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Monday, September 21, 2009

A MCI for WHAT???

From the Tenants Association:

If you are a Stuy Town Rent Stabilized Tenant, you have already received - or will receive - a notice from the Division of Housing & Community Renewal advising that Tishman Speyer has applied for a Major Capital Improvement (MCI) rent increase to cover the cost of resurfacing of walkways and roadbeds, water tanks, and doors.

Stuy Town Reporter took a walk around the complex to see just how good was the resurfacing of walkways and roadbeds, a resurfacing that didn't seem necessary in the first place. Here are just a few of the photos that tell the tale of a job not that well done:

I guess we'll be needing another round of resurfacing soon and another MCI increase.

Here is the recommendation of the Tenants Association regarding the MCI notices rent stabilized tenants have received:


We are asking you to request a 60-day extension to respond to the notice, which will give the Association time to analyze the MCI application and develop a plan of action.

1. Make two (2) copies of the notice from DHCR.

2. On the back of one copy, write: I request a 60-day extension. Sign it and write the date you are mailing it. Also include the docket number that appears on the fourth line at the upper right hand corner of the notice. (It will have two letters, a space, 6 numbers, another space, and two more letters.) Each building has a different Docket Number.

3. Mail the form to: State of New York, Div. of Housing & Community Renewal, MCI Unit, 92-31 Union Hall St., Jamaica, NY 11433. Reminder: Postage is now 44 cents.

4. Mail or fax a copy of the form to: ST Repaving MCI, ST/PCV-TA, P.O. Box 1202, New York, NY 10009-1202. Fax: (866) 290-9036.

5. Keep the other copy for yourself. You will need it again in a month or two when you file the Response to the MCI Rent Increase Application. Don't worry about that now. We will send you full instructions for filing when the time comes.

Every resident who sends in the extension request will be helping the Tenants Association to mount an effective challenge of what now appears to be between $7.50 and more than $10 per room per month for a rent increase whose legitimacy we will seriously question.

Please help get the word out, but don't do so by trying to print this e-mail message. It won't print well. Instead, use this PDF letter AVAILABLE HERE. Posting the letter you download will help reduce the need for distribution.

Thank you for your help.



Your Tenants Association is run exclusively by volunteers.
Please help defray the cost of legal, communication, and meeting expenses. To save time and effort, donate online. Or mail a check payable to: ST/PCV TA, P.O. Box 1202, Stuyvesant Station, NY 10009 1202. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

These shameless bloodsuckers are almost laughable! I guess the resurfacing was all the dawn to dusk, six days a week digging and drilling they did last October. As for the doors: I haven't seen any new doors in my building. The door to the laundry room has been broken for about 6 years. Tish Crap hasn't fixed it or done anything to the doors. Water tank? We still get murky water so that's a mystery. I think we should just refuse to pay these increases. I filed a PAR for the elevator MCI, but they continue to add the charge to my rent bill. The elevators function as if they are on their last legs. I don't think they service them at all. They certainly don't clean them! I think we need to just refuse to pay these charges, but the TA should organize that.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that the rent bills are getting to us earlier and earlier every month? These mongrels are desperate! Doesn't do them any good though. I still mail mine two days before the end of the month.

Anonymous said...

"The unsophisticated tenants in STPCV just don't get understand the modern art I have allowed to be imbedded in the newly paved roadways and walkways. I knew I should have charged extra for that in our MCI application."
Jerry Speyer
Chairman of the Board of MOMA
not-so- benevolent Dictator of STPCV

Anonymous said...

I wonder if their sprinkler system that soaks the walkways and works even when it rains has anything to do with the rapid deterioration of the surfaces?

Anonymous said...

RE: rent bills, if you are a rent regulated tenant, they are not considered late for 10 days past the first of the month. Even then, I believe they are not able to report the lateness to a credit agency.

There is absolutely no reason for 61% of the tenants to pay their bill prior to the 10th of the month. Unless, of course, you are concerned about TS's cash flow....