant Town, or How Stuy Town Residents are Saying FU to the Rules and How Security is Not Doing Its Job

If you make rules, then you should follow through in enforcing them, otherwise the atmosphere you cultivate is one of lawlessness, however petty your rules. There have been a couple of recent efforts by the management of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village to underline the need for dog owners to not let their dogs on the grass or in the gardens and to let bicyclists know that bike riding is prohibited in this complex.

Here are the new signs that you now see at various points around Stuy Town/PCV:

And green "anti-bike" barricades have now sprung up with maniacal persistence at four points in the Oval, along with notices that bike riding is prohibited.

The result of this new impetus? A flagrant disregard of the signs, with ST dog owners continually letting their dogs on the grass/gardens/wherever and bicyclists maneuvering easily through the green obstacle course placed before them. It even appears that there's more of both activities, almost a willful "FU" to the signs and barricades. (These barricades are also a visual blight in the area and are a pain in the ass for joggers, those who are wheelchair bound and parents with strollers. For bicyclists, they seem like challenging fun.)

Part of the problem is this:

After a brief period where the presence of security appeared to have increased, we are back to the empty booth and lack of visible manpower around the complex. Worse (and I witnessed this myself) when security is around, they do little, if anything, to stop those who ride bikes right in front of them or who let their pooches roam around in the grass or gardens. At most, they will chase kids who are misbehaving in the fountain.

If the rules are stupid or impractical, get rid of the rules; if they are necessary for whatever standard of living we have left here, enforce them. But the current situation is a farce.


Anonymous said...

I am far less worried about their enforcement of their stupid rules than I am about the security officers themselves, tearing around the complex in their two-ton jeeps.

Take a close look at these vehicles the next time they clip you on one of the footpaths. Many of them have clearly been in accidents as evidenced by the body damage on their doors and fenders.

I am not worried about stepping in doggie doo in the middle of a grassy field but I do worry that one of these f-cks will run me over as I walk my groceries home. It has almost happened more than once.

Anonymous said...

The other day I saw two, I repeat two security guys standing at those barricades and they didn't mention a word to a bicyclist that rode right through. Too busy talking to each other or they didn't want to get involved.

Anonymous said...

Security does its job on occasion. They are just not taken seriously by dog owners and bike riders. We watched one security guard trying to get some dog owners to obey the rules. He told one woman to leash her dog and she just responded Yeah, Yeah and ignored him. The problem is there is nothing they can do if they are ignored. They can't arrest and they can't ticket.