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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Asbestos Awareness Week, April 1–7.

I was asked to mention this on the blog and certainly find it worthy enough.  Its relevancy may seem tangential at most, but who knows what is the precise asbestos history of PCVST?  (For sure, it was used here.)

Take a look, please:


Anonymous said...

LOLL WE'll be the poster child for Asbestos Week.

Anonymous said...

Con Ed conducts periodic air tests in ST & PCV because we're built on the grounds of a manufactured gas plant. Obviously not a good thing. Anybody know the results of this testing?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

With respect to the Manufactured Gas Issues, people should be aware of these reports found at:

Pick your tab and look at the Remedial Investigation reports. PCV is on a hotter site than ST.

Even looking at the summary pages you'll be hard pressed to know what it all means. I think we would just like a simple matrix that shows each toxin, the acceptable levels of each, the levels that have been actually found.

I'm also concerned to know what is getting thrown into our air everything the crews are out there with the leaf blowers & clouds of dust are swept into the air.

There will be public meetings coming up about this. Maybe this situation is worth an STR post.

If the place is going up for sale, developers and potential tenant buyers will want to know if there are toxic waste issues to be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

Testing air quality is more than periodic on the First Ave Loop site. The workers wear hazmat suits every day and carry air testing equip while they excavate it is so toxic.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the results of the toxic tests on the management office site?

Is the toxicity contained within the management office or will it seep into the apartment buildings? Our homes are safe, yes? It is just the offices that are contaminated, yes?

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't believe these supposed reports about contaminated soil at the office construction site. They wouldn't be working if the situation required hazmat suits. Can anyone PROVE that this story is true ?

Anonymous said...

I guess @ 10:21 didn't read the whole thread. Go to, go to the ST or PCV tabs and look at the Remediation Investigation (RI) reports. Of course they're so dense, they're almost an obfuscation. What we want to know in very simple terms are:
What are the toxins found, what is a safe level, what are the levels found and what are the health implications.