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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No Heat Stuy

Above: Stuyvesant Town tenant thawing out after another cold night in his ST apartment.

As we are in one of the coldest winter cycles we have seen, we must note how much "attentiveness" and care our landlord Tishman Speyer is giving us during this freeze. Just within the temperature levels allowed by law. Thank you, Jerry and Rob, once again!


Anonymous said...

My apartment is so hot most evenings that I have to open the windows. Then in the middle of the night when the heat is off I wake up freezing

Anonymous said...

My heat never works. I have to call them tocome to my apartment to check it. They rub some device on the wall and say they will look into it. The best is one day when gentleman left he got on his walkie talkie in the hall and lit up a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

I hardly ever get heat. On days and nights when the temperature has been in the 20s, nothing. I bought two flat portable space heaters (really great ones by DeLonghi at Bed Bath and Beyond). That works. But it is not energy efficient, and since the landlord pays utilities, in my case they still end up paying the cost to heat the apartment.

Anonymous said...

I have two space heaters too that I keep on 24/7 when I'm home. All night every night at the very least. My apartment would be like an ice box otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like the computerized heating system is working just fine (did we get stuck with an MCI for this as we did with the defective windows?)

Anonymous said...

Please note that I recommend lodging heating complaints with New York City Department of Buildings using 311 Hotline. I contacted an attorney in the Legal Department who stated there is a distinct rise in the number of these complaints and legal action by the Buildings Department as well as fines and penalties may be levied as a result.