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Friday, March 7, 2014

About those apartment renovations....

Interesting thread on noise and apartment renovations in this forum....  Of course, there's the typical "this is New York, so get used to noise or move" response from some of the commentators.

This is even more interesting, because the tenant confirmed that there was also an asbestos problem with the renovation. The hoops the tenant had to go through will make you depressed.


Anonymous said...

Time for the TA to take the gloves off. All indications point to a CW sale of the property this year (increased capital spend, resolution to Roberts, an enticement in current renewal packages of $500 to tenants that re-sign within 30 days, etc).

These quality life issues can be the basis for lawsuits. The TA should file a lawsuit for very possible offense.

Note: a tactic sometimes employed by contractors, at building which are up for sale, is to post a mechanics lien to the property. Since most buyers want clear title, these contractors are typically paid prior to sale.

It's time for the TA to muddy up the water. Sue for everything (no matter what the chance of success). It's not like the ownership here as been playing fairly these last few years (decade).

But why wouldn't the TA follow such advice? Are they still hoping the home-coming king will ask them to the prom?

Anonymous said...

From the first link from STR. The NY Bar lawyer is a better lawyer than any I've seen around here.

"I've begun withholding rent and I expect this will end up in court. I've already talked to a lawyer (NY Bar Assoc. offers free 1/2 hr meeting w/ a lawyer on Mondays!) and he says I should write a letter and seek a 25% reduction in rent."

Read more:

Stuy Town Reporter said...

>>But why wouldn't the TA follow such advice? Are they still hoping the home-coming king will ask them to the prom?<<

Hope springs eternal it seems.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the rent checks have not been cashed yet.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure CW is playing the TA like a fiddle. Sad really. They're never going to take the bid from TA.

Moving onto who the new owners will be: can only get worse.

Anonymous said...

It's time to stop agonizing and start organizing!