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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Did Affordable Housing (What's Left of It) Just Get Thrown Under the Bus in the Long-term by the Mayor, Garodnick and the TA?

What do you think from what you know of the Blackstone deal?


Anonymous said...

Eventually there will be no such thing as rent stabilization and New York will become Emerald city. I'm making 75 grand a year and am just making ends meet.
It is only going to get worse, as you see. All Band-Aid solutions.

Anonymous said...

Eventually they'll find a way to level the buildings and build shitty glass boxes on their 80 acres of toxic gas land.

Anonymous said...

You see it all around Manhattan. Tearing down the old and building new expensive condos. Why not just do it here on a large scale and be done with it. I could really care less at this point because I am so fed up with living here. And don't tell me if I don't like it here, then move. I would love to, but the rent is somewhat affordable. These buildings are not going to last forever. The NYU STUDENTS
are putting a big strain on the utilities.

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>You see it all around Manhattan. Tearing down the old and building new expensive condos. Why not just do it here on a large scale and be done with it.<<

Ultimately, this is were this complex is heading. Give it another...20 years?

Anonymous said...

The politicians said they don't want the buildings torn down "on their watch"
They want it torn down, just not on their watch.

Everything these politicians have done moves towards tearing down, the total lack of care and maintenance, the changes in occupancy cramming too many people into the weakened infrastructure, letting the developers get away with it all by corrupting the DOB, DHCR, and those who are supposed to prosecute the corrupt are letting the corruption run amok. Dan and his pals Hoylman, Maloney, Kavanagh, Schumer, etc have done everything they can to help the developers destroy the property. Tearing it down and kicking us all out will probably happen with the way they are letting the DOB push our buildings into unsafe conditions, but they do not want their names in the history books even though they are accountable.

That Charles Bagli was the politicians choice for their press announcement explains why he never did an expose on the crimes here. Glad I never bought his book.