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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why is this photo troubling?

It may just be me or my low opinion of Chuckie ("The Pork") Schumer and Christine ("No Term Limits") Quinn, but I find the above photo disconcerting. Perhaps because one can file it under "Brazen Photo Op." But there was something disingenuous about the presence of two pols (Christine Quinn and Chuckie Schumer) who never seem to turn up at tenant meetings, but managed to show up to support affordable housing in Manhattan and get their pictures taken along with hardworking Councilman Dan Garodnick, Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh and that ever-lovable teddy bear of a man, State Senator Tom Duane.

Notice Chuckie looking straight into the camera ("Please don't miss me!") and his populist fist raised in the air. After the recent victory in Massachusetts of Scott Brown, populism has become the rage in politics, it seems.

Anyway.... I guess it's good all these guys and a gal turned up on this cold day to support Stuy Town and Peter Cooper Village. So kudos to them, despite the barbs. We will pay attention to what you really do for affordable housing in Manhattan.

Of course, it would have been a shock to see Mayor-for-Life Bloomberg present. Surprised Christine Quinn didn't send him an invite.

Speaking of Schumer, here's one of his best moments in the Senate:


Anonymous said...

Re: "little porky amendments" the American people do care. The American people are getting mightily pissed off too, so just watch your back Mr. Schumer, et al.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anything said in the reports on the rally today that was any different from what Tishman Speyer said when they bought the place.

"We demand that anyone who buys ST/PCV pledge that it will remain affordable".

Well, sure... it will remain affordable as long as the rent stabilization laws that govern it remain in place. If that changes, you could be forced out to live in a cardboard box under the FDR and these folks wouldn't give a crap.

Anonymous said...

With Mike McKee, Tenants & Neighbors (and their cronies at Stuytown), rent stabilization gets weaker and weaker every year.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

How so?

Anonymous said...

Shameless photo op by Schumer, Quinn and Dooo-ane on the back of the work done by Garodnick.

When things turn negative for tenants, you can bet your rent check that three of these four will not be there to help or answer questions.

Who do you suppose will vanish?!?

Anonymous said...

Any photo wit Schumer in is troubling,,,