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Monday, October 26, 2015

110 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave New York City

This list is just trying to convince me to MOVE.

As to the writer or writers, I smell hipster big time. All that "bodega" stuff is a give away. Probably not native New Yorkers, too. Please, just stay away from this community!


Anonymous said...

Yeah STR, hipster douchebag for sure.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but a little reminder of history

He kept his work on zero of the things he promised. And the things he said he would do, he ended up doing the opposite of. He protected nothing. And stopped anyone who was trying to protect the community and the property.

A big stab in the back

Anonymous said...

Does the Tenant Association realize they should have been sitting with the tenants and not the politicians and landlord? That meeting was shakespearean, me thinks thou dost protest too much

It was a bad joke. The pols were honored by each others presence. They applauded one another in front of all of us. Trying way too hard to convince us of their very good deal.

If Cuomo and Mulrow had any balls, they would have shown their faces.

Anonymous said...

I am embarrassed to say if I had the assignment to write this article when I was in my twenties, I might have written at the same maturity level.

It would be interesting to see this same person write the list in 10 years, then 20. It is probably a combination of immaturity and the level of generic our cities have become, where 75% of his list could be Anywhere USA, suburb or city.

A lack of character in our cities, and an undeveloped character in a young adult.

Anonymous said...

All incumbents need to GO! The sooner, the better!