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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Aggreko Event Services are working now at Playground 10.

Here's what they do.

Aggreko is, according to the company's website, "the global leader in providing temporary power generation, temperature control, and oil-free compressed air systems." It's a British company, with "over 100 locations in 29 countries, and over 50 in North America alone." The company has dealt with football stadiums, and has powered and cooled the U.S. Open for many years.

This Stuy Town Ice-Skating Rink is going to be costly, for sure, and from the looks of it, very professionally done. It's hard to foresee how the money spent here will turn a profit in just three months. According to Adam Rose in the last issue of Town & Village, the venture will "break even at best, but that was never the point. The point is to provide a wonderful new amenity for residents and their guests." Pricing has just been revealed at the website. (More on the pricing in the next blog post.)

With pricing for residents, councilman Dan Garodnick's admonition ("that should not be open to debate") about the commercial use of previously free open space is not being heeded to its full extent.

Residents have still yet to see, and experience, how this will all play out. Will the noise coming from the rink be bothersome to the tenants living in that area? Will temporary commercial shops be set up around the rink? Does it make any difference? Or is using free areas of Stuy Town for commercial ventures a diminution of services? Will residents, in the majority, even care? Or even use the rink? Will free hot cocoa with floating mini-marshmallows be served on opening day? And more commercial ventures are looming, if Garodnick's communications director is correct.

So we wait.


Anonymous said...

Too bad Adam Rose couldn't spend the money on updating the decrepit and vile laundry "facilities" here. They more than break even on those overpriced pieces of crap, at least to the extent people actually use them. Mostly, they have sent business to local laundries. Adam needs to get his priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

So, Management finally got its act together and announced the rates and other information for the skating rink -

They have money for "rink guards" - but not for more Security personnel or building porters??!! If you had any doubt before, you now know that their priorities are not cleaner buildings and better security. THEIR PRIORITIES ARE MAKING MONEY!!